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  1. I also love The Valley Table. So glad it's here.
  2. I am eager to see what you decide to make for Thanksgiving. My meal (prepared by others) has been decided for me for so long... it must be nice to be able to choose whatever you like to celebrate with. I seem to remember you have a New York State connection? Is there anything you miss from Thanksgivings there? I live in the lower Hudson Valley.... The 'fridge alphabet: did you plan on spelling any words? I see "beurre" (minus the U, of course) and meme (but that is pushing it...). Or was it an accident?
  3. The Time-Life series. It was nearly a complete collection. I'm so mad.
  4. There are a number of Ecuadorans in Westchester and you're very likely to find cuy in Sleepy Hollow, Port Chester and Peekskill. I remember one woman telling me you could get it at the C-Town in Peekskill.
  5. Liz Johnson


    Written by Kara Newman (alacarte) and edited by yours truly! You should have seen the photos. They were beautiful. Our photographer put the sriracha in a dipping bowl and arranged chilis around in a circle so they looked like rays of the sun. Then we had recipe photos and a close-up of the bottle and some garlic and chili.
  6. I've just been asked for recs for Baltimore. (Funny how people think I know where to eat no matter if I've never been there before.) I'll take a lot of these suggestions, of course, but are there any new ones? And my friend is into "fine dining" too. Is there another thread I should be looking for?
  7. I usually muddle my mint and rum in a pyrex measureing cup (the 4 cup size) and then strain it into the glass over ice. I build the rest of the drink, then give it a turn in the shaker and add my seltzer. So kind of in the glass, kind of not.
  8. Perhaps it's a little unorthodox, but I've found that by muddling the mint in the rum, letting it infuse a little while and then straining it, I have a minty mojito without the mint leaves. Then I mix with lime juice, simple syrup and top with seltzer. I still use a mint sprig for garnish, which is enough to give me the nose I'm looking for. I've also done this with lemon thyme gimlets: muddle thyme in gin and then strain and add lemon juice and simple syrup. (OK, not really a gimlet, but delicious nonetheless.)
  9. Ok... I"m heading in. Thanks for the advice. I'll try some simply fried. And I think I'll do Ron Johnson's suggestion from page 1 on stuffing with goat cheese. I'll let you know!
  10. I'm embarrased to say... I have never cooked eggplant. I've never even sliced it. But they looked so good at my farmers market that I picked up 4. Now I don't know what to do. All these recipes look great, but I'm intimidated. Do I always have to salt it and let it drip first so it gets crisp? What about a gratin... do I need to cook the eggplant separately first? What herbs and spices go well? Thyme, basil, yes... but curries seem to go so well with eggplant that the possibilties seem endless. I want to start simply.... where?!
  11. Oh my -- I can't wait! I couldn't make it to the press party but I'll be there within the week. I'm glad to hear it's not crowded, even when it is.
  12. Agreed. Put it together yourself! I just got someone a rum, limes, hand-press juicer, a muddler, a shaker and a strainer for making mojitos. I wrote out my own recipe. I think he quite liked the gift!
  13. Thanks for all the opinions. I'll have to try for myself! I really can't wait. I think it'll have to be in late spring of 06, though, before I make it to CHI. lj
  14. But does all the dissection — not to mention photo- and note-taking — take away from the enjoyment of the meal? If chefg is trying to guide diners a progression that engages all their senses — waxing and waning throughout the meal — doesn't that disrupt the flow and energy? And, perhaps this is another question, but if the meal is so cerebral, are you thinking so much about each component of the dish that it deadens say, your visual sense or sense of smell? As an example, you know how when you're driving and you're looking for an address, you have to turn down the music? You're concentrating
  15. I know the PBJ is no longer on the menu, but unless I missed something, this is the only time in 10 pages I've seen the word "fun" on this thread. Are people having fun?
  16. That double smoked bacon is out of control. I was lucky to run into bourdain when eating at Les Halles one night and asked him where the restaurant gets such amazing bacon for the lardons in the Lyonnaise (sp? sorry it's late) salad. He told me the double smoked from S&W.... and now I always have it on hand. I can't wait to make BLTs when my tomatoes come in. MMMMM.
  17. Where have you gone in NYC? And have you tried Wasabi in Nyack?
  18. Almost 5 on the East Coast.... Any takers? I'm thinkin' mojito.
  19. Thanks for reading! I agree and I don't know why. C'mon over!
  20. The menu looks like a lot of fun. I tried some things on Tuesday night. Here's the link to the story.
  21. No, he's staying on there, too. There's something wrong with TJN Web site so I can't link, but I will once it's fixed.
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