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  1. Oh yeah, I contributed to that. Added a book that Anna had mentioned in one of the threads about the Instant Pot, Great Big Pressure Cooker Book. Looks great. Can't wait. (Thanks, Anna!)
  2. **Raises hand** Love the rest of it (albeit hoping they get rid of the "comedienne" host--third show I've seen her in, dislike her in them all). They're on YouTube.
  3. It's schmaltzy and predictable, but after a week of crappy news, I didn't mind that a bit. Will most certainly be eating Indian food this week.
  4. That's very much like my mom's recipe, but I don't recall her letting it sit for an hour--does it make a big difference?
  5. But with five less watchable people making meh food and working their Food Network-approved "brands." And only the latest in a line of shows the FN/CC have ripped off (Top Chef, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares).
  6. hsm

    R.I.P. Dave Hatfield

    I extend my deepest condolences to Dave's family and friends. His posts were a treat and his recent blog was a lovely look into a wonderful life.
  7. None of the above here, too. Alton's new show sounds like enough to cancel out any good thing he ever did on Good Eats. And from my peek at last week's TNFN"Star", there's an obnoxious pie guy (everything is "pah styahl"), an obnoxious "sin" guy (more fat!) and a seemingly pleasant young woman who concentrates on southern food (buh-bye, Paula) but got roped into a help-others-win-love-through-making-southern-food pilot idea. Non grazie.
  8. Bobby Deen is an Iron Chef? Heh, somewhere Hiroyuki Sakai cannot stop laughing. Game show standards aren't what they used to be. (We've already established that neither are cooking shows.)
  9. Merci, Kim! A wonderful report filled with shared memories, including a lovely dinner at Café Constant and the unforgettable Pierre Hermé (it was a rose macaron that blew us away).
  10. IIRC, both companies say no. Though the former is formulated to emulate the latter. Trader Joe's store staff has told me it's the same. Recently, TJ's headquarters replied to my email saying they had previously sold KA branded flour but KA does not supply the Baker Joe flour. I've used both to make recipes from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day--cannot tell the difference in performance or taste (neither can the friends who crave those loaves and have eaten bread baked with each brand).
  11. Amen. A cup of American Idol, half a cup of Project Runway (minus a spoonful of Mr. Gunn) and all the wrong parts of Iron Chef (sorry, no real right parts of IC America). I'm mighty pleased for Kristin, but like many others, missed she and Brooke cooking a complete meal, ala finale. I was pretty happy with Judge Emeril--in the final and all season--he seems to have lost his will to schtick and replaced it with thoughtful commentary and a real sense of delight when someone makes him something good. (Plus the scene with he and Roy Choi a few weeks ago was so genuine and sweet I'll let it make up for having to put up with Blais and that Ilan guy on my TV.)
  12. As moving as ever, Ellen, thank you for sharing and I hope the soup cured what ails you. I know it made you feel better.
  13. hsm

    "The Taste"

    I'm not sure which Top Chef season featured Malarky (well, this kind, anyway), but he'll be my first reason for cutting out. I like the idea of a blind taste test, but I, too, was concerned about these "food experts" not knowing wtf was on their spoons--with eyes wide open. I agree that some of those embarrassing "crap, I meant to say yes" moments reflected them seeing someone they thought would be good for their team. Otherwise, it reflected just how drunk they were at the time. And while I can still find Bourdain entertaining (it's what he does) at times, those are some lame-ass tweets about this show he's putting out: Enjoyed every minute working on @TheTasteABC . Would do it again in a hot second. (May indeed, the show won its spot in the ratings last night, fwiw.)
  14. hsm

    Cooking for One

    I make batches of meatballs Italian-style, Greek-style, Asian-style, Middle-Eastern style and freeze them--carefully marking the bags. It makes for a nice variety of time savers and food mood matchers.
  15. I've had mine for several years, finding it online before they got themselves distribution in the U.S. Like others, I'm a heavy user at 2–4 bottles a day with no problems. And while a couple of bottles and extra tops aren't a new machine, they've been more than helpful in the past––hoping you experience the same.
  16. That's the Hell's Kitchen prize. Christine gets the money and the book deal.And I don't have to look at GEB try to be a TV show host/judge for awhile.
  17. As an experiment, I just finished one of their ww cinnamon and raisin muffins. No nooks and crannies to speak of, and I miss those. I sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar, as the cinnamon flavor wasn't coming through. Good wheaty flavor, but these are not as good as Bay's. (I'm a Bay's fan.)
  18. Worked for me as well, I just enjoyed the Yorkshire episode. Thank you!
  19. Mine called it Creamettes and Cottage Cheese.My Mom tossed cooked Creamette's elbow macaroni with butter and salt and made a bed of it in a bowl. Then she'd spoon the cold cottage cheese in the center and let us mix them a mouthful at a time. Of course, after awhile, you mixed it all together. Did and still do, especially when I'm in That Mood. May try some pepper next time. Mom's favorite was called Farmer's Chop Suey and called for lots of diced vegetables like radish, cuke, tomato, green pepper, etc. mixed with cottage cheese. I believe she put pepper on that. I also believe I'll be making it soon!
  20. Flourgirl, I got a stone and peel at BB&B for under $20. I also use parchment paper, but that's all to make this pretty foolproof (important for me!). Whatever you choose to use, I second lesliec's suggestion to start with the forgiving basic recipe (available online) or the light whole wheat (uses one cup of ww flour + 5 1/2 cups of regular). I once made 3 loaves in different styles from that one recipe and brought them to a dinner at friends. Two people asked if I had a bread oven! (I have a old electric GE I will be replacing soon, but I fear the newer oven won't get me the same results!)
  21. More recipes that use whole grains, fruits, vegetables and some that are gluten-free. Having great success with the first book, I got some vital wheat gluten, more ww flour and started in on the new book. I think I need more practice, as I'm not getting the rise on the ww breads I've tried so far (understanding they don't behave like their more white-flour brethren). Next up, getting some flaxseed for the ww and flaxseed recipe. And since I've been making more middle eastern dishes, I've got a bookmark on the tabbouleh bread with parsley, garlic and bulgar.
  22. Thanks for this. And congrats to those lucky enough to not have to take this seriously.
  23. Another Hellman's raised, Hellman's fan here. I have made my own using an emmersion blender. It's been awhile, but iirc, I put the ingredients into the beaker, lowered the blender to the bottom, turned it on and then very, very slowly raised it up. By the time it got to the top of the now-blended ingredients, I had mayo. I don't do it regularly, only if I have either pasturized eggs or some from the farmer's market. (Can those be any different? )
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