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  1. I believe FN agrees with you. (See: Removing the viewers-vote-for-the-winner component from The Next Food Network "Star".)
  2. Ad Age has picked up the story here. Scroll down for this Grigg gem:
  3. Besh was robbed. This season's set up of Tsai v. Canora so far lacks the hilarity of Garces v. Jehangir Mehta, which featured Mehta practically twirling his invisible evil mustache.
  4. Sadly, it's now marked private.
  5. Sounds really good, thanks. Or, uh-oh. A friend's grandmother would make them for us occasionally and we'd fill them ourselves. With her homemade jam de jour. Miss her.
  6. Picked one up today. Along with a bag of frozen aebleskivers - love them, don't have the pan, hoping they're decent. Will report back.
  7. Italy and Spain soft covers followed me home from Costco for $7.99 each. Just a couple left. Plenty of Greece, Southeast Asia and Germany still on the table. I've started going through the Spain edition - it is as raved over, thank you. Great prep for next year's trip and inspiring for this fall in the kitchen. (I dug around the table looking for China. Not yet. And least, not here.) Here being Chicago.
  8. Indeed. Two names: Hosea and Ilan. It would be nice, as the herd thins, to see that Kelly and Andrea are strong contenders. Kenny's not going anywhere soon and perhaps his Alpha taste buds will mind meld with the judges'. Angelo likes to make love to the duck. Thanks for sharing that, editors.
  9. hsm

    July 4 celebrations

    There were just 4 of us for a long, leisurely course-by-course lunch and we decided to swap out something for the usual 4th hot dogs (even though they're from the Romanian butcher), hamburgers and tons of sides. I brought the apps and pasta course, our hosts took care of the rest. Brushed some New Zealand (olive oil of the month club) olive oil onto slices of bread made from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and grilled it. Topped it with ricotta into which I'd whipped raw orange blossom honey from Santa Barbara (an excellent gift), a few drops of orange blossom water and a little fresh thyme. Penne rigata with a walnut/garlic sauce (thanks, Carol Fields) and some shards of Parm-Reggiano Grilled turkey breast, which had been marinated in pesto with a light pesto sauce on the side Grilled asparagus Grilled pineapple, plums and peaches, served with a little vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (and a piece of fudgy homemade brownie, if you must) Started out with a drink from Tony Manuato's Bar Food book (white wine, honey syrup and lime) and switched to a light white from the north of Spain. Go melting pot.
  10. They're running a "Chefography" episode on Guy Fieri. Feh.
  11. Ditto and more thanks.. Kurlansky's next.
  12. There may be more hope. Chicago Public School officials are unveiling some new school lunch standards.
  13. Spaghetti and meatballs. In a thick, Sicilian-style gravy. Noodle kugel, Not the sweet kind. Plain bagel (bought at a real bagel place) with a big shmear of smoked salmon cream cheese. I'm feeling comforted already.
  14. Thanks, it turned out great. I had about a 1/3ish pound of ABin5 bread dough left, so baked it in a mini dark metal loaf pan for about 30 minutes (got to 200 degrees). The crust was beautifully, deeply golden all the way around. Photo next time.
  15. I'm exited to try this, may I ask if you pre-heated the pan? (Lovely loaf!)
  16. Ok, but who will call Fancy Feast and tell them to knock off the Gourmet Cat Food. (Just for the record, that killed gourmet for me.)
  17. Cacao et Chocolat on Il St. Louis - Mmmmmm. The staff is very informed and there are at least a few delicious samples available. They have a passion for chocolate, a keen sense for marketing, an online store and among other things, the most remarkable chocolate-covered orange peel
  18. We got a hand-carried, properly-wrapped kilo of fresh pecorino from Pienza through customs a few years ago. Otoh, in '08, the security team at CDG reminded me about jam being liquid as they confiscated a large jar of peach-vanilla preserves. I didn't notice it going into any bin, however, so perhaps M. and Madame had a lovely breakfast the next morning. C'est le confiture.
  19. The talk about books with CDs makes me think I wouldn't have an aversion to an e-version of the Time Life series - the hard bound books with the editorial and photos plus a recipe-only CD. Not that the spiral-bound recipe books aren't easy to use, just that I like being able to print out a recipe to take to the kitchen. And occasionally trash it.
  20. They usually bring back some of the knifed, so that wasn't a surprise. That Kevin got screwed getting Peeti? Foreshadowing the inexcusable PYKAG Padma gave Kevin. After last season's poor performance, they attracted a much higher caliber of chef/cook. Perhaps they promised it would be more about the food and less about the 'drama.' And they mostly delivered. Until that last minute. Here's hoping Kevin's $30k, new kitchen and chance to compete for the US Bocuse D'Or team makes up for Padma's or the producers' bullshit. edited because I'm not sure who to blame for that craptastic moment..
  21. An old boyfriend contributed a favorite - his grandmother's recipe for fried spaghetti. Well, not so much a recipe, as a really great idea. A bit of olive oil in a skillet, start to brown some bread crumbs, add the sauced noodles, press down, eventually sprinkle with more crumbs and oil, flip over and when both sides are browned, it's ready to be topped with a little parm. It's possible we originally used butter instead of olive oil. It's also possible I occasionally still do.
  22. I miss Suvir in these parts. Always generous, helpful and so very knowledgeable. Clearly, also a good actor.
  23. I think of it as a game show. One in which the producers have decided who (likely more than one) they can live with for at least one season of IC. The chefs' appearances may help fill their restaurants, so there's motivation to participate (and some of the egos certainly think that they'd be The One). She's previously appeared on Food Network shows. ::emoticon for, oh, wait, you said interesting::The judges were disappointed with Mehta's food and since he's the most familiar with Indian food, I don't blame them for wanting him to innovate, or at least, blow everyone else's food out of the water. Plus, hogging the grape leaves was not a great example of the behavior you'd expect in Your Next Iron Chef (from that pantheon of cooking heroes - - although even they have lapses, as Flay's lucky Morimoto didn't give him the business end of a paring knife for jumping up and standing on a cutting board during their first battle). Can the other three cook and chat at the same time? Maybe Freitag and Garces more than Mullen.
  24. Kit Kat Bars and Mounds are why I stay away from vending machines. And now I'm looking at the mostly empty box of Petit Ecolier I've been trying to ignore this evening, so thanks for that.
  25. I'm going to go with the judges who ate the dishes and choose the one with taste.The V Bros., Mike especially, get annoyed when Kevin wins. So they've been plenty annoyed. The difference between how Michael describes Kevin's dish and Gail does tells the story. No, Michael, it wasn't what you would throw on a plate in 20 minutes. And when you feel like venting in front of the camera, try to remember that there are more people "behind it" than the guy (perhaps) egging you on. I'm quite tired of the Mike I and Eli drama about Robin, so I'm counting on it being over in 2 weeks. Then, no doubt, it'll be, bring on the battle of the brothers. (Is there an emoticon for a happy TV producer's face?) eta: And Eli, you made good food, be pleased about that. Grow up and quit your kvetching and kicking cause your bitch buddy went home. Finally.
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