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  1. Program looks awesome - I'm regretting big time not joining
  2. Why dont you cover it in marzipan or ½/½ marzipan/fondant and make the decorations out of the same stuff- stable, moldable, colourable and the flavour will go well with the cake - you can even use marmelade as glue to stick i to the cake to complement the cake flavour good luck
  3. Hi, you could try to add a pinch or two of citric acid to boost the sharpness/freshness
  4. In Japan, you can get little take-away boxes of breaded, deep-fried chiclen cartilage - something very more-ish about the texture. Actually, you'd like Japan, full of inventive ways of cooking and eating the inedible bits......
  5. maybe a Scandi-recipe? In Denmark we have the Wales bun (nothing to do with Wales....), which is puff pastry with choux piped on top, baked and filled with pastry cream and jelly, and the Swedes have the Maskastavar Kringle, which is similar.
  6. Sorry to break your illusions, but you'll ALWAYS want more....
  7. I'd absolutely love to join, but it is in the middle of my exam-period, so a no go - will be there for 2015 (provided I get my degree)
  8. Strawberry tarts for St. John's Night in Denmark (bonfire night). Similar to a frangipane tart, with chocolate, vanila pastry cream, strawberries and a thin layer of elderflower jelly.
  9. They are very common in Denmark and grow wild, and used for cooking and tea. The ones that grow here are Sambucus Nigra - you may want to check that the ones growing over there are safe. If yes - get picking - its a lovely drink
  10. Elderflower cordial - the elderflowers are peaking right now. 20-25 heads of elderflower 1 lemon, sliced (organic, as the whole thing goes in) 1 kg sugar 2 tbsp citric acid 1 liter boiling water 1 teaspoon liquid natriumbenzoeate (to conserve, as the cordial is not boiled) mix everything, leave in a cool place for 4-5 days, filter and bottle. Will keep for 12 months in the bottle. Dilute with 4 parts cold water. Enjoy - a little bit of summer all year round.
  11. Mette

    Dulce de Leche

    The dulce de leche/coffee truffels are one of my absolute favourites - the dulce de leche should be the texture of Nutella at room temperature
  12. Oops. Is that madpapir? Oops, indeed.....Madpapir (greaseproof sandwich wrapping paper) is NOT the same as silicone paper....
  13. These ones did not even make it to the backroom - firmly stuck blackcurrant paté de fruit (hint - make sure you use silicone paper to pour the PdF)
  14. Aamans http://www.aamanns.dk/ for an innovativ take on classic Danish open face sandwiches Kødbyens fiskebar http://fiskebaren.dk/en if you like our friends from the sea Kadeau http://www.kadeau.dk/kadeaukobenhavn_uk.php just got a well earned star And of course, I'm ith Michaela on the Brewpub http://brewpub.dk/en/ recommendation (but I'm biased)
  15. I'm am so unbelievably envious. Looks like a fabulous time - again - thanks for all the pictures. Maybe next year.....
  16. Thanks, however, being in Denmark, the shipping is too expensive, hence the question
  17. I cannot get my hands on powdered sorbitol, but liquid sorbitol 70% is available in brewery supply shops. Are there any problems in substituting in chocolate filling recipes and will I have to adjust for the liquid being 70%? Thanks
  18. Bear in mind that if you make a filling with a very high water-content, as yoou will get if you use pureed fruit, it will have short shelf-life and may even make the chocolate deterioate. However, if the chocolates are for eating within a short time span, it sounds excellen
  19. Now with 2 stars. Hubby and I going in May. Excited!
  20. Mette

    Mousse Ganache

    And me, please, please, please (especially as you're talking degrees Celcius and not those pesky Fahrenheits ). Thanks
  21. Much as I hate to admit it, I'm definitely off the list. Going back to school, combined with work, does not lend itself well to extracurricular activities....
  22. A very nice digital sugar thermometer, and, as marmalade failure was part of the holiday entertainment, it looks like a bonus refractometer may come my way :-)
  23. Thanks, worked a treat. Must have boiled off at least a liter of water, and as a bonus, theres been some maillard-action, to give the marmalade a lovely, dark amber colour.
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