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  1. Do any contractors actually manage to produce for the DoD? 26 pages is a bit excessive, although I did notice that it is an engineering team which is in charge of the brownie-spec. This explain a lot ;-)
  2. My mother-in-law likes her tea very weak, and leaves a damp PG tips bag on the side of the sink. It drives me nuts. They cost about 2 p so why not live a little? (As soon as she turns her back to it, it goes in the bin (1-nil me-mother-in-law))
  3. 9-year old and I made an orange layer cake to take on the school picnic - sponge, orange flavoured whipped cream, orange segments and marcipan
  4. Wow, jaffa cakes! I'd love to see a recipe for those Not so much a recipe as ideas and directions. here. I still need to work on the sponge and the jelly was a bit on the runny side, but these are details :-) If you google jaffa cakes you get hundreds of ideas
  5. Everything looks brilliant and so much fun. Glad you guys are having a good time
  6. I am filled with envy of this great event. Maybe I'll grow a lot of money and some days off over the next day-and-a-half and join you I hope you all have a lovely time!
  7. Mutant jaffa-cakes (sponge, orange jelly, chocolate) - must work on the sponge, although they seem to go even if mutated... Macademia/cranberry/white chocolate cookies
  8. WE went to Malling & Schmidt last October for my husbands birthday with foodie friends. It was excellent, very innovative and fun, and of extremely high quality. Also, the staff was very approachable, something you often sadly miss in the better places in Copenhagen. We had a brilliant and fun evening, and the size of the wine menu meant that my recollection of the desserts are a bit hazy :-) Is it cheating that that I'm from Århus, but live in Copenhagen?
  9. Today I tried tabling for the first time, making meltaways. I have scrounged a piece of old kitchen counter in a heap of rubble. The marble is smooth but not polished, and the tabling worked fine. But how do I keep it clean? It is too big for the kitchen sink. I'll want to use it for baking as well. Thanks
  10. What a cute dog! Today I made a double chocolate mousse/raspberry gateau (cheating, using Callebaut instant mousse, which is actually surprisingly good for bagged stuff)
  11. So - Rasmus Kofoed won - Copenhagen IS the food capital of the world Copenhagen Post item
  12. For new years eve: traditional danish almond cookies (kransekagekonfekt), althoug some of them are non-traditional by the addition of ground pistachios and others by the addition of candied orange peel.
  13. Mette

    Cake Fondant

    Hi Sheryl, having an 8-year-old Lego-lover in the house, I can appreciate the request for something Lego. How did you make the chocolate lego-men? Thanks
  14. The fruitcakes for work now look like this: The marcipan and freeze dried raspberry are very easy to make: A small, slightly flattened ball of marcipan (60 % almonds). Dip the top in tempered choc and immediately n freeze dried raspberries. Wait for it to set and dip the whole thing in more tempered choc. Enjoy - and another one, and another one and......arghhhh, keep off, those are mine, all mine, my precious :-)
  15. Just finished the fruit-cakes (won't have much time to mature), mincemeat ready for the tarts, kiddie baking this coming sunday (not actually baking the kiddies, although I am sometimes tempted) and the chocolate assortment is in the cellar: chocolate covered orange peel chocolate covered marcipan choclate covered marcipan with freeze dried raspberries (this is a winner!) Chocolate covered marcipan and gianduja cinnamon ganache chocolates aniseed ganache chocolates black currant ganache chocolates espresso ganache chocolates white chocolate bars with cranberries hazelnut gianduja chocolates Little choclate santas Happy preparing :-)
  16. Thanks, guys. The hot choc is a good idea, but it will have to stay an idea - I had another taste of the callets and they have an off-flavour, so - in the bin
  17. They are gorgeous! Would you be willing to share your recipe for pomegranate caramel? Thanks
  18. I have just over 4 kg's of milk chocolate callets that has been stored wrong, got damp and therefore cannot be tempered, although it was destined for the christmas chocolate production. Any ideas for use? Thanks
  19. wouldn't know what to do with freeze dried cream, but what a great site - interesting products at reasonable prices and reasonable shipping to Denmark
  20. I have med this recipe several times without any problems - it is an absolute favorite, but then again, I do find that most recipes are too weak/subtle for my taste
  21. Just made Mojito sorbet yesterday, very simple and mojito-like (not a very scientific recipe): 1 dl sugar (whatever kind you normally use in mojito) 1½ dl water ½ dl rum Boil to dissolve sugar and evaporate alcohol. Cool Crush ½ liter mint leaves in 3 spoonfulls of water and leave to infuse for a while. Add to the syrup with lime juice and zest to taste. another dash of rum for a little alcohol....Mix in 1½ stiff egg whites and freeze in the machine. Pour a little rum on the servings and - summer's here!
  22. Koldskål-season in Denmark - a traditional cold buttermilk 'soup' (the name means cold bowl....). We have it twice a week in the summer (not always home made, though, you can buy prefab in the dairysection of the supermarket in summer) and the kids love it. Whisk 2 pasteurized yolks with appx. 75 g sugar until pale and un-crunchy, add some vanilla and fine zest from ½ organic lemon. Mix in 1 l. buttermilk and add lemon juice to taste. It needs to be rich, sweet, tart and dottet with black vanilla seeds. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour and serve with finely sliced strawberries or 'kammerjunkere' (a type of vanilla bisquit, almost like biscotti) Enjoy
  23. Not so much a recipe as just something I do - I use this basic recipe and then added a nice reduced rhubarb compote with plenty of sugar and vanilla. It is not stupidly firm. The recipe already has vodka in it, but otherwise something either vanilla or strawberry flavoured.
  24. Hi Paola, I'll mention some of the places not featured in the above.... For smørrebrød, there are a couple of very good alternatives to Ida Davidsen: Kanalcafeen (Frederiksholms Kanal 18) which is good and very traditional (only open for lunch) Gitte Kik (Slotskælderen, Fortunstræde 4) - again traditional - good chance of spotting members of parliament Aamanns (Øster Farimagsgade 10) - a modern take on smørrebrød - I have not been but heard very great things about Aamanns (they apparently also do take out) On the sweet side, La Glace off the main walking street offers delicious hot chocolate and some very filling and extremely tasty cakes (try the sports cake - nothing sporty about it) Right next to La Glace, you can buy Peter Beier chocolates - the closest Copenhagen comes to artisan chocolate - a bit traditional but good quality For dinner, I do feel compelled to recommend BrewPub Copenhagen (Vestergade) (yes, I do own shares, my husband helped open the place :-)) - microbrewed beer, beer tasting menus and a very good vegetarian burger in the pub For haute cuisine, try Alberto K in the SAS-hotel, extremely tasty and with a wonderful view of the city Oh - and for Noma you do need to book well in advance I hope you enjoy Copenhagen
  25. For an evening out without the children, my husband and I went to the recommended Restaurant Trioin Malmö, onlu ½ hour by train from Copenhagen. The proces are swedish, but the standard is as high as in any of the top restaurants in Copenhagen - If it was in a capitol city, the Michelin men would have come by...... The theme is nordic/molecular without going overboard, and 8 courses + 8 wines went for SKR 1700. The highlights of the dinner were the variations of beetroot with oyster emulsion, the cod with wood ear mushroom and caramelised onion jus, the perfectly poached egg on mashed, eel flavoured potatoes with crispy eel skin and crisp potato shreds and finally the first dessert of cowberry sorbet, fennel seed cream and salty merengue. Everything was perfectly executed, and the wines complemented the food beatifully and it is not the least stuck up - I love fine food, but will not consider a restaurant a cathedral, because I am there to enjoy myself. The full menu consisted of (in the usual style ): Scallops, rosehip, marrow and cress Beetroot, oyster, seaweed and elder berry Langustine, sea buck-thorn, brown butter and cabbage Cod, field garlic and wood ear Egg, potatoes and eel Deer, cauliflower, juniperberry and leek ash Cowberry, fennel and salty merengue Apple, rye bread, caramel and fresh goats cheese It was a gorgeous evening and i highly recommend Restaurant Trio :-)
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