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  1. The little resort where I work is catering a big party and I need to find sources for tuiles and stuff Minis to be exact. as well as sugar paste decorations etc. any help would be appreciated PS we do not have the staff to make them all ourselves..
  2. Any have any feedback about the food at the club or the chef they can share thanks
  3. My new job requires that I make sorbets, I want to start creating my own formulas, I have been reading the professional pastry chef by friberg and in the sorbet section all the recipes talk about Baume, What is the difference between Brix and Baume are they interchangeable can I use a refractometer to check baume and vica versa or do I need to get a baume hydrometer as well? Any information would be helpful Thanks
  4. Head to your local library and literally "check" them out. I almost always do this before deciding on a purchase since books can be so costly. ← Thats what I have done in the past, but since I moved out of NYC no such luck, my small town library is not the same at all...
  5. Thanks everyone for the information I just purchased from amazon, Peter Rinehart's Whole Grain baking book And I will check out the others.
  6. I just got a new job baking at a spa that has just opened up in the PA mountains. I need recommendations for a good book for baking (bread etc) with whole grains and flours other than AP (spelt etc) can anyone recommend one or two? thanks
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions for marinated peaches, My boss just gave me a case of peaches and hinted he would like marinated peaches over vanilla ice cream for next week. thanks
  8. I have been to warwick. it is a charming little place , my wife fell in love with it and I have been on 94 my lawyers office if on rt94 as well as the broker and the mortgage office... I plan on scouting around thanks
  9. Not really a good time to start something. since we are going into debit to buy the house. But that is one of the reasons we moved up here was to in a few years "start something"
  10. Hey guys, At the end of july I will be moving out of NYC and moving to Orange county NY. In the area where NY,NJ,PA meet. Does anyone know of any good bakery /restaurants etc that I should include in my job search that are in that area.. Any information would be helpfull Thanks.
  11. The artist nancy colleary has great oil paintings of fruits etc I have been saveing up to buy some They hang in the restaurant that I work in and they just inspire so much http://www.nancycolleary.com/
  12. In the summer when we have the kitchen door open alot, flies come in i am very good at zapping them in mid air with the turbo torch...
  13. According to this add that was just posted on craigslist There are still saying it will be Gordon in the kitchen... Somebody missed a meeting.... http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/ret/219896131.html
  14. Below is link to Chef Michael (season one winner hells kitchen) And pictures of his tattoos http://www.prickmag.net/chefmichaelwraytattoos.html
  15. My worst crap job goes way back to when I started work at the marriott food services in JFk airport (the places you buy the $5.00 hot dog before getting on your flight) I had just started as a mechanics apprentice and my frist job was to clean out grease traps ( that had not been cleaned in years) I mean dozens of traps.. Some so full we needed crow bars to pry up the lids.... Oh my god what a stench and mess...... I could not get the smell out of me..
  16. Just to let you guys know. they are now open on sunday.
  17. I have dozens of books but I allways find stuff to use in the new Good Housekeeping cookbook. I call it my bible, my father got it for me for my 20th birthday (wow over 20 yrs ago) and its all covered with comments that I write when I use a recipe.. I love it
  18. Yes I fill out the cards. Thanks to one card i filled out one restaurant sends me a letter i present during the month of my birthday and my meal is free.
  19. My wife is the am barista/cashier she was part of the opening staff. She tells me it has been pretty busy non stop... I was hoping to see her in some of the pictures but they are not too clear.
  20. Just wanted to let everyone know i went with the Root beer I got a fews liters and very slowly reduced it, I mean 5-6 hours real slow I added some of the reduction to my brulee mixture. the guests loved it they flipped for them.. thanks ....
  21. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  22. I have got a request from a party client, they want creme brulees flavored like a pepsi, I was thinking that i would reduce a bunch of the soda and flavor the brulees with that, I only have to make a dozen so I thinking it is not worth the effort to track down some of the soda syrup.. any ideas ??? do you think it would work thanks
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