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  1. Oy and oh my. How did you know? Dad would have been 89 now, and while he seasonally manned the backyard grill, the only thing he cooked in our kitchen was salami and eggs. He had no interest in making anything else. But he - and we - loved this dish, so on some Sunday mornings, he diced the salami - more surfaces to get crisp - and poured in the eggs, stirred constantly and made sure everyone got all they wanted. Dad was raised in NYC and it's been 38 years since he made salami and eggs for me. I may have to make some soon.
  2. I'm afraid we missed that announcement. Some people missed the dumplings, too, unfortunately, as there weren't enough of each to go around and while we were told we could order more of anything, that didn't mean it was delivered. But then, it's not like there wasn't enough to eat!
  3. Iirc, we started out with soup bowls and ceramic spoons in the middle of the table. But they eventually were removed, never to be seen again. Tony's chicken, crispy mayo shrimp, those greens & Ma Po tofu all hit the spot. And fwiw, I've had that tofu there before and found it much, much spicier, as in, tofu floating in redish broth spicy.
  4. Nancy, thank you for posting that great report! And I'll add my wishes for a speedy, as painless as possible recovery.
  5. This is very sad news. Her obituary is now up on the website. Abby's smiling face will be missed at the market, but it is one great part of her legacy. Celebrating the Midwestern Table is one of my favorite books.
  6. Got you covered, the whole nutmeg and the microplane are on the counter now, will be at the church on Saturday.
  7. I have 2 glass and one ceramic I can bring up on Saturday at 2.
  8. Coming solo now and happy to help sous or set up or whatever's useful.
  9. Every time I see Tusch gaze at Lisa I think she has it in the bag. (He practically jumped up and down in his seat after her singing presentation last week. Check that, he was totally bouncing.) At first I thought they kept Aaron around because they had decided he's their guy, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't to keep a little drama in this that a straight Lisa/Adam showdown would lack. TPTB are looking for Personality! Cooking skills seem to be optional, looking at the shows they're turning out at the moment. So, hard to tell, either Aaron or Adam seem like they'd be naturals for the next Road Trip! Although Lisa would be far more amusing. And she'd be packing that attitude.
  10. Ronnie, My +1 is also out for Friday's dinner. Thanks, Hilary
  11. My pal, Linda and I are happy to be sous cooks for anyone. Or pointing. I'm hell at pointing. I've also got a cooler to bring. Hilary
  12. More like food NETWORK star. Emeril, gone. Mario, gone (from his instructional program, not yet from the game show), Alton, gone (except for hosting the game show - or maybe hosting a road show!). TNFNS is a game show, too. Doesn't mean it can't be entertaining, in that train wreck kind of way. But food authorities? I think the judges are looking for someone who can play a food authority on TV. Personality? You bet, like Sandra Lee? Please. And having a shtick you can define in one sentence and then pound into our heads? Gotcha. Tusch and Suzy are busy creating a road show for the Neeley's? 'nuff said. (Except I saw Duff say that and therefore, will love him forever.)
  13. Good bye, Nipa. See you next season on Hell's Kitchen. Turns out the guy from Red Lobster loved Kelsey's Iron Chef white chocolate fish dish. Look for it on the menu starting tomorrow, the promo said. **crickets**And could Michael Symon please permanently replace Bobby Flay?
  14. Ronnie, can you please add me and a +1 to Friday's dinner? Thanks! eta: My "probable" for Sat. is now a definite.
  15. Because Gale was fighting for her girl Lisa? (She ran to her right after Stephanie won and it looked a little " BFF, I voted for you." to me.)I've got to call bullshit on their positioning of this single Meal of Your Life deciding the winner. How about a cooking cage match, then? 10 chefs enter, only one walks out. Funny how they were pretending there was a chance the title was going to someone who's been on the bottom 5 times. Really? Lisa's food looked good, if not spectacular and the editing seemed to be trying to cram some drama into this finale, what with Richard "choking" and Stephanie looking like the clear winner.
  16. I don't know why Lisa's still there, but I've been waiting for a Richard and Stephanie finale for a long time. I hope they had fun. (Go, Steph!) eta: They've turned out what looked like great food and been good sports about it. Since this show in no way is all about the food, they've managed to make good TV watching without all the bad TV drama.
  17. Brava! You so deserve the praise. Everything looked fantastic - and yes, perhaps a posting of that recipe to RecipeGullet is in order. (I can't find the pretty please emoticon.) edited because it's one word, cap R, cap G
  18. Heh, even Rachel Ray needs her whole 30 minutes to create a schmeal, or whatever she's calling it these days. The Dallas Diva ever so much wants to impress the judges with just how great she'd look on their network. Suppose there's a tax write off for that wardrobe? After all, she's a Brand !
  19. Based on what happened to previous winners, I grimace and or laugh a little when they talk about the life-changing event of getting your own show on this network. Maybe for Guy Fieri (not for me, he) but the Hearty Boys were last seen (sorta) in the wee am hours and last season's winner got a few hastily-made eps and is currently on, what? Hiatus? At least many of these contestants do seem likable, going in. Much more than the network people, anyway. Still, there are the entertaining moments, e.g., Sandra Lee's face when Giada disagreed with her about the energy level of one of the contestants.
  20. Thanks for the pear pattie recipe, I can't wait to try it.
  21. Where did you get that quote? ← Tom's blog is here.
  22. Who knows what thoughts lurked in the mind of Spike McStrategist, but blaming Chef Tramonto for the scallops (good enough for you to be here- good enough for me to use)? That's what happens when the game player overtakes the chef. Er, cook. My biggest problem was having Ilan on my TV again. One can hope that his demeanor and performance might encourage the producers to lose his invitation to the next alumni judging panel. Although I wouldn't mind him showing up to judge a Spanish-themed challenge. With Jose Andres. Who could squash him into oblivion.
  23. Adding my thanks and appreciation, Susan. Enjoy your extra time, sounds like there will be a lot of it!
  24. Andrew's "success!" was the editors' clue for "adios." Watching those bottom three I couldn't help but wonder if Sam didn't want to lean over and suggest a 3-for-1 and then some excellent competitions between the remaining people. I agree that Lisa undercooked the shrimp on purpose, thinking they would finish when she added water and hoped that would cook the brown rice. So how undercooked were they when she put them into her packages? A stir steam, not a stir fry, indeed. If Andrew had used a grain, surely Spike would have packed his knives and gone. He seemed to have forgotten this is Top Chef and not Survivor. The idea is to take your advantage ingredients and make them into something, not form an alliance with them and use for garnish.
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