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  1. Great. I thought i was the only one thinking like this.
  2. I like the show I wish it would have been shot better, i did not like the way it jumped around it was almost MTV ish your eyes didnt get a chance to focus on what was going on or was it just me (it's ok you can tell me)
  3. thebaker


    I need rcpes that stand up to 7 days in packaging.
  4. thebaker


    I bake bread with a 50 -50 mix of whole spelt four and white splet flour. I prefer my dough a bit wet.
  5. thebaker


    what kind of recipes are you looking, I worked in a vegan/healthy restaurant for about 1 1/2 created there entire dessert menu. SC
  6. Yes aunt millies is still made I use it all the time, it's great no sugar added.... I kick it up with a bit of celery,oions,carrotts others sauces are to sweet.
  7. thebaker


    From what I hear they should have opened allready, When I went for an interview there in october they needed someone to start right away and I could not , they have had some private parties since then. And keep saying there opening any day the inside and the kitchens are real nice ...
  8. When I did my externship when i attended NY Restaurant school they told us we are covered under there insurance not the restaurants...
  9. I worked for a few years in a kosher restaurant (very strict kosher) I have jewish friends that dont eat pork but will eat lettuce and greens that are not checked first. Now this is a greater sin than eating pork but they have no clue.. they will orders a roast beef sandwich even thought the guy just sliced my ham for my sandwhich and did not knosher the slicer first... people interpert the laws how they want to. Which of course they are free to do since in the end we all have to answer for what we alone did...in life
  10. How about finely ground fennel seeds. (Like a dust almost) we have used that before at the restaurant
  11. I cant stand Mark Sliverstein.. He loves to say his name......
  12. I like my block to stay nice. I would always use a cutting board because i want to keep it clean and looking good. i oil it once and a while and it's looking good.
  13. I liked it, For me It was a bit short considering the subject , its interesting to see how religions have been changed by humans to suite there needs at the time. I am going to read "walking the bible" as soon as i can it
  14. Im reading Abraham by Bruce Feiler Good book Newsweek had a story about the subject a month ago
  15. thebaker ... if you're comfortable discussing the process (and aren't legally encumbered), do the various restaurant customers receive the same bread as Pain Q gets? Are there variations specified by the various customers? I've noticed the bakers at Chelsea Market refer to work sheets quite often, so I assumed there are special preparations. When I was there the bread for Pain Q was there formula they provided sold only under contract with them and to them only. restaurant customers can by the Pain Q bread only from Pain Q. all customers buying Amy's bread get the same breads. (Amy's only) The sheets they are looking at are for how many of each kind to make of what bread, the mixing is done in the room that is behind the storefront, not very visable from the outside the room you are looking at is the "shapeing room" where the doughs are made into whatever shape is called for on the sheets.
  16. In regards to Amy's bread All the bread is baked in the chelsea market kitchen,sweets are baked at the 9th ave location and Im not sure if they still do but when i worked there they baked some of the bread for Pain Quotidien........
  17. thebaker


    OK but How was the desserts?? Did you try any...
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