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  1. My very first loaf of bread is out of the oven and in me (well, not all of it, not yet, anyway). Thanks to Ruth, MelissaH and SparrowsFall for their encouragement and the (even more) simplified way - and to everyone for all the info. I used King Arthur AP flour and scooped 3 cups with a little settling, so I'm sure I was on the high-side of the flour measurement, 1 5/8 cups of water plus a couple of extra tablespoons because it seemed a little dry (like Abra's). I let it sit for 18 hours, about half that time on top of the oven, which was turned to warm - the temp is cool in my kitchen - and then another 2 hours after I scooped it over itself a few times. Following SparrowsFall advice, the dough went from the bowl to the LC. The place smelled divine. My timing and the look of the loaf is very close to MelissaH's (sorry, no camera). And sure enough, it slid easily onto the rack. And it's tasty! There were a couple of small blisters on the top and quite a few small and medium holes inside but is a little denser than I'd imagined (or hoped for) so perhaps a little wetter next time? And there will be a next time! Forgive a newbie's newbie enthusiasm, but I did a small happy dance. (We'll see what kind of bread-baking monster this creates.)
  2. I can't wait for the zombie challenge. I can live without more kid targets, though. Unless they're members of a family and the whole gang has to render one judgment. Sam is diabetic so I don't blame him for being sensitive to and/or pissed off about the alleged squirting. (And I don't mean because his levels were low. ) While no one besides Mia, in that group, said anything on camera, I'd bet that if he was the only one to see anything funny, that would have been mentioned. Loudly. I think Betty knew what 'the recipe is locked' meant but also realized that her cookies were crap without the sugar. So, she played the card avec tears. I also think that this is a reality TV show and while it, and its sister designer show, may have ambitions to not be just another slutty drama queen, the proof is, as they say, in the pudding. Doesn't mean I'm not watching, just wish it didn't have to be that way.
  3. I've never worked with yeast before, so forgive what may be a dumb question. The recipe calls for using a 6- to 8-quart heavy covered pot and the pictures show the bread rising about half way up the sides. I've got a 4.5-quart LC oval pot I'd like to try this with. In your experience, will this work or do I need to bite the bullet and find a bigger pot?
  4. This might be considered a situation in which everyone wins. Tyler makes some dough and some of Applebee's customers get to try something new. Where's the harm? People who purchase their arugula from a local farmer's market aren't usually the ones suggesting dining at Applebee's. A high-temp cooked chicken? Sounds good and probably on a par with the ubiquitous supermarket rotisserie chicken. The menu items? Most likely underwent consumer testing before hitting the restaurants (this is a national brand, after all). So these items are a calculated mix between what Tyler would put his name to and what Applebee's customers would like. That tends to manage the expectations for me. I grew up having family dinners at a midwest HoJo's. As someone mentioned upthread, those were the Jacques Pepin days and I still say those hot dogs and fried clams were damn good. (I've eaten at Applebee's twice, years ago and not my idea. The second time, the service was so bad the manager offered us free desserts. Based on how the meal was, we politely declined. But he handed over his business card with 'free dessert' written on the back. Never did take him up on it.)
  5. They are truly the friend of the petite.I use one of my whisks to mash ripe bananas for banana bread. Then use it to blend the rest of the wet ingredients.
  6. Mix it with low-fat yogurt to make (slightly less guilty for me) chip dip. I use it on my brisket, too. And it's been known to join in the pile-on of ingredients in my turkey meatloaf.
  7. This has been a fabulousfoodblog! That grilled cheese sandwich looked so good my bottle of Lipitor started jumping up and down. Good luck with the reno - hope we'll see pictures as it progresses, but especially when it's done.
  8. Since Gordon likes to throw in little twists, I'll assume that the restaurant one of these people ($5 on Heather) gets will be one of the less demanding kitchens. Or the unannounced prize is weeks of lessons from Gordon or GR-stand-in. After Virginia's little speech, I feel like I need a shower.
  9. I'm with divalasvegas on using salt. When the oatmeal is almost done, I add slices of banana and a drizzle of maple syrup at the very end. The banana gets a little smooshy, but the two-year-old in me likes that.
  10. Inspired by that use what you have thread, I'm now down from overflowing to full. It's either a hoarding disease (perhaps based on some genetic memory of pogroms?) or some bizarre desire to be able to walk into the kitchen and make anything I crave. There are a variety of noodles (asian and italian), rice (basmati, arborio, jasmine), couscous, kasha, flours, sugars (cane, turbano and vergoise), a world of condiments and spices that fill a fridge door, a pie-chest shelf and 4 small cupboard shelves. A canned tomato collection, beans and assorted oils and vinegars. The freezer is full of the usual suspects. How about italian tuna pate and prosciutto-wrapped bread sticks drizzled with honey; penne caprese and farfalle with nut pesto; and balsamic-glazed chicken breasts with garlicky green beans? Maybe a tea-bar for dessert, because apparently there are about a dozen varieties and I drink mostly coffee during the day. Disease, did you say?
  11. I also subscribe to the theory that the producers help the drama along. On other network's reality shows (I'm looking at you, Bravo), they also help with the elimination decisions. I'd like to think Gordon gets to make those decisions here. He gets to choose the Red Rock chef from a group that includes s a salad chef, prison chef, deli manager, etc. There had to have been a WTF? moment at the initial pitch meeting. Oh well, maybe it's good enough to have an American TV show. This season I'm not going to have a "yay" moment when the winner is announced. Because? None of these folks have been set up to be deserving in any recognizable way. Although, I, too, am looking forward to Sara's demise. It's all a little bit like they're sous gladiators and GR is the lion.
  12. Being in the Malnati's camp and seeing those photos, I'm thisclose to calling for a delivery now. This is the light eating day between BBQs so thanks, guys. No really, thanks. Good job on the dogs, though I usually pass on the Chicago Salad Bar variety. Maybe because I'm not from here originally (and I'm forever spoiled by Lafayette Coney Islands!).
  13. hsm

    Top Chef

    No doubt after the first drink, they thought their 'revenge' would be so clever. So bitter, instead. I've never cared for Tiffani, but boys, you made me mad making me feel bad for her. And looking that unprofessional when any future employers are watching? Dumb. Tiffani was classically not getting it right through the end. Cooking for herself will make her happy - in her house. Not in the back of anyone elses. And I could not for the life of me understand her comment about how her back just found Harold's knife. Except for the part where she doesn't take any responsibility for her actions or their consequences. And can someone pass me a taste of Dave's desserts?
  14. Another vote for The Lucky Platter. And their Thai kale!
  15. Thanks for that link, LaurieA-B! The muffin version sounds like the keeper to me. Interesting blog with links of its own, including this Julia Child site. (Maybe it's off topic, but maybe not - $5 says Julia would have enjoyed this recipe.)
  16. hsm

    Rachael Ray

    Leave it to Mario. That beautifully captures what RR's up to. Heh, he said heap.
  17. That's why the Lord made pie-holes. (And I mean that in the good way.)
  18. It's been a pleasure remembering lots of the lovely cakes I've consumed. And all those happy occasions that call for cake! But for me, nothing beats a damn fine piece of pie.
  19. Then I can count on it being much, much better than the FN promo monkeys let on. Thanks!
  20. Of a whopping 6 episode contract. In a pretty tension-free but cheese-filled finale. I was looking at the FN president, Tushman and Marketing Lips and understanding a little better how the FN thinks that Alton eating asphalt (really, they showed a preview of his new show and that was either the title or the tagline) and Bobby Flay playing cowboy will work.
  21. I normally make my own sauce but was intrigued by something I saw yesterday at Costco. Lucini (Label: MADE IN ITALY!) brand rustic tomato and hearty artichoke tomato flavors. Ingredients start with San Marzano plum tomatoes. Then evoo, carrots, onions, basil and salt/artichokes, evoo, onions, carrots, basil, parsley and salt. The labels feature both a pasta and wine recommendation for each sauce. We'll see how they taste - the marketing is well done. (I know that is an indication of NOTHING good but they followed me home anyway.)
  22. hsm

    Matzo Brei

    Since I only eat matzo brei during pesach, I try to eat it as much as possible. And always the same way, with one and a half sheets soaked in water, squeezed and then coated in an egg and fried in butter. There is some salt involved. And it is always eaten here with copious amounts of strawberry jam. Hey, I've matured, it was strawberry jelly when I was a kid. Some of these savory ideas do sound good and might make a supper before the week is out - thanks!
  23. Yes, but now that my beloved macs will be downloading Windows soon, perhaps that wall will come down as well. This batch of contestants leave a little something to be desired - like a big group of people I might want to watch every week. I think the Hearty Boys have their show, alright, but it's on at a time I'm not watching, and doesn't seem to be among the rerun-run-runs. (Yeah, I voted for Han.) I've seen most of the eps, but not the Sandra Lee one, because I made me turn it off. There's pimping the network and then, there's, well, just no. Guy seems like a good bet. He's a little tightly wound in the competitive department, but then, it's a CONTEST, so he's probably got the right idea. He also seems like the one who most thinks food is a pleasure and so is the making of it. Although I kinda like Nathan. Even though his theme appears to be complicated food that doesn't meet the requirements of these 'challenges' and that TFN would never feature. Goodbye, soon, Nathan.
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