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  1. Padme referred to there being a Final 3. So that might be it. Or one of the brothers self-destructs. Hard for me to imagine Kevin not being there. Padme Amidala? She is next week The next week preview; had an effect on me it did. It appeared to me, too, as though Robin had decided to go her own way with the dessert plating. I don't blame the exec chef for calling her on it. I think it might have been Robin's little f.u. to the team, and while I don't blame her for feeling that way, not being the team player isn't much different than not being treated like a team member (or even a game show co-cheftestant).
  2. Padme referred to there being a Final 3. So that might be it. Or one of the brothers self-destructs. Hard for me to imagine Kevin not being there.
  3. Perhaps on your next visit, he can explain how being an ass was going to help him win this thing. Maybe that week's mantra was to draw attention with pettiness and unsportsmanlike conduct.eta: Not enough faith in his food, I guess.
  4. I'm sweet and savory. I salt my matzo brei (it's Passover French toast!) but then put strawberry jam on the side. Most of the time, oatmeal gets some maple syrup and bananas on top, but occasionally a squirt of Sriracha does the trick (thank you, somebody, who posted that idea in another thread awhile back). English muffins require jam. But bagels with a schmear of smoked salmon cream cheese are currently the house favorite. Unless I'm going out for breakfast/brunch, in which case, I'd pass right by the pancake house and head for dim sum!
  5. And Lou Malnati's is conveniently located on Wells, between Hubbard and Illinois (or Kinzie), which is just a bit west and south of where you're staying.
  6. I usually use peanut butter, but I also have a jar of Queen's brand sesame sauce, which claims to contain only white sesame and sesame oil (Blooming Import Inc, NYC). When I first bought it, I made a batch of sesame noodles using it instead of peanut butter (along with soy sauce, red vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, a bit of sugar and chili garlic sauce), garnished with cukes and sometimes furikake. The sesame taste was pretty intense and not what I was used/addicted to. Now I sometimes use a couple of tsp. along with the peanut butter to deepen the flavor. But it's been awhile and this makes me want to try another batch without the pb. I'm thinking that diluting the sauce with a bit of noodle-cooking water might mellow that SESAME taste.)
  7. Celebrities in their own minds for sure. Reality show participants in mine. ← I don't know who wrote the first quotation (can't find it anywhere), but I would think that most respectable chefs don't give a crap about who's a celebrity in the industry. Most of them probably just care about who does their jobs well. And I think most of the chefs involved in this show are "respectable". And really, if you're running a successful restaurant, how much time do you have to watch a crappy reality show about "chefs", most of whom aren't that successful at cooking? ← It's from post #260. The contestants involved in this show are chefs or cooks. It's the celebrity part that irks - because they're far more known for participating on this show than anything else.
  8. Rick mentions in his blog that none of the other chefs had seen all of the past seasons, so some watching, but not enough to know everybody. Celebrities in their own minds for sure. Reality show participants in mine.
  9. Maybe they didn't so much "forget about it" as "keep it for themselves" - I know I'd be tempted.
  10. At Tom & Wendy's on Armitage in Lincoln Park. They make it all in back and have excellent berry and citrus flavors that go oh-so-well with their chocolate ice. Or chocolate toffee **must have soon**.
  11. Yes, thanks, between this and the link, I'll be rinsing from now on. Luckily, what with my sink and colander, it's not too arduous.
  12. * Freakin hilarious. Dawn is a standard cleaner. Heading back to WS soon, thank you. Either way, no Super Uber Beware-Intact Power Dissolver in the house.
  13. I got my AC pieces years ago (from a mail order galaxy far, far away) and I'm happy with them - with the exception of the nonstick skillet (and a non-stick 2 Qt. saute pan gift). The nonstick didn't hold up. A sales associate at WS asked if I'd cleaned them with Dawn and I had. She said Dawn not only cuts grease, it screws with the nonstick coating. I use the rest of my pieces, love my 2 LC dutch ovens and my cheapo nonstick skillets (thanks, Costco) which can be replaced when the insides give out. Based on actual use, I admit my juicer and espresso maker may not have been the best purchases. But like others, I got those a long, long time ago.
  14. Thank you so much for your amazing contributions and recommendations, John. The only thing I've enjoyed more than reading them is using some of them! And being able to pass them along to friends. Looking forward to more.
  15. Yeah, the buzzword this season appears to be integrity. Heh.
  16. That was my experience at Shui Wah, too.
  17. Earlier today, Paula and another woman each chowed down on another very special sandwich - a honkin' big slab of lasagna between a half loaf of Italian bread, which had been slathered in garlic butter. Rachel Ray still irritates me more than Paula, but ya'll are making it a race, lady.
  18. I think you already know the answer to that one. ← Made more apparent this season by Hosea's win, the guy with several Bottom 3s to his, uh, credit. Without the Hosea/Leah action, I suspect they wouldn't have been around quite so long. And what says Game Show more than Carla's "advantage" of picking the Go 3rd knife first? (Besides asking chefs to cook with ingredients from a vending machine or a sponsor?)
  19. Can't. It and all the caviar was grabbed by the Top Tool.
  20. Our Fabio is apparently about to share how to do easy, stress-free Italian food, paired with a martini instead of wine in his new cookbook. More here including why he'd rather be Colicchio than Batali.
  21. Proper, yes, but not pimping Brand kitchen appliances as well. Which, if I were Brand at the moment, I'd be less than thrilled. Because regardless of how or how not to cool off that much hot food, the take-away from LeAnn for the majority of viewers is...equipment failure.
  22. Jamie may be getting the ego/insecure edit, but she's fueling it. Best she get over herself and stay focused before some silly mistake sends her packing. Before her time. Because the show is so heavily edited with judging table going on forever, reportedly, it's a little hard to imagine Tom & Co. chalking up the taste of the lamb to Arianna/not asking who else played a part in that dish. Otoh, a marinade rarely wins. The s&p answers reminded me of cooking safe to stay in the middle. It's not wrong, in the short term, it's just lame.
  23. Give the producers a little credit. Rocco as judge was a brilliant move. ← Magical Elves, indeed. Maybe the hardest I have ever laughed at any episode. This week's knife-packer got the loser's edit from the get-go. Maybe it's stress that prevents some from hearing the details of a challenge - or ego that says doing something Unexpected will get them more points than doing something well. Have they not seen this show?
  24. Alton Brown's baked brown rice recipe is easy, tasty and works well with brown basmati. It's converted some white-rice-only friends (no pun intended).
  25. I've got a call out to a friend whose 88 year-old Mom still makes it. I'd like to try this year, too.
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