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  1. Kerry, the Pandan roll, as I know it, is a plain or pandan-flavored jelly roll filled with pandan kaya--for lack of a better translation, coconut curd. I think Yunnermeier put a recipe up on her blog, but it's basically fresh coconut milk (I've never tried it with canned, and I don't think she has either...Tepee, what do you think?), sugar, flavored with pandan juice (blend the leaves), and eggs.
  2. I think you could, but there are chocolate chip cookie recipes with cocoa doughs that don't have melted chocolated. World Peace Cookies! World Peace Cookies! (Sorry, having a moment. )
  3. Have you tried Vantage House? ← That's just what I'm looking for. Thanks John! Merstar, thanks, but I'm looking for bulk chocolate. During exam period, I normally go through about 2 kilos in a month.
  4. See, I lived right on the equator until I moved to Manchester about 3 months ago. And the time at which I have dinner hasn't changed, even though it gets darker here much quicker. That said, I do notice my flatmates having dinner later and later as it gets dark earlier.
  5. Nope. It's starting to get dark here around 4 o' clock, but I'm not starting prep any earlier, even though I'm getting home earlier now.
  6. Would anybody be able to suggest a store similar to Chocosphere in the UK or Europe? I'm in Manchester at the moment. I use Valrhona at home (Singapore), and I'm not liking the taste of baking chocolate in my baked goods. Yes, I know, I'm spoilt.
  7. I'm a teenager, kinda. I'm also a university student. Despite the fact I'm a potatoes (and carbs in general) person, I don't understand how people can have fish and chips or bangers and mash every day. Either that or it's rice or pasta out of the packet--and I don't mean pasta with sauce out of the jar either. Though, at home I made my own macarons (not always successful, but hey, I tried!) and now at school, I make my own stock--I did try to use stock granules, but I can't abide the taste, because at home, my mother makes her own stock every single week.
  8. Green & Black's hazelnut-chocolate spread on Jacob's Cream Crackers. ETA: I'm sorry that I'm not a better eGer, for I have yet to try sprinkling salt on the whole concoction. But I alternate the crackers with Black Pepper and Sea Salt Kettle chips. Does that count?
  9. Cha Shao and Char Siu are both correct, it's just that Cha Shao is Mandarin, and Char Siu is Cantonese *I think*.
  10. I was afraid that might be the case. I'm making several different pieces to go in a variety box and I guess that I'll just have to leave the questionable items until last so I don't have to freeze them. That way I can freeze a handfull to check it out without risking whole batches. So, does honey freeze well? I want to add the Buckwheat Beehives to the mix and they have a center of pure honey. Or maybe if it's a butter ganache it will have a low water activity and long enough shelf life. ← I think that honey has high enough solutes that it won't actually freeze but that doesn't mean you can't put them in the freezer. ← Umh, if it doesn't freeze, wouldn't it mean that it wouldn't weep and therefore be okay?
  11. Yes! That's definitely something I've come to realise since I moved out. I enjoy my food, but there are days when I decide to cook simply because I Have To Cook. Not eat, but Cook.
  12. RLB has a cream cheese pie dough, I think.
  13. Wouldn't the origin and originator of the dish make a difference? For instance, if the recipe you're making was created by a man and you're a woman? And in a restaurant, I think I can say that what you are served is almost never made by a single hand.
  14. Buttered linguine with Chufi's butter braised beef, shredded. God, that was good.
  15. I wonder if their falling out of favor as food coincided with their rise in popularity as pets?
  16. The only reason why I don't go to the supermarket or some sort of market every day is that I can't afford to. I'm living right next to the city center in Manchester now, so it's easy to shop for food every single day--and I admit, for the first week or so after I moved into my hall, that's exactly what I did. At home, my mother would go to the wet market 2-3 times a week, and then on weekends we'd go to the supermarket.
  17. I'm living in Manchester now, but while I've not been to that foodcourt, there's a McTucky's here too.
  18. I'm looking forward to this week with you as our guide, Peter!
  19. During my teenage years, my mom used to buy Hershey's chocolate chips and I would pig out on them until I got sick. Nowadays? Well, I bake every week, so there's usually sweet stuff around. Otherwise I typically have a partially used kilo of Valrhona chocolate that's pretty yummy even though I chop them into rough half an ounce chunks. Plus my mom buys ice cream every week because my little brother loves the stuff. And then there's fruit! Umh, should I be worried that fruit comes at the bottom of my list? Well, not at the bottom of my list. I usually have a bar of good chocolate hanging around. I think I definitely should be worried about the fact that good chocolate came at the bottom. All the same, there's nothing like a good spoonful of Nutella, kaya or lemon curd right from jar to mouth.
  20. My recipe uses yolks, vinegar and water or cream for the liquid. I use yolks because I need something to do with the yolks and cream whenever I have it left over from something else. I think yolks provide better color and a different kind of richness that butter (never used lard before) alone cannot provide. But as to flakiness, I don't know. My crusts are always flaky and I've never made pie crust the same way twice.
  21. High-ratio shortening is a type of shortening used professionally, but to use it, the mixing steps must be completed in a certain order. RLB says that you can use it with butter, but the recipe has to have more sugar than flour. I think this Yellow Cake recipe uses the high-ratio method--basically the butter is mixed into the flour/sugar/leavening agents, then all the liquids are mixed separately before adding to the butter/flour/sugar/leavening agent mixture.
  22. You're talking about pomanders. Orange plus clove plus cinnamon!
  23. Regarding the eggs, I usually make 3/5 of the recipe if there are 5 eggs or 2/3 if there are 3. But this would require a scale.
  24. I'll never again try to turn a regular cake into a low-fat one by omitting all the butter. By accident. *headdesk*
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