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  1. Michael makes a good point With your name on the menu , your reputation is on the line and you dont have control of the plated product, they could take your great product but present it horrible making you look bad..
  2. thebaker


    Well StarBucks unlike Mcd's and Walmart provide EXCELLENT EXCELLENT Health benifits. My Exwife used to work for them and she had better benifits then my union job for Marriott. and all she had to do was mantain over like 25 hrs and your covered, I would have stayed married just for the benifits...
  3. For chopping the blocks i use and 2 handeled cheese knife. i get good leverage from it and my wrists don't hurt..
  4. Paper or Plastic I have not had a paper shopping bag in a grocery store since I was a teenager Out in queens it's plastic only and I have a hard time stopping them from doubleing them and putting only 3 items in each bags, Once a month i throw out huge garbage bags full of those darn plastic bags... its such a waste...
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    Bread Salad

    The bread salad I make at the restuarant where I work is as follows Lightly toasted bread ( tossed with some garlic oil before toasting) Balsamic reduction Ex Vir Olive oil Capers Caper Berries Thinly sliced red onions grated Parm Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Boccacini (sic) Fresh Basil Salt?pepper
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    I know the servers where i work make more than me. but they can have it id rather stay in the hot kitchen then deal with the people in the dinning room.. no way !!!
  7. We are using it for a crab salad, but the basic vanilla tuile recipe is too sweet
  8. that is the recipe the chef is using, but they are not coming out right. they are coming out tough. ( if that makes any sense)
  9. anyone have a good savory tuile recipe I have tried to adapt a sweet one for savory use but they are not coming out very good Thanks
  10. Some restaurants pay good others pay bad, I left a job as a pastry sous chef in a restaurant in midtown It paid terrible and i did 12 -15 hour days six days a week ( it was a salaried position) for a job as a pantry cook at a restaurant on long island i work 9 to 5 mon - fri with saturday/sunday off and even without the 3 to 5 hours of OT i get each week its still a Alot more than i made before , a matter of fact in the 4 years ive worked in pastry I have never made this much money in a job.......
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    This link is to an unrelated story
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    Interesting story about Bouly, My Exc Chef was his Chef for many years, I am going to see what his take on it is.. In regards to the pay. I am pretty lucky where I work I get a good hrly rate plus a good amount of OT each week..... thats one of the reason i took it.. none of the pastry jobs i where offered came close so i became a cook....
  13. I have a sharp caursel (sic) 2 convection oven (countertop) I love it ive been using it for years (this is my second) My last one i had for 10 years until it died, I went shopping for a new one but all the new models where cheap crap (sharp as well) I found a nice used one on ebay and it has been working great for the past few years.
  14. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...&s=dvd&n=507846 dinner rush out on dvd...
  15. Good Luck Bripastryguy!!!
  16. the old Cooks Illustrated has nothing to do at all with the present one, it was way before the present one.
  17. I miss the old Cooks Illustrated from years ago...
  18. I saw an ad in the Sunday NY Times a few weeks ago for staff for the "restaurant" Front and Back of the house.... I was thinking I may try for a pastry position I met rocco last year at my last job... but i hear there not paying that great since there Is a star chef and the chance to get on TV
  19. Good Luck Brian. Brian are the cakes/dessert going to be fresh or some type of frozen defrost. and are you l going to offer custom desserts or a set product line. SC
  20. I have the same trouble. the desserts that are on the menu sell ok But when i do a special ( fri sat night) they dont sell. I do get some feedback from a lunch waiter ( he has been a waiter for years) he tells me these young kids (the other waiters) they work at night, do not know how to sell.. plus the people like what they like and dont like to try anything new.. we are getting ready to change the menu for spring and i am wondering what is going to happeng
  21. All i know is that they fired there exc chef even before they opened,
  22. I miss the old macy's cellar........ the new one is terrible. but then thats another thread.
  23. I still have and use my first cookbook even thoght I have 30 or so. The New Good Housekeeping Cookbook 1986 I use it and write comments next to the recipes on how it was It has everything in it... I have even broght it to work and gotten use out of it. One day at my first job at a caterers working late getting my dough ready for the morning , the staff packing for a late party noticed that a sauce was missing from the foodstuff they where taking to a party ( Bearnaise sauce) the party planner is going nuts and sends them to me, I told them I had no idea what it was ( I was only 1 month out of pastry school) Nor had I ever made one, but a quick check in the book and I found it , made it and it was great, ( saved the day so to speak).. Anything I have ever needed I found in the BOOK...
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