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  1. I have a 4 cup liquid measuring cup full of fresh pitted sour cherries and no idea what to do with them. I have some puff pastry and I think maybe it would make some nice turnovers. How much sugar and cornstarch should I use for thickening? I think for a regular smallish pie about 1/2 -3/4 of a cup and 1 1/2 tblsp of cornstarch but I worry that will be too wet for turnovers. I hope that some one can provide some guidance, because I think these babies have to be used today or they will have to go into the freezer. Which raises another question, can I freeze them as is or do I need to prep them in some way? Thanks Azlee
  2. That restaurant has switched hands at least 10 times, and gone under different names, but I know which one you are talking about. It was MY local chinese restaurant growing up -- my mother and father live on Horace Harding Blvd, on the Little Neck/Great Neck border. No, you're WAY too far east. The restaurant I grew up at was indeed on the south (Eastbound) side of Horace Harding, but no more than 3 blocks west of 188th St. (where the Bloomigdales was.) On that same stretch was a deli called (unless my memory clouds) Deli Masters. A little more west and you'd be to Francis Lewis H.S. where I went by the way. Are you thinking of someplace way farther east? ← markk, i know the place on Horace Harding to which you refer. we used to go from the 70's thru the 80's. first with my parents whenever we went to bloomingdale's and later when i worked at bloomingdale's. i haven't thought about that place in a very long time but it brings back great memories. thanks.
  3. i know that lechter's used to sell them. i miss lechter's terribly. have you tried new york cake on 22nd street in new york city? they have almost everything. i will look for their link to add to this post. looks like others are having alot of trouble finding them , as well: black cupcake liner query
  4. it is a nice setup if you the space for a wider fridge. sadly i didn't.
  5. thanks, i'll check it out. what do you use yours for, besides chinese cooking?
  6. i ended up with the 30" dacor millenium electric smoothtop range and the 24" liebherr fridge. also purchased a dacor convection microhood, which i hope to have installed in the next few weeks. electric smoothtop cooking is a big adjustment but i do like the dacor and i did manage to get wonderful discounts here in nyc which just about made up for having to pay the sales tax. i also got free delivery, free extended warranties, and later free accessories from dacor to make up for the fact that the range arrived with a few light scratches. the free pizza stone and cookie sheets more than make up for the slight cosmetic damage that a few weeks use would have produced, in any event. all in all, i'm happy with my purchases and with the extra space afforded by the use of cabinet depth appliances in my small space. thanks again, to all, for your suggestions.
  7. i found some additional info here looks like the petite tender is also low in calories. i'm planning to experiment with my roast later today.
  8. thanks for the link. some cool recipe ideas there.
  9. According to the Cattlemen's Beef Board: Beef Petite Tender Medallions are cut from the Beef Petite Tender Roast (IMPS/NAMP 1114F), a small separate muscle that rests on top of the shoulder near the top blade. The Beef Petite Tender Roast is separated from the Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod (IMPS/NAMP 114) by following the natural seam. All external fat is removed and it is then cut crosswise into 1-inch-thick medallions. I bought what was marked as a roast. It's similar in shape to a pork tenderloin.
  10. I saw this new cut of beef in the supermarket and couldn't resist buying it. Has anyone else tried it? What's the best way to prepare this cut of beef? As medaillions? As a roast? Any recipes? Thanks
  11. just be careful of hot pockets of melted marshmallow, they will be like lava in some spots and just plain gooey good in others.
  12. Actually, this sounds not unlike the Luther Burger named after (the late) singer Luther Vandross ... seems, according to Snopes.com, that he made the burger but had no bread in the house and opted instead for using a Krispy Kreme doughnut .. a mix of salty and sweet tastes ... Does this sound: (a) temptingly different? (b) bizarre and repellant? © a bit too heavy on calories? (d) "this one scares even me!" ← it's sad but the "luther burger" may explain, at least in part, why mr. vandross is no longer with us.
  13. Alas, my source has also dried up and I have just one bottle left. I gave a friend a glass the other day and he said "Hey, this taste different!". I asked him "in what way?" He couldn't quite describe it but said it was better than usual. So I guess at least we are not imagining that there is a difference. :-)
  14. i hope that everyone's renovations are going well. my construction is pretty much done and i've been living with my new kitchen and bath for a couple of weeks. of course, the kitchen still has no major appliances because i couldn't make up my mind. i've finally decided that a 30" electric range and 24" fridge, both counter depth, will work best in my small space. am planning to go with the dacor range and dacor otr convection microhood and the liebherr fridge with no icemaker to gain extra freezer storage. will probably wait on a dishwasher to see if i stay in this apartment longer than i have originally planned. but leaning toward the 18 inch bosch. i still need to find a good stainless counter fabricator. i think a nice marine edge stainless counter with integrated sink will make the whole kitchen practically a dream come true, in miniature. the temporary laminate counter seems sturdy enough but just doesn't as feel sanitary to me as stainless. i'm looking at grohe faucets right now with pullouts. any recommendations for particular models? I like the ladylux models but the volume/temp control causes some counter space waste at the back for clearance. am really loving my open stainless ventilated shelving, which i used instead of upper cabinets. definitely makes the space feel larger. now the task of negotiating to get as much free stuff included in my appliance purchases as possible since the discount margins on these items seem very slim. any suggestions? i'm going to try for free or discounted additional accessories for the cooking appliances, free delivery, free removal of the old fridge. anything i am missing? thanks azlee
  15. You could also make the crepes yourself and freeze them in advance. Pastry cream takes hardly any time at all to make, maybe 10 minutes, so I don't see the benefit of buying a pre-made product. It's also easier to work with freshly made pastry cream. ← I suppose I could always make my own pastry cream and freeze that for a rainy day. Any suggestions on the best way to store pastry cream in the freezer or will that ruin the final texture? Thanks ← I often store pastry cream in the freezer (airtight container, with plastic wrap placed directly on the surface of the cream), but it does tend to thin out a bit upon thawing. Luckily, a quick reheating on the stovetop will thicken it back up. ← Excellent! Thanks!!
  16. You could also make the crepes yourself and freeze them in advance. Pastry cream takes hardly any time at all to make, maybe 10 minutes, so I don't see the benefit of buying a pre-made product. It's also easier to work with freshly made pastry cream. ← I suppose I could always make my own pastry cream and freeze that for a rainy day. Any suggestions on the best way to store pastry cream in the freezer or will that ruin the final texture? Thanks
  17. I'm looking for a way to cheat at making these mille feuilles. This would be a perfect last minute showstopping dessert, if all one had to do was assemble and brulee. Normally, I do all of my baking from scratch, including puff pastry, but the other day Whole Foods was featuring a "2 fer 1" sale on prepared packaged crepes that would be perfect for this recipe. This got me thinking there must be a source (local?) for prepared pastry cream (fresh or packaged). The packaged crepes have a good shelf life (and are super thin and tender) and I suppose that a jarred or frozen pastry cream would also have a decent shelf life. I guess one could substitute a jarred chocolate or hazelnut sauce but I really like the idea of the vanilla filling. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. my understanding is that Fearing's new venture is with Ritz-Carlton. if i can find published confirmation of that i will post it.
  19. azlee

    KFC Famous Bowls

    it certainly isn't pretty, is it?
  20. the container store carries travel sized leakproof dropper bottles. nalgene travel dropper
  21. azlee

    KFC Famous Bowls

    i can't imagne voluntarily eating such a thing. maybe without the corn and the cheese during some sort of public emergency.
  22. many times the merchant has to weigh the cost of importing such items against the cost of discarding or 'marking down' containers damaged in transit. the goods are often harder to obtain, so less likely to be discarded simply because the containers are not cosmetically pleasing. the typical customer of these markets accepts this because they want the items without the markup for aestethics that would result from dented or sullied cans being discarded, believing that it's better to rinse off the can or jar at home than to pay more for it...
  23. My understanding is that Coca-Cola of Hawthorne, NY, who makes the OU KFP stuff for the Northeast, uses beet sugar, not Cane sugar. Cane sugar is a very expensive ingredient and it has other residual compounds in it to give it that "caney" flavor besides just the Sucrose that is processed. ← Coca-Cola finally responded to my email inquiry, too late for this Passover but perhaps in time to buy a few left over bottles, this year. According to Coca-Cola's Industry and Consumer Affairs department they use sucrose made from cane sugar in their kosher brand Coca-Cola. ← Thank you for passing along that information. The value of the few cans I still have left just skyrocketed =R= ← I managed to get a couple of cases last week. Fresh Direct still had bottles available. They will let you order up to 16 bottles in a single order.
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