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  1. Most prized: My grandmother's recipe cards and a family cookbook that we had printed and bound in the early eighties. It has all sorts of wonderful family recipes and cool pictures to boot. Most used: Cook's Illustrated Best New Recipes, Joy of Cooking, and Essentials of Italian Cooking.
  2. Last Thursday, my roommate Josh and I dined at Hudson's On the Bend. Situated just outside the city limits, driving there means a view of the lake and surrounding hill country. My father still talks about the first time he came to this restaurant, when it was the only thing around for miles. Not the case anymore, but it is still a lovely setting. All told, it was a fantastic meal, just as good as I had hoped for. The restaurant itself is very pretty. The entrance is tucked away at the back of the building, and to get to it, you walk through a gorgeous garden full of herbs, edible flowers, and
  3. Ugh. I'm from Texas, and enjoy my fair share of fatty food, but that just does not look good to me. It kind of makes me feel greasy just thinking about it. Those giant steaks did nothing for me, either. I can't imagine how sick I'd be after eating over a pound of red meat. Ugh.
  4. So----how was it? Anything memorable, unpleasantly or otherwise? I've eaten WITH vegans, but never when the entire meal was so strictly concocted. ← It was a lot less exciting than I thought it would be. Mainly, it was just a bunch of salads and sauces made out of avocados (one was actually very good) and such. Blah. Someone brought "nut patties" which everyone just RAVED about, but I found bland and dry and tasteless. They were like eating nuns' penance. I ate a bit to be polite, then left and got myself some real food. The thing about these people that was kind of scary is how very
  5. If restaurants are so worried about customers spliting entrees, maybe they shouldn't serve enough food for three people in each one! I'm sorry, but some of these comments are fairly offensive to me. I am not a rich person, but I like to eat in nice restaurants every now and then. My roommate and I frequently split things (usually we split an app, split an entree, split a bottle of wine) and we leave really good tips. If some waiter insinuated to me that I was "too cheap" to eat there because I split things, I'd be pretty pissed and take it up with management.
  6. Ugh. I feel your pain. I once worked for someone who was routinely late on checks. EVERY SINGLE PAY DAY it was this: "Um, can you wait a week or so? We're running short on money." Because back then I was a softy and didn't know any better, I said yes, but on hindsight I realize I should have said no. It really sucks to be in that situation. I hope you get a better job soon.
  7. Bravo, bravo! This has been a most excellent blog! I can not believe how much Shanghai has changed since I was there in the early ninties. Those pictures you showed don't even look like the same city. Thanks so much for sharing!
  8. Guacamole is yummy on burgers. Sauted mushrooms. Caramelized onions. Crumbled blue cheese. Good barbeque sauce. Bacon.
  9. My step mother makes a venison roast that is braised in Guinness. My grandfather used to boil his shrimp in beer. (Cheap beer. Usually Coors or similar.)
  10. Do stories from our Chinese language teachers count? Madam Shu, my first Chinese teacher, was persecuted for being an English teacher at Nanjing University and for being an intellecutal. She was sent, along with her infant daughter, to some godforsaken commune north of Harbin. She was forced to harvest potatoes, break up rocks, etc. Her hands are permanently damaged from the cold. She talked about having no food to eat some days, or only a very small bowl of rice. She said that one winter, it was very cold, and very little food, and she along with a few others she worked with stole a dog from
  11. A blind man used to come into a restaurant where I waitressed, and he always had his dog with him. It never caused any kind of problem, the dog did nothing but sit beside the man while he ate. It was a VERY well-behaved dog! Almost preternaturally so.
  12. At least it'll be raw...how bad can people screw up something raw? ← Oh, I don't know. I've been researching recipes online, and some of them are... very... I'll be polite and say interesting.
  13. What if they haven't shown up after three hours??? ← Then I get worried and start trying to contact them. And, like another poster mentioned, I'd probably pick them up myself, anyway.
  14. I give lots of slack for foreign guests driving alone in an unfamiliar country. I'd do what Markemorse said and just hole up at the bar for as long as it takes.
  15. I am going to a raw vegan potluck this weekend. I can't wait to report back something memorable to this thread.
  16. Wow, there's some pretty grotesque stuff in this thread, but that squid ink risotto really takes it. I think it's the loooooong stretched out tentacle that really makes the shot a special thing. What did it taste like?
  17. I totally will put soy sauce on my rice if I think I can get away with it. At home, always. Fried rice always gets extra soy sauce. Oh well, sue me. I won't do it around most Chinese people, though, because I can't take the condemnation! Crab eating is a free-for-all in my book. Whatever works to get the meat out is fine.
  18. If you use a non-reactive container, and place a peice of plastic wrap directly on the guac, and another layer of plastic wrap over the container, it should keep you in good stead for a couple of days. Another poster mentioned using just-starting-to-color guac on sandwiches, and that is what we did at a restaurant I worked in. The super fresh stuff got served where the customer could see it, and the no-so-super-fresh stuff got put into sandwiches.
  19. I have a culinary degree. I do not work in the industry simply because I absolutely can not support myself on $10 per hour (or less!). Would I rather be cooking? Of course! But entry level marketing at Biotech firms pays so much better. And I don't have to go into forbearance on my loans or live with my mother to save on rent (what many of my culinary school collegues are doing). I also have benefits and work a sane forty hour week. Do I regret it? Yes and no. I don't regret leaving my dead end, much hated job to do it. I would still be there otherwise. I don't regret moving to a livable cit
  20. Although this thread must sadly come to an end, it has been one of my favorite experiences on eGullet. I really hope that you will go another blog in the very near future!
  21. That dinner looks absolutely sublime! I love sweetbreads fried in butter, but unfortunately, I have no one who will eat them with me.
  22. Yeah, there were definitely some boring sounding things on the menu. Cheese fries? Please. I'm not at Sonic. However, they do have some interesting things, and even beyond what we had. There are a few things on the menu I would definitely like to try.
  23. Last night, I had a joyus little get together with my sister and step mom at 219 West. While I had always over-looked this place in my frequent jaunts to 4th Street in the past, I'm really glad someone else encouraged me to go. I was really impressed with the wine selection, as well as the cocktails. I had a mango mojito, which sounds weird, but was very nice and refreshing after a long day at work. The mango flavor was not overpowering, and the mojito on the whole was not too sweet. My step mother had a classic dirty martini that was mixed very well, and my sister had a nice merlot with just
  24. The only simi-famous people I've cooked for have been Texas politician's wives. Which, you know, is pretty boring. However, I did party with the girl who called the cops on Jenna Bush for drinking underage. Who, as soon as I found out, became my own personal hero. (The girl who called the cops. Not Jenna Bush.)
  25. Gifts and such - most certainly the price tag comes off. Stuff at home - price tag is removed only when in a fit of nervousness/nicotine withdrawl, or if I have guest and want to put out a pricey condiment, but don't want to hear the "You paid THAT for THAT?!" stupid comments.
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