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  1. Last night during service my Henckels chef knife took a spin of the counter and a good chunk of the tip snapped off. (ahhhhh) Does anyone know of a place in NYC that can retip it But on a stone, not on a grinding wheel... thanks for the help...
  2. thebaker

    Wine Suggestion

    WOW That cheap we are poaching over 100 pears so i guess it could add up thanks everyone for your information so far SC
  3. thebaker

    Wine Suggestion

    Hello I hope this is the right forum for this. I have to do a dessert for a wine tasting. for the dessert course they will be drinking a 2002 St. Supery moscato the client has asked for a poached pear for dessert, I wanted to use some of the wine they will be drinking as the poaching liquid...but the owner (my boss) says thats to much money, I need to use something else. Anyone have any suggestion for the poaching wine that would go well with the wine they are drinking.. thanks much
  4. thebaker

    Good clam juice

    I haveing been saving shrimp shells for the past few weeks just for the stock.
  5. thebaker

    Good clam juice

    I am making a shrimp bisque
  6. Hello I am making a recipe and the chef who gave it to me told me to use a good brand of clam juice, he stressed that it was very important that it was good brand but did not give me a name of one. Does anyone have one that I can get in NYC thanks
  7. Herrs are great regular low salt and they even make a no salt that are very good
  8. I tried twice and my Torrone came out soft sort of like a semi hard marshmellow but nobody complained it was gobbeled up fst
  9. I have a short story. I am a cook in a restaurant in LI NY we have a few clients that have us cater partys for them (mostly christmas partys) Last december I was selected to go and work a party at this house. it was a great kitchen with all the highend equipment (viking etc) I turned the oven on to get it hot, while I set up and we began bringing the food stuffs from the van. the host/hostess said they would be upstairs getting ready. all was well until about the third trip in and out we heard a loud wailing siren going off and saw the kitchen filling with smoke it seems the hostess had baked earlier in the day and whatever she baked had dripped onto the bottom of the oven and was now smoking up the house setting off the house fire alarm system bringing the regular and the vol, fire department swarming all over.. I know it was not my fault i had no way of knowing the oven was dirty and the host/hostess where very nice but, man was it embrassing... And upon returning this christmas to do the party they made it a point of giving us fire ext. for the kitchen just in case..........
  10. There is a recipe in this months (jan 2004) Bon Appetit!! Sounds good
  11. also if you have a torch you can use the flame and blow the bubbles away..
  12. I dont like the UWS Fairway to much When I ran the Bruno Ravioli store at 79 @ BWY I heard horror stories about fairway, we had many people say they would rather pay more with us (we cant compete on price) and get better service..then shop at fairway/zabars.
  13. well i am going to play it safe and toss it I am making torrone for the first time and i want it to come out great....
  14. I found some corn syrup that has been in the back of my cupboard for at least 2 years.. it smell ok but should I toss it.. thanks
  15. YEs this happend only twice the truffle oil part of the dressing was only for a special. the truffle oil is not part of the base recipe for the dressing the truffle oil was not measured, we just added some. the dressing formed a solid block with some oil (not alot) left free.
  16. It sort of looked like the bottle had been put in the freezer and it froze up. it sort of was like ice you could stick a knife in the top and scrape it. it only began to break up when it was put under a stream of boiling water.. sort of what you have to do to get off hard sugar..
  17. The main dressing is as follows: 1 1/2 cp water 1 1/2 cp sugar 1 1/2 cp honey 10 cloves garlic confit 3 cp sesame oil 3 cp soy sauce. mix in bowl than in blender slowly add 4 1/2 cups veg oil ( we use canola) this dressing is kept in the fridge (it stays pretty loose even when cold) we keep it out during service, it lasts weeks.... until we add some truffle oil (which is not measured we just add some )
  18. its not raw garlic.. we slow cook it in oil till its soft..
  19. Hello I hope this is the right place for this but I have had a very weird thing happen to a dressing I make at work, when left at room temp for more than a day it becomes rock solid.. the dressing started out with the following water, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, garlic confit, olive oil. it is then blended and we keep it at room temp it stays liquid. we decided to add a twist of flavor for a special and add some truffle oil, the next night the dressing was like a rock... we could not even boil the bottle to get it out so we made it again and it happend again.... we cannot fiqure out what the heck happend... any clues........
  20. thebaker

    Curing olives

    I try to do it every year, in a brine people tell me my olives are not coming out right since they turn from green to black.. I tasted them and they where not to bad.. is this right will the olives turn to black in a brine??
  21. Yes Lots great information comes from it... Sometimes it's a game trying to fiqure out what some of the Ingr. are
  22. I have access to the spanish version and us a translator program on my computer... but many of the words do not translate since they are in catalna (sic) and not proper spanish..
  23. I love shoes for crews.. I have got a closet filled with all the other shoes i have tried (and payed alot for) With shoes for crews you dont like what you got you can exchange them in 60 days No questions asked ( i have done it a few times) I have been told they dont last very long but I use mine only in the kitchen (never outside) and I think they last a good amount of time based on what i have payed..
  24. thebaker, what restaurant did you work at? Was it in New York? Plus I would love your recipe for pastry cream. Thus far, I have settled on one dessert. I'm going to make a strawberry and vanilla infused balsamic vinegar sorbet for lunch on saturday which I will serve in martini glasses. This leaves me with the need for a "showpiece" dessert for friday night dinner, and something for sunday lunch. Saturday night will be a light meal, so I don't plan on making a dessert. I'm considering hosting a big open house on saturday afternoon with about 8 different desserts. Last year I made assorted biscotti/mandel brodt, cookies, a flourless chocolate cake and blueberry tartlets. I'll be in the kitchen pretty much non-stop for the next few weeks. The restaurant was in brooklyn. Wendy's plate (i dont work there any more) I will head into the closet and dig out the recipes
  25. I worked for 1 1/2 years at a kosher (very strict) restaurant. even thought we did not serve meat I could not use dairy because we where also vegan (at the time) I dislike soy milk I prefer rice milk or Coconut milk ( which I made because the rabbi did not like any thing we bought ) I made pastry creams and everything and people could not belive they where dairy free. I have some great recipes for tarts and stuff... just let me know and i dig some up
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