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  1. russell hobbs do a metal electric kettle. there may be a plastic pourer inside the metal spout
  2. azlee

    Flour Sifters

    strainers work best, fastest and are easier to keep clean and don't attract bugs when stored. if you need a fancy geegaw for a gift then go for an electric sifter. noisy and nearly impossible to clean thoroughly and hard to store, but impressive. electric flour sifter
  3. I'm not sure how you mean this. Fat, of course, is not a required component of the Maillard reaction. On the other hand, fat is very useful in providing good thermal conduction from the pan to the protein, and may also facilitate Maillard reactions by, in effect, serving as a medium through though which the various components necessary for the Maillard reaction are introduced to one another (e.g., one often finds that the second piece of meat browned in the pan browns more rapidly than the first -- this is because the pan contains Maillard precursors from the previous piece). I suppose your post reinforces somewhat the point that you and Janet are making: that books, or posts, that presuppose certain knowledge may also be perceived to contain certain "holes" (cookbooks from 150 years ago clearly presupposed a lot more basic cooking knowledge than they do today, with instructions such as "prepare in the usual way," etc.). All of which is to say the section of text I quote above demonstrates that it's harder to write something "without holes" than one might suppose, considering that most readers would take the above to mean that fat is a necessary chemical component of the Maillard reaction. ← slkinsey, Your point is well made and exactly what I was driving at when I provided a definition of the Maillard reaction. While the addition of fat can affect the timing of the reaction it is certainly not a required component for the reaction. More critical would probably be some clarification of the differences between the Maillard reaction and carmelization. I haven't read Ruhlman's book yet, and so I do not know if he addresses that topic in the book.
  4. The Maillard reaction is a type of non-enzymatic browning which involves the reaction of carbohydrates (simple sugars) and proteins (amino acids). More specifically, is actually a complex series of reactions between amino acids and reducing sugars, usually (but not always) at increased temperatures. The reaction is responsible for changes in color and flavor in foods.
  5. I have no idea about service in Burlington Vt but I know that it's easy to get service for high end appliances in places like Norwich Vermont, Hanover NH and Portland Maine. Lots of fancy people building fancy kitchens in those places. I think level of service available really depends on the popularity of such products in a particular area.
  6. Bosch, Miele and Asko are all brands marketed for their quietness. Bosch makes much of the fact that the sound level of their machines is the equivalent of a human whisper. Friends who own Bosch machines tell me that they cannot tell if the the machine is running unless they see the indicator light is on.
  7. As I prepare to renovate a kitchen, I have been asking friends and the names that keep coming up are Miele, Asko and Bosch. I haven't had a change to compare features or reviews but I feel pretty strongly that I will end up with one of those brands. Probably one of those for washer and dryer, as well.
  8. Here in NYC, Fresh Direct sells veal bones for $1.99 a pound. I almost always have some in the freezer.
  9. Thanks so much! I have very similar hardwood floors in my diningroom and livingroom (oak with a dark stained inlay). I know what you mean about the pre-designed Marmoleum inlays, I find them too busy, as well. I'm also thinking about a white painted tin ceiling. The plaster in this old house is on its last legs. I'm still up in the air about whether to go total period or mix it up. I love your layout. What size cabinets did you use? It's amazing how similar these old houses are even with 3,000 miles between them. Your hood and range are totally kick-ass! It would be my pleasure to post pics of my progress, once I start my planning. First thing I need to find a kitchen planning software that actually works. I'm finding little for Mac and many others for windows don't yet work smoothly in Vista. I prefer to visit a KD with at least a rough draft to get some price quotes. Thanks
  10. Jennifer, Somehow I missed your finished kitchen when you first posted. Clearly my loss, it's wonderfully and artfully executed and has given me some great inspiration for my new kitchen. I finished a very modern kitchen renovation just a year ago, sold the apartment this summer and am about to go into contract for my first real home. The new place is a small 1925 A frame with a kitchen very similar in layout to yours. It'll be a total gut job and an opportunity to restore the place to it's original glory, right now it's a mess of 40's, 50's and 60's dreck. I'm considering Marmoleum and wonder how it's been working out for you so far and how difficult was it to design and execute the inlay. I'm torn between custom cabinets in a similar style to yours or just going with a simple big box store white slab type and using stainless and soapstone for the counters, so that it's a mix of contemporary and period appropriate materials. But seeing your kitchen makes me want to go with period fixtures and fittings. The appliances will be modern stainless, Dacor range and OTR convection microwave, Miele dishwasher and Liebherr refrigerator. Honestly, yours is one of the most beautifully designed kitchens I've ever seen.
  11. so was this a friends and family kind of intro dinner? will the menu stay the same or is it based on what's good at the market that day?
  12. try devi or any of the patina group resturants
  13. May I ask, could you describe your favorite meal at L'Astrance? Thanks
  14. you'll want to check to see that the display pieces have not been cut or had their backs or sides removed or altered to fit the display. sometimes they shave off the back or remove a side panel. you may need to order replacement pieces or employ a good carpenter to repair some of the pieces. I've done this twice before and even the added expense of the repairs and replacement pieces were worthwhile because the cabinets were of the type and quality i already wanted but could not necessarily afford at full price but with all the work were still less than what would have been more easily affordable. 90% is an especially good deal, usually it's more like 50%. best of luck witht he project. where are you located? are you taking both sets i have another kitchen to renovate in the very near future :-)
  15. have received incorrect items, opened items and items with too short expiration dates. they are very responsive but if one has planned a menu around a particular item, it means the extra effort of running out to the local market to replace the missing or damaged item in a timely fashion.
  16. here's more info on ed brown's involvement: http://www.playbillarts.com/news/article/5747.html my understanding is that he consults very often for other restaurants in the patina group.
  17. Jell-o may also work for you. You may be able to add protein powder to the Jell-o mix for added nutritional value. I've been on a clear liquid diet for the last few weeks myself and Jell-o is one of the few things that I've been able to keep down. I hope that you can find more things that work for you.
  18. there are several listings on ebay, here's one for the size that i've seen before. ebay amarena cherries
  19. I've seen it in 7lb tins in food halls in Rome and Paris. Have you looked on the Fabbri Website to see if they sell product online? Good Luck!
  20. congrats, sounds like an exciting assignment. in trying to think of small things that add taste and keep well. i think i might take along some packages of knorr buillion cubes in different flavors, dried onions, cumin, chili powder, soy sauce powder, seasoned salt, even butter flavored salt. maybe a bag of popcorn. dried meats and poultry and dried fruits like cranberries, cherries strawberries and blueberries would also be good. if there's enough room i might take some baking mix like bisquik along. not sure about bugs or the heat being a factor but would try to take things that are well sealed and not prone to melt or have packaging that bugs could easily burrow through. quart and gallon sized ziplock freezer bags will add an extra layer of protection. is it possible that once you get there family or friends can send small pakages to supplement what you carry over there yourself?
  21. it's a very difficult situation and i have great sympathy for your dilemna. unless it's a packed house, i would imagine it should be enough to let the house manager or waitstaff know that you'd like a private space or not to be crowded, uness it's going to be a busy night and therefore unavoidable and if at some point they need to seat other patrons nearby that you'd appreciate a heads up. if they can give that notice, that's your opportunity to decide if you can cope or if you'd like to take what's left of your meal to go. within reason it's for the dining establishment to accomodate your reasonable request. probably best not to approach another diner or party as many people are not sympathetic and some people have their own issues or they may just be unreasonable. unless you are very comfortable explaining your personal issues you are not really obligated to give the restaurant a detailed explanation for your request. if you ask nicely and they agree to accomodate great. if they don't spend your dollars elsewhere. if you can become a regular somewhere, you can be accomodated without asking each time or they can let you know in advance that they have a busy night and may not be able to accomodate and you can make your choice at that time. i wish you all the best.
  22. azlee

    Will Powder

    http://gothamist.com/2007/07/24/picnic_at_batte.php maybe he's concentrating on this venture instead?
  23. I purchased the over the range hood dacor model and loved it. used the microwave more than the convection functions but fell in love with the quality. the dacor and sharp versions work identically but the dacor is made with more and more expensive metal than the sharp model, making it more expensive.
  24. I'm a fond follower of the New York Jewish fan of Chinese(/American) food trend, but I hadn't even thought about this chow fun business. Now that you mention it, though, the only time I remember eating chow fun growing up in the New York Metro area was the few times I'd travel in to Manhattan to meet my dad for lunch, and he would take me to Wo Hop (his office was right near Chinatown). I don't recall ever having chow fun at any of the suburban (Rockland and Bergen County) Chinese restaurants my family frequented when we dined all together. Though for all I know, that might be because my parents simply didn't order it at those places ... isn't memory a funny thing? ← I have very fond memories of Wo Hop as a High School student who commuted into Manhattan from Queens. We felt it was something special that we couldn't get at the Chinese restaurants near home, probably not until the very late 80's did Chow Fun make it to neighborhood restaurants on the outer boroughs. I asked at my neighborhood restaurant and the chef would sometimes make it special for me. Sometimes, when I came in to order he would make a special point to tell me that he had Chow Fun today! That was the start of alot of special orders that were not on the menu.
  25. i love my 24" liebherr. at first i thought the price was outrageous but when it came to a choice between the liebherr and a subzero in a small kitchen, the liebherr won on both price and size. now after almost 9 months of use, i find that my food keeps longer, nothing in the freezer gets damaged by freezer burn and i never loose anything at the back of the fridge. i'll be moving to a larger home soon and will purchase a liebherr once again. i have seen the conserv and its construction struck me as less substantial than that of the liebherr.
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