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  1. Candy it? Then chop it up and add to sorbet. Paradasia's right, btw. I didn't think about it, but starfruit-pineapple juice is really yummy, so something along that lines?
  2. Hand over a check with the equivalent amount and tell her to go shopping.
  3. I like toast--one of my midnight snacks is dry toast, no butter. Unfortunately for me, the past two toasters we've had...well, they hate me. Blackened bread is the norm, not toast. My current addiction, however, is waffle toast. I've one of those waffle makers that make thin waffles, not the thick ones. And well, my current toast makes me blackened bread more often than not. So I buttered the waffle iron, and waffle-toasted the bread. Yum! I didn't, but you could probably sprinkle toast dope or sugar on one side. I think you have to use squishy supermarket bread for this though.
  4. 2 hardboiled eggs--and I do mean hardboiled...runny yolks means that the devil is playing tricks on me. Japanese squeeze-bottle mayo and salt--no pepper. And it has to be on cheap supermarket bread. Egg salad used to be the only way I ate eggs that were not scrambled. But even today, I think the yolk is the devil's food.
  5. I get into midnight snack ruts. At one point it was spaghetti aglio olio. Right now, it's oven fries, and the fries have to be made from russets.
  6. Tastes like a more tangy rambutan. Supposedly, the pith on the seed is less likely to come out than the pith on the seed of a rambutan. Me, I think they mostly come from China--like Ninjai Fanatic, I'm in Asia, Singapore to be specific.
  7. Since I have to choose only three: 1. Mashed Potatoes 2. Fried potatoes--i'm going to cheat and include French fries in here 3. Chunks in soup or stews, boiled just right
  8. For dinner: A batch of oven fries. IOW, I ate three Yukon Gold potatoes all on my lonesome. Salt, starch and grease...
  9. Hmm.. I bet this would be good added to a plain pound cake or shortbread recipe.
  10. How about a showstopper jello dessert? It is a water cake, of sorts. And there's sugar-free Jello available, I think.
  11. Oh I've made that, but I've never thought about wrapping mango--I se this and think peanuts, LOL. Hmm.... I wonder what other fruit I could possibly wrap.
  12. It's unpressed curd, so still full of bubbles. You only get the squeak in "raw," not fried cheese curds, and only in real curds, not just crumbled cheese. ← That makes sense now. Thanks!
  13. pretty sure you meant "without any water added"... ← Oops! Gawd, I hope I didn't make a similar mistake in the chemistry exams I had today...
  14. miladyinsanity

    Phyllo dough

    Yes, umm, The Complete Book of Pastry Sweet and Savory by Bernard Clayton Jr. 2 cups all purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter or margarine room temp 1 egg room temp 3/4 cup of water, approximately ( I use one half cup) This is my paraphrase of his instructions. Combine everything but the flour and salt and mix well. Add the mixture to the flour & salt. You want a soft elastic dough, not sticky at all. Knead it for 12 minutes. This is a dough you want to literally slam onto the work surface using considerable force. Whack it good while you knead it. I just use my Kitchen aid and then slam it around the board. But If you get your KA going good it will slam bam it around too. But you want it nice and smooth. Now then you want the dough to rest for 20 minutes with a hot dry bowl or pot over it. Commence rolling and then let the stretching begin Magic. Pure magic. ← Thanks K8!
  15. A dry caramel is one made without any sugar added. So you just dump the sugar in the pot and heat.
  16. miladyinsanity

    Phyllo dough

    Probably the cornstarch, Stevarino. If you made an all rice flour batter for fish and chips or something, the resulting fried batter would break your teeth. But subbing some of the wheat flour for rice flour in your waffle batter makes for really crisp waffles. K8, didn't you mention where you got the recipe somewhere? I can't find it now, and I'd like to use something tried and tested.
  17. GreekCook's technique works! This is great because when one wants a midnight snack, one probably doesn't want to wash the pans that come with cooking midnight snacks.
  18. What do you mean when you say that the cheeses squeak? I keep imagining rubbery cheese that squeaks when you bite into it, but that can't be right. eGers surely have better taste than to eat rubbery cheese...
  19. miladyinsanity

    Phyllo dough

    For most people this is true, but I live in a tiny NY apartment, and I do not have a table that I can walk all the way around. Actually, I don't even have a table that is ever completely clean (as in nothing is on it). ← But you have a floor. So you can just dump everything that's on the table under the table.
  20. If bacon isn't a lunch meat, then I don't think I've a favorite lunch meat. Though on second thoughts, I do have a soft spot for turkey sandwiches. Cheese, meat and bread. That's it. I don't do veggies in my sandwiches.
  21. Did you add sugar? I find it's easier to whip it with just a teeny bit of sugar, and even then, the heat here is such that I don't manage to whip it up very well unless I do it in the mixer with a well-chilled bowl. ← I didn't! I now want to strangle the barefoot contessa for putting cream in her KitchenAid and managing to whip it in 5 seconds to perfection. I've been using a whisk (I only have a hand mixer) because it looked like I was turning it into butter really easily with a mixer, but I'll give it a try, thanks. (Agh, it is close to body temperature here today!) ← If all else fails, you could try a teeny bit of gelatin--there are measurements for this, but I don't have them in my head.
  22. Maybe giving her some overnight reading would help? The Simple Art of Perfect Baking? I haven't seen Foundations of Food Preparation in a long time (since I was a kid), maybe that's a good read too Haven't had any major mishaps recently, but I'm still not able to whip cream. I thought the ice bath trick would work but it still hasn't progressed over slightly thickened (and I could've sworn it looks exactly the same as when it came out of the fridge), but the last resort is to crank up the air conditioning and try it one last time, with frozen utensils, plastic bowl, and ice bath. ← Did you add sugar? I find it's easier to whip it with just a teeny bit of sugar, and even then, the heat here is such that I don't manage to whip it up very well unless I do it in the mixer with a well-chilled bowl.
  23. I wonder if you can make a curd with starfruit. Then you could just pour into a baked pie crust and chill before slicing.
  24. I'm reading. I caught up on your first blog when you were doing your second one. Have fun! We follow with our eyes, when we wish we could be there in person...
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