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  1. According to a (David Corcoran) piece in the NJ section of the New York Times last year, the husband of the head baker at Balthazar Bakery in NYC and Englewood runs a shops in Tappan, NY, called The Baker's Wife. Over the summer, I would buy delicious breads and pastries from him at the Nyack Farmers Market, and have had several good sandwiches from the small shop. The bread comes in that familiar yellow paper. The madeleines are spectacular. They do some take-out dinners, too. 33 Tappan Road, Tappan. 845-359-2228.
  2. I ordered on 11/11 and the glasses arrived this week. I find it interesting that everyone was charged for shipping, even though it was super saver. I, too, was charged, and had to request a refund. I wonder if this is a computer glitch or a policy?
  3. Rail Paul, Thank you! I'm no expert on Tucci (even though Big Night is among my favorite movies ever), but I don't think he's cooking at the restaurant. He did write a cookbook with his mother and some other writers, "Cucina & Famiglia." Yes, stay tuned for the Kelly project. Liz
  4. Nick, This is indeed where Santoro is. He was quoted in the Times piece saying he didn't want to reinvent the wheel... wanted to let the food speak for itself... and that he's using a lot of local ingredients. When I spoke to Mastrangelo he wasn't specific about which local farms, saying they're still changing purveyors a lot as they settle in. I didn't get a chance to interview Santoro.... tight deadline. Liz
  5. Hi, That was my piece in the Journal News. For some reason, the sidebar, with a brief description of the new restaurants, did not get on the Web, but our Web master says it will be available today. Click on Life & Style and scroll to the archive for 9/21/02. In the meantime, here is the address and phone number: Finch Tavern, 592 Route 22, Croton Falls. 914-277-4580. Liz Johnson
  6. Liz Johnson

    Everyday Wines

    When choosing unfamiliar everyday wines, does anyone look at the importer/distributor? I've found, in New York, that Wildman & Sons often has good wines for under $10 or $15. I've never checked to see if they deal in more expensive bottles too.
  7. I'm so sorry. I was having a network delay, I think.
  8. Just for the record the NYT readers who live in Rockland get the NJ section, and it's very rare that they see a review from their own county. Occasionally a Rockland review will appear in the Westchester section, and there's a good chance Rocklanders will never see it at all. (I live in Nyack.)
  9. I don't know if it's open yet but the rooftop bar at the Hotel Metro on 35th St has only a few tables, so it's likely they'll be taken, and you can stand. Nice view of the Empire State Building.
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