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  1. Andrew's "success!" was the editors' clue for "adios." Watching those bottom three I couldn't help but wonder if Sam didn't want to lean over and suggest a 3-for-1 and then some excellent competitions between the remaining people. I agree that Lisa undercooked the shrimp on purpose, thinking they would finish when she added water and hoped that would cook the brown rice. So how undercooked were they when she put them into her packages? A stir steam, not a stir fry, indeed. If Andrew had used a grain, surely Spike would have packed his knives and gone. He seemed to have forgotten this is Top Chef and not Survivor. The idea is to take your advantage ingredients and make them into something, not form an alliance with them and use for garnish.
  2. In true Chicago style. Da Mayor wants his Olympics. And da people want their foie. As seen in the Trib.
  3. In this case, I'm going with Mom's a famewhore. And as a Fox show, it's all about the yelling and the "drama" and not much about food. The BBCA shows do a better job of that, at least.
  4. Kim, that thing followed me home, too. Thank you for sharing this week. Your stories and photos and wonderful food have all been a real treat.
  5. I'll put in a vote for Phoenix, south Chinatown (2131 S Archer Ave, (312) 328-0848). Carts on the weekends only, they've gone to a checklist during the week. They're also taking reservations for parties of 4 or more on the weekends, which is an improvement on the 45 minutes or more wait when you show up between 11 and 1:30. There's a lot of variety, everything is fresh and very tasty and service is very good.
  6. And you came through for all of us, Chris. Many thanks for the outstanding efforts. My computer, however, may not have appreciated my efforts to grabbing one of those pulled pork sandwiches. I think those two sauce shots (or captions) may be reversed, I wasn't going to say anything but I didn't want you to think I wasn't paying attention to every detail you've posted all week.
  7. I believe Mark made an anchovy/quinoa appetizer, which I noticed because I love white anchovies and wanted to try it, too. And I've got a hunch that when Dale wanted to cheese up those crappy mushrooms, Nikki was glad to be then able to share the blame.
  8. Thanks to all of you, and Zoe, I'm the proud owner of the book, a stone, a paddle, a 5 qt. plastic tub and a growing ability to bake good bread any time I want. Two weeks ago, I made half the master recipe (no scale) with KA AP flour. After a couple of test loaves, I turned the last bit into a perfect dinner roll. (Sorry, no camera). It had large holes next to the crust, smaller holes in the center. The texture was light and chewy, which contrasted so nicely with that crispy crust. The look of it made me happy. But the flavor made me ecstatic. It had flavor, it tasted like...bread, good bread, bread I would get excited about in a restaurant. I broke it apart, piece by piece, buttered each one and savored every crumb. Of the crumb! I mixed a batch of the peasant recipe in the same container, it's in the fridge, and I'm feeling kind of powerful, in that way I know you know all about. Thanks again to all for the encouragement and tips.
  9. I would love to attend (at least the weekend events).
  10. Thank you! It's been a pleasure spending the week with you and your family. Good luck with the race and the book.
  11. The after Thanksgiving trifecta - cold turkey, cold stuffing, cold pumpkin pie. (I'll try the mashed potatoes, that will be just one of the good ideas I get here.) Also, cold spaghetti and meatballs, often just the pot of meatballs and gravy. Well, not the whole pot. At least, not at one standing.
  12. This is fantastic. A very happy holiday, indeed, Chef. Fantastic.
  13. Because it cannot be said too much, thank you for the sweet week. Loving that you shared, what you shared and that so many got so much pleasure from it. Merci!
  14. To quote Batali, who has lost a show and kept a show (or at least his temporary appearances on ICA)the FN is going more "mass market." Or maybe he said "ass?" Or maybe that's just what I heard. I'm looking forward (way forward) to enjoying Emeril as an old creole-style chef on PBS one of these years. I will not miss (not have I watched in years) the hordes of hyenas losing their damn minds every time he threw too much garlic into a pot.
  15. According to the Plain Dealer, it was Michael and the ICs for Symon, Donatella and Andrew for Besh. The over-the-top FN pimping part for me was the heralding of the Iron Chefs as America's Best! So declared by a martial arts guy/actor/chairman. I love TV. Meanwhile, Besh will be on Iconoclasts this season with Wynton Marsalis.
  16. hsm


    Shouldn't have forgotten the Marcona almonds.
  17. hsm


    My latest guilty pleasure. I'm with many on the olive oil, vinegar, paper/cleaning products, bananas, limes, cheese and coffee. Also Kirkland Japanese Green Tea (ITO EN) Ling Ling chicken/veg dumplings The hoa kow when they had them (so sad they are gone) Kirkland organic peanut butter Garafalo spaghetti Organic free range chicken broth (for starting Gai Pho on lazy days) Empire frozen chicken breasts First-cut brisket twice a year Rotisserie chickens Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes in winter Books and DVDs Canon printer ink cartridges The latest purchase, a Bionaire 36-hour humidifier with permanent filter for under $50. But I did have my eye on the Le Creuset.
  18. It looked like offering previous customers a free meal got them back. That and a big ol' Hey Look, Gordon Ramsey Will Be There and Everyone Will Be On TV! The buffoon owners have gotten old, although this one was in keeping with the rest of the episode. Where did the additional chef(s) come from? Why must every episode end with a Big Event? Why does Gordon keep insisting on saying things like "my designer crew worked all night" to redo the restaurant. Really? Otoh, it's good to find entertainment where ya may and the Ye Olde Mill sign next to the Steakhouse sign was hilarious, as was the bike, the butcher's reaction to Gordon asking if he could supply a new steakhouse in town (ya think?), the editing (almost as good as the crappy job done at Ye Mixing Bowl) and the owner coming around after hearing about Gordon's Big Failure. At least it answers the question: What would a food show on BBCA look like on FOX?
  19. I'm still put off a bit by that spoiler. I would like a lot more commenting by the judges about the food - maybe they'll get to that when they have less competitors. Meantime, Bon Appetit Guy is bugging. So maybe it's just Ruhlman's food comments I'd like to hear. Although, come to think of it, we rarely get full comments from the judges on IC. (Well, we sometimes get them commenting on how full they feel.) I'd just as soon have Besh win as he's the guy I'd like regularly appearing on my TV. Symon had a FN show in the way-back, even if he had to share it. Can't tell if that's an advantage or not.
  20. hsm

    How Do YOU Make Oatmeal?

    Another vote for Trader Joe's steel cut oatmeal (with a box of TJ's old-fashioned oats on hand for other uses). I've been making them every few days using the 30-minute method with water and a little salt. I will be trying Melissa's method tonight, though. Daily portions get nuked with milk and stirred until creamy (1 minute + 10 seconds, which is about all I'm ready for in the a.m.). Every bowl gets some banana and grade B maple syrup. Except for the occasional substitution of Sriracha. Hey, some mornings are like that. eta: I will try it your way, achevres. Oooh.
  21. Pille, thank you for a wonderful week and happy anniversary to you and Kristjan!
  22. Re: As a reality show: Not as good as the Brit version. Smarter than most 5th graders (no offense, kids). Agreed they need more emphasis on food and less features like the bookie stopping by and the clam-stealing creep losing it moments before service. Having suffered through the faux drama of last season's Top Chef, my fuse is a little short for that kind of food TV. I'll stick around in the hopes Gordon spends more time near the stoves (although not that near, dear.)
  23. Yes, free and useful are good. Having gotten used to the challenging pour of the currently-in-use Gevalia, I use it as a measurement of just how much coffee it will take to get me going on said morning. Doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate a better-designed model one of these days, but iirc, some former Brauns and Krups created a similar problem. Or maybe that's me? One other kvetch: The thermos, which I like, isn't made for the dishwasher. Should be. And thanks to whomever edited the thread.
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