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  1. I'm there on Friday as well, and if you need help with anything, let me know
  2. Ok, so we tend to show off the jewels of the production, but certainly in my kitchen, there is a lot of stuff produced that is less than picture perfect. Let's bring them out into the light - as long as they taste good, the looks are bonus. I'll open by demonstrating how not to make a beautiful cocoa butter swirl. It was beautiful, but the swirl stayed firmly in the mould. It is salty caramel and almond. Tasty!
  3. Cool blog - looking forward to tasting the chocs at the conference What's the ratio onion juice:glucose:isomalt? I'm intrigued by this onion sugar business.....
  4. Would they be 110 V or 220 V? If 220, please grab me one (I'll bring a bigger suitcase :-) )
  5. I can get tonka beans, bot I wouldn't know how many to get - they get sold by the piece. How many would be enough?
  6. I'm really starting to look forward to this. I will not be able to bring any equipment due to flying in (and I mostly have molds anyway - only a small hobby operation), but I can try to bring a couple of flavourings to play with not often seen in the US: Elderflower and black liquoric,e if anyone's interested. What do we overall do for ingredients/raw materials? I'll be arriving early evening Thursday, so if any help is needed on getting ready for Friday, I am happy to be of assistance. Anyone else staying Thursday night? P.s. Suffering from performance anxiety for sample production - must not mess up temper, must not mess up temper, must not mess up temper (oh, well, the pics can always go in the (non-existent) thread: "Chocolates without that show-room finish" - and as the kids sweetly say: the important thing is the taste )
  7. Mette

    eG Cook-Off 58: Hash

    Greetings from Denmark - the land of pork. We do hash (it just screams illegal substance to me), or biksemad, as it is called around here, with leftover roast pork, diced spuds and onions. Pickled beetroot on the side, a fried egg on top, ketchup all over, and bob's your uncle. At Christmas, we did leftover roast potatoes and goose. Roast potatoes make the best hash (oh, illegal substance again ;-) )
  8. Waffles with cream and red currant jelly
  9. I've been invited to dinner at restaurant Kiin-kiin in Copenhagen - alledgedly the only Michelin starred Thai restaurent in the world. Has anyone been and was it any good? I'm looking forward to it
  10. I'm at a very sad 27 - but 20 of these are chocolate related so they count for two
  11. Great idea. I'm not in the industry, but you may want to look at something like socialmention.com for inspiration
  12. all right then - put me on the definite-list - flight booked and payed for :-) It'll be excellent - I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys!
  13. Hi, what time would the meet end on the sunday? Actually joining is looking hopeful (Yes!) so I'm scouting out flights, and wonder whether it'd be better to leave Sunday late afternoon or Monday. Won't be able to bring much in the way of books and only a small box of samles but still....
  14. Mette

    Black Brioche

    It may be dyed with roasted malt powder - used in bread to make it look darker. Link to danish websiteclick don't know whst it is in English, but it adds lots of colour and a bit of bitterness
  15. I'm on the 'will do my best to come'-list, but still need to find out about Vegas for work the previous week. If the still maybes can wish for topics: working with coloured cocoa butter for moulding (low tech), interestong flavours, and matching coverture with filling/flavour profiling of shell and filling
  16. are the dates confirmed to 16-18 March? I've a work trip to Vegas the previous week, so bad timing, but I'll see what I can get together. It all sounds great
  17. They make great jam with plenty of vanila
  18. I didn't actually make the licorice powder, but used a really great product from Danish licorice maker Johan Bülow: Raw Licorice powder
  19. ...set the wok on fire, twice in one cooking session, because the induction 3000 w power setting seems like a good idea to really get the wok going....
  20. Being Danish, I am pretty much in the 'it is just the way it is'-camp. It never even occured to me to rinse the suds off when I used to dishes by hand (love the dishwasher). My best guess is that the non-rinsing is a leftover from the days of towel drying, where there is less of a case for rinsing. I never noticed smell or taste, and as you should only use a teaspoon of detergent for a full pan of water, it makes a very diluted solution. On the other hand, I had drilled into me when learning household skills to rinse everything before washing, and to do stuff in a certain order (glasses, cutlery, cups, plates, cooking things) to manage the level of grime in the water. It still drives me nuts when my husband, who is English, does dushes in no particular order. He rinses, though...
  21. Ok, so the (slightly melted) outcome was: pear frangipane tart on licorice powder and lemon/elderflower syrup with vanila ice cream and white chocolate with licorice powder. The licorice really made a big difference, and took it from ordinary to very tasty. Licorice, pear and elderflower is a winning combo
  22. Butter and Hellman's mayonnaise - no other brands allowed
  23. Thanks for all the good ideas. Based on these, we'll go with individual pear frangipane tarts, vanilla ice cream and an elderflower/lemon syrup. I'll try to remember to take pictures, but at desserttime on NYE, the brain is sometimes not firing on all cylinders ;-)
  24. Hello, and happy holidays to you all. Not quite yet Christmas, and already I need to think about dessert for New Years. My friends that are bringing the wine have bought Muscat da Beaumes de Venise "Hommage". I would normally go the 'chocolate-something and port' way on dessert, but I don't think chocolate and Muscat is probably a good match. So I need inspiration for something that both children from the age of 7 and grown ups will enjoy and that goes well with the wine. Thanks very much
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