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  1. Dr. Pepper! I didn't know that people from New York drank Dr. Pepper! Love the sound of Saturday night's menu, particularly the foie course.
  2. I have subbed Whey Low for sugar in the past with decent results.
  3. I've driven by the place a few times, and I always want to stop just by virtue of the name alone!
  4. The Old Alligator Grill indeed served as the interior to Chachi's in the movie "Office Space." The food however, could best be described as mediocre. I have heard good things about Gene's Poor Boys, but haven't been. I am kind of nervous because I find it impossible to obtain a real New Orleans style poor boy in this town, and Gene's has been talked up so much I'm now kind of afraid to go and be disappointed. Can anyone here weigh in?
  5. Thanks for sharing those pics. I externed under Chef Conlan, and this brought back great memories. The menu was very "Conlan." By the way, how were you invited to this event?
  6. Your kitchen is amazing, like a dream kitchen out of a magazine. Even more amazing is that you did it yourself. Congragulations on a job well done.
  7. I would put out nice sandwich fixings - good rolls, nice deli meats, cheeses, condiments, etc, and let people build their own sandwich. The only work for you is laying everything out. With that, you could put together some salads either early that day or the night before. Pasta salad, beet salad, potato salad, whatever's clever. Some dips, chips, drinks in addition you're all set. People get good food, you get minimal hassel and can enjoy your movie and company.
  8. I don't see why it's a problem to bake off the extra in a mini-loaf pan as cook's treat/kid's snack.
  9. There are a few things I don't care for particularly, but will eat if very hungry or at someone else's home. There are only two things in the world I WILL NOT EAT, not matter what the circumstances. Those two things are: raw tomatoes and refried pinto beans. Raw tomatoes taste like dirt and squish unpleasantly in your mouth. And yes, I have tried fancy home-grown heirloom ones. Still gross, ya'll. Refried pinto beans have the worst texture in the history of man kind. How people eat those things I will never understand.
  10. I remember those! I made my mother buy me a six pack of them, and then after trying the first one refused to drink any more. She was mad! haha! Such a sad product. They looked SO COOL yet tasted so incredibly awful.
  11. Um... I totally don't live anywhere near Vancouver, or BC, but the title of this thread caught my eye on the active topics page and oh god I wish I hadn't clicked. To each his own and it takes all kinds and all that, but how can you eat a live baby anything? I am well aware that it is my own cultural bias coloring these remarks, but I would love to know the story behind how you came to try live baby octopus.
  12. Any sort of pasta sauce and salad dressings top my list. When I was growing up, I could never figure out why I liked the salad dressing in nice restaurants so much better than the salad dressing we had at home. Well, DUH! I finally realized that those restuarants were making their own salad dressing and that's why it was better! I convinced my mother to let me start playing around with salad dressing, but my repertoire was pretty limited to basic vinaigrette until I started cooking professionally, where I learned to make all the mayo-based ones as well. I can't imagine buying that horrid dress
  13. Who's going to make fun of you here? I myself made something very similar last night: Yukon golds, boiled, then smashed with a little milk and butter. I folded in blue cheese and chopped scallions, then spread them in a buttered gratin dish. A healthy sprinkling of parmesan over the top (which I sculpted roughly, so as to maximize crisping potential), then into the oven until it browned. ← Thanks! Your thing sounds REALLY good! I'm going to try that sometime soon! Thank you so much! Awesome! It can certainly be made ahead. What did you think? Did you like it?
  14. You might want to try Club de Ville, on Red River. They don't have a cocktail menu, per se, but they do have an extensive selection and I've never been able to stump the bar tender. Then again, maybe I've just been lucky.
  15. We ate lots and lots of mashed potatoes growing up, but they were NEVER peeled. Later on, I found out this was pretty unusual. My mother always made a "baked potato casserole" that I still love beyond all reason today. It's just potatoes mashed with sour cream, butter, garlic salt, crumbled up bacon, the tops of green onions or chives, and pepper. You put that into a casserole dish, top with lots of grated cheddar cheese and bake until warm and bubbly. It's so simple and home-style but I really love it. I just wish I could serve it and eat it more often without being made fun of.
  16. My sister used to get these individual-sized cookie dough balls, and we would often make two or so at a time in the toaster oven. Worked great, I must say. Toaster ovens are fabulous. I really don't understand why anyone would have one of those standing toasters when toaster ovens work better and have many more uses.
  17. I'll dip my fries in just about anything. Ranch Dressing Ketchup (naturally) Tartar sauce Malt vinegar Curry Cheese Taking a fry and raking along the edge of a big mac so you get a little "special sauce" and a little cheese on the fry is one of life's great un-sung pleasures. Cocktail sauce The mind reels with possibility.
  18. The whole notion of servers wearing chef gear is a bitty silly, but I don't think it's worth getting worked up about. There is a chef "rage" at the moment in pop-culture. The restaurant is clearly trying to be trendy. It will pass, just like rages always do.
  19. I am so glad I found this thread. I quit smoking three weeks ago. However, on both weekends I have had relapses. It is SO HARD not to smoke when your friends are all smoking around you. I am still at the point where I can't be around cigarettes and unlike everyone else who suddenly thinks they smell horibble, every time I smell them it is like the most beautiful and inticing smell in the world. Yesterday I intentionally walked behind a man smoking a cigarette on the street just so I could inhale the magnificent aroma. I suppose this will pass in time. The lozenges are really helping me. I don
  20. I have a stuffed pork loin roast from Christmas in the freezer. It was for a dinner that ended in disaster and only a few peices were gone from it. I keep meaning to throw it out, but lord have mercy putting that thing together was expensive (full of morels), and time-consuming, and dinner was just such a spectacular fiasco (drunk aunt falling down stairs, sister ill with flu) that I just don't have the heart to toss it. I wish someone would just sneak into the house when we're not home and throw it away for me.
  21. I LOVE seeing what the "cool kids" on this board are doing. I find adventures with sodium alginate (sp?) fascinating, even though I don't have the space, equipment, or time to do it myself. It's new and fresh and interesting. Even if I see something that I find wouldn't work, or seems odd, it's good to see people experimenting and having fun with food. What's wrong with that? Food is an important part of life, and if we can't have fun with it and experiment and enjoy it, what's the point?
  22. Jean-Luc is a cutie! Aren't Basset Hounds the sweetest things? Does he try to "help" you in the kitchen?
  23. They appeared to be having a party in there on Sunday night. I'm looking forward to checking it out, although I still miss having great bbq right down the street from me. YEESSSS! But WHY PFLUGERVILLE?! I wish they would open closer to where I live. I guess I'm just selfish like that.
  24. Hey Fabby! I'm so excited that you're blogging! Can't wait to see what's next.
  25. Is coconut out? Because if not, you could do some cool things like currys and desserts with that. What about spelt? When I worked at The Spa, we had a regular client who had wheat allergies, and we made things for her out of spelt flour. We also served her spelt pastas. I would also go for parsnip and potato purees, sweet potato dishes without butter, nice lean cuts of meat.
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