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  1. Haven't been there - yet. Financier is right around the corner from the now defunct Harry's of Hanover - a stone's throw from the Sea Port. Cute place w/ minimal seating Eric Bedoucha, executive pastry chef for Bayards also bakes everything for Financier. (I believe he was Gray Kunz's original pastry chef at L'Espinasse) His work is amazing. THE BEST madeleins in NY. What's more incredible is that Financier sells these beautiful (and delicious) confections and pastry for A FRACTION of what you would pay at Tribakery, Payards and Bruno - although I love them all. Pan - also on Greenwhich - have you tried the Polka Dot Cake Studio - a bit different but very good. I love Financier and Le Bergamote on 9th Ave in Chelsea also has stellar pastry.
  2. This link is dead due to a cookie. Might you provide a bit more info? I'm interested in this. Thanks. Hit refresh and you should see the page.
  3. In the end they used space, for which Chodorow already held a lease and already had building permits. He had another restaurant slated to go in that space. The amazing part is that they could pass inspections in so short a time. It would seem that the builder was under some pressure from Chodorow to use all his influence to "make it so" with the governmental powers that be, as far as bulding inspections. I wonder how they got aorund the health inspectors considering the rodent problem and bringing in the food before construction had been finished. NBC underwrote some of the opening costs and all the product placement will also make up some of the cost. Even if Rocco's fails Chodorow will make money and has proven his ability to do an extremely short opening in NYC which is a truly herculean feat.
  4. I believe the reference was to Tuscan formerly Tuscan Steak on 3rd Ave in midtown where Rocco recently signed on to revamp the menu. I don't believe Rocco had an ownership interest in Dava.
  5. azlee

    White Trash Delicacies

    Ritz Mock Apple Pie!
  6. Where does one keep such a grill in NYC?
  7. what's this big obsession with how "black" some of the foodtv "talent" is or isn't? no doubt, they are plenty black enough, when not getting buzzed into stores, being arbitrarily stopped by the police or just generally discriminated against in this world. maybe "talking black" doesn't get you a job on foodtv?
  8. azlee


    Tournesol's owner was formerly the maitre d' at Artisanal in NYC
  9. What's his restaurant, "Cafeteria" like? Does his apparent enthusiasm for cooking carry over into his commercial enterprise? Is he ever there or does he really live in the TV? Thanks
  10. azlee

    Maya Kaimal

    She's recently been featured doing a cooking demonstration on From Martha Stewart's Kitchen
  11. azlee

    chicken fried steak

    You can order powdered buttermilk culture on the internet. If I can find a packet in the house, I'll pass along a brand name. You just mix the powder into regular milk and let sit as directed on the package. It's a pretty good approximation of old-fashioned buttermilk.
  12. azlee

    Maple syrup...

    Places like "Whole Foods" and "Gourmet Garage" carry the Grade B maple syrup.
  13. azlee

    Maple syrup...

    We like Grade B for both our waffles and for cooking. It's got a darker color and is more flavorful. It also costs quite a bit less than Grade A.
  14. azlee


    There is a recipe for Turducken in "The Prudhomme Family Cookbook" along with some history about the dish. I've never tried to cook one, but the recipes in that cookbook are fairly straightforward. Keep in mind that a Turducken takes about 12 hours to cook and the prep is probaly almost as time consuming. Good luck.
  15. azlee


    Suvir- A thought...since your father is vegetarian, you will want to be mindful as you shop for prepared puddings or for mixes of their gelatin content. Most gelatin is not vegetarian. And most commercially prepared dessert mixes and puddings contain gelatin made from animals (usually beef). However, many "whole food-type" and health food stores carry vegetarian gelatins and puddings, which contain agar-agar which is made from seaweed (rather than boiled animal bones, skins and tendons), acacia and/or guar gums, carrageenan or natural fruit pectin, in order to gel. Homemade tapiocas thicken because of the starch of the cassava, while commercial mixes and prepared tapiocas often contain added gelatin in order to extend shelf-life or make them "fool-proof". This added gelatin can also change the texture of the end product. Hope this helps
  16. Sizzling Rice Soup is one of my most favorite. Have ordered it in restaurants around the country. Some versions were more of a brown stock/sauce but I have had it where it more resembled a chicken soup. What is the most typical version, either of those, or none of the above? Really, the best part is the sizzling rice part. Where can I find it in NYC? Thanks
  17. You might also enjoy Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Cake Bible" and Nick Malgieri's "How to Bake". Both contain good 'mother' recipes and the recipes are easy to follow.
  18. azlee


    I'm pretty sure that if someone was concerned with observing kosher rules they wouldn't be eating langoustine with or without dairy. Langoustine are prawn and not kosher.
  19. Well, bead blasting certainly sounds less toxic than the chemical stripping. The kettle is not heavily rusted and the rust is only on the inside (last time I looked, anyway). Thanks to you both for the great suggestions. Just enough information to force a chronic procrasinator like myself to wait another ten years before actually making a decision about how to proceed.
  20. Thanks Dave. It's a terrific piece and I had hoped that it would become one of my favorites. If I can save the kettle, it'll be a New Year's dream come true! Thanks, I'll let you know if things work out. Azlee
  21. Almost a decade ago, I purchased a beautiful Wagner cast iron teakettle. I successfully started the seasoning process but a now former member of the household decided to do me a favor and clean the kettle in the dishwasher while I was away on vacation. This same person also had a very bad habit of leaving half filled kettles on the hob fo days on end. Sadly, by the time I returned the kettle had the most advanced case of rust I'd ever seen. This happened quite a few years ago and I have kept the kettle but never figured out how to get rid of the rust. Does anyone know if it would be salvagable at this point and what I'd need to do in order to remove the rust and restart the seasoning process. I understand that Wagner no longer manufactures the teakettle so I'd be very pleased if there's a way to reclaim the old one. I do have a self cleaning gas oven and wondered if the incineration method would wipe out rust the same way that it does caked on grease. Thanks
  22. Suvir- Believe it or not, the recipe in Martha Stewart's "Pies and Tarts" works well if you use a well seasoned cast iron pan. Apples and caramel are cooked together in that recipe and a simple pate brisee dough is used rather than puff pastry. But if you're not a Martha fan and these days it such an unfashionable thing to be, you don't really need to follow a strict recipe. Basically, you start your favorite simple caramel recipe (1.5 cups of sugar to 1/2 cup of butter and ~1/3 cup water) in a big cast iron frying pan (black cast iron please, no Le Creuset for this), using the best unsalted butter that you can find. Once it starts to thicken add as many apples or pear slices as will fit the pan, compacting as they cook down over low heat. Top with your favorite pastry crust, puff or otherwise. I like a thick crust between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick. Bake in a 375 or 400 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes, until the crust is a nice brown. Loosen the edges then let cool for about as long as you had let it bake. Invert over serving dish and eat immediately.
  23. azlee

    Latkes - the Topic!

    Yes Robert, I agree. There are many variations of these 'doughnuts'. They can be served as part of the same meal, but not usually as accompaniments to one other. And like any family favorite, they can be made and served at any time of the year. Azlee
  24. azlee

    Latkes - the Topic!

    [but they come from different traditions so they couldn't be eaten together "traditionally.] ...never said it was a tradition, just that I have seen these two things served together often.
  25. azlee

    Latkes - the Topic!

    Sufganiot are chanukah doughnuts filled with sweet cheese or preserves and often served along with latke.
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