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  1. I already opened the first gift for the cook (a random coincidence, but still...): the corporate gift frpm one supplier this year was a japanese damascene steel chefs knife. It is razor sharp, and makes the other knives on the magnet look shoddy. NICE - sometimes working in land of web is not so bad
  2. Great job, Rob! After failing miserably (again) at the whole coloured cocoa butter thing (flaking off, losing temper(the stuff, not me)), I'd really like to do some hands on with this - I've only ever learned from books and online I'll start scouting flights....
  3. This is brilliant - does that mean that all those cute bowls I brought back from Japan to give away filled with goodies for christmas will eventually find their way back to my cupboards
  4. Mette

    Pop Rocks

    just bumping this topic... I got carried away at the gourmet wholesalers and bought a jar of Texturas Fizzy - I want to make some kind of bark with them (mixed w freeze dried raspberries) - any experience on how long they will stay fizzy if completely coated with choc? Thanks
  5. Mine too. The recipe came from an Italian girl I shared house with as an exchange student in Belfast many moons ago. It is super easy and alcohol free. 250 g sponge fingers cold, lightly sweetened espresso 3 eggs 3 tbsp sugar (and a bit of vanilla) 250 g mascarpone cocoa Whisk egg yolks with sugar until pale, mix in mascarpone. Whip egg whites till stiff and fold into the yolk-mixture. Quickly dip biscuits in coffee one at a time and layer with egg mixture in a flat dish, starting with biscuits and ending with mixture. Sift a thick layer of cocoa on top and refrigerate. Better after having spent the night in the fridge ( a bit of coffee liqueur has been know to sneak into the espresso....) To help salvage Italy, I recommend Italian mascarpone (although we will all have to eat a lot of tiramisu to fix Berlusconi's mess )
  6. I imagine there may be thin coating of coca butter in the mould prior to applying the leaf, to gove it something to stick to (but it is just a guess)
  7. Tiramisu - the ultimate use of only 6 ingredients, and it contains the 3 primary food groups: fat, sugar and caffeine
  8. I've used the cookie cutter type before, and your window of getting a clean cut is pretty narrow
  9. Decadent chocolate cake with fudge icing for daughter coming home from camp - probably completely wasted on the 8-year olds. My first attempt to use fudge icing, I was surprised at how quickly it crusts, so the sprinkles would not stick. I quickly melted some white chocolate and thickened it with water for a decorating alternative. First time trying this, definitely not last time - quick and very easy to work with
  10. Hello, I bake danish style rye bread (similar to this) about every 2 weeks and I have a good sourdough going for this (called Charlotte for the work colleague who gave it to me - one does get attached to one's sourdough). My sourdough starter is all coarse rye flour. Here's the question: is it possible, and how do I go about it, to convert a jar of the all-rye starter to a starter that can be used for lighter bread types, pizza etc - the flavour in the rye is very good. Thanks
  11. Does that mean that the self cleaning setting could be used to make a really mean pizza?
  12. Mette

    Sweets in Tokyo

    Thanks for all the great info - My work schedule has changed somewhat, but I'll try to get some sweet sightseeing in
  13. Where do you live? You can come round to my house in Valby for a bit of cooking (and there may be some bricks kicking about in the back yard)
  14. You are a better person than I am, Darienne...At these occations, we tend towards take-outs. With everybody working plenty full time and school and sports for the kids, time is in short supply, and I prefer to spend the time with the friends and not be exhausted by all the prep (doing the bathroom before they arrive is plenty). With takeout, you can also cater to everyone's dietary needs and whims. And to echo an earlier poster - they come to see YOU, everything else is just a bonus
  15. Hi, this may actually belong in the Japan forum, but here goes: I'm going to Tokyo for a work trip next week (Sunday to Friday), and because of the way the flights have worked out, I'll be able to have a couple of days off in Tokyo. Any recommendations for sweets, cakes, pastries or ice cream? (or even dinner, but that's definetely for the Japan dining forum...) I'm happy to take trains and underground anywhere within reason, but a bit more shaky on the busses. I'm staying in Shinegawa. Thanks very much
  16. Denmark - a local apple called Ingrid Marie: not overly sweet and very aromatic. Quite short season. And in our garden we have a red delicious-tree. I amamazed at how tasty these are compred to the commercial ones. The climate in Denmark is ideal for apples if you like aromatic and not too sweet
  17. A little something to take to work to celebrate my birthday - simple coconut cake and royal icing. You get to guess my age, but here is a hint: I have all the answers
  18. In Denmark, pizza rolls, similar to cinnamon buns, are very popular, and handy for lunch boxes and picnics. Lots of pictures here
  19. Turkish delights look......delightful! I fiiiiinally managed to get the chocolate gear out. I wanted to make some kind of bar but I didn't have time for elaborate, so I went with rustic: a shortbread base with dark gianduja and chopped nuts, dipped and eaten After this, the dipping chocolate was so full of bits that more messiness was called for. I whipped up some simple marzipan with freeze dried raspberries and dipped The dipping chocolate now contains all food groups ;-)
  20. Any chance on nailing down the dates this weekend? Very good offer on transatlantic airfare ends tomorrow :-)
  21. The last currants (red, black and white) and gooseberries of the season, along with the first blackberries. Enough to make the the traditional Danish treat of ' Rødgrød med fløde', a regular tounge-twister for non-danes (stewed red fruit with cream). Would have made a cake, but lightning fried the oven.
  22. I'd love to attend, but I'd have to wing a work trip to justify transatlantic travel....I think I'm on the maybe-maybe list (also date depending). I was soo envious reading the reports from this years comference
  23. Purged the freezer of the last of last year's blackberries. Blackberry-lemon jam in the making (the lemons get binned before jarring)
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