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  1. Me, too: An appreciation of Steven and the community he inspired: Steven Shaw, An Appreciation. Thank you to all the countless friends I've made here over the years.
  2. It is a tribute to Steven that the comments on this thread bring back such a flood of good memories of friends and familiar names, back to a time when we all first found each other and loved to come together around our common passions. So many connections, such a community. Such an innovator, such an influencer. Thank you, Steven, and heartfelt condolences to PJ and Ellen. A big hug for the Fat Guy.
  3. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    Hey Chris, If people do this, how do they crisp the confit later if there is no skin? Thanks.
  4. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    Darn. Wish I'd done that. I did have enough duck fat to cover about half to 3/4 the way up the duck legs.
  5. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    I broke down and used the olive oil. AND I put my order in at HVFG. This was my first stab at confit and I know it won't be the last. Plus, I certainly don't mind having a tub of duck fat lying around. This confit is destined for cassoulet, so I'm thinking the difference in the flavor there will be negligible. Fingers crossed. Unbelievably, no. I've heard people say they like The Viet Nam in Spring Valley, but last time I went I wasn't wowed. Not sure it's worth the 40-minute drive from Northern Westchester.
  6. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    Thanks Rob and Joan. Great suggestions, both. I may be in trouble now. My duck has been curing for almost 24 hours and I don't think I have enough duck fat. Maybe I should brush the salt off, put back in the fridge and start calling around. After all this work, I don't want to use olive oil.
  7. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    OK great. Phew! Thanks Chris. I don't need ALL the cracklins, so I will do some on the sheet pan and some using the food processor idea. I'll report back later today.
  8. Liz Johnson

    Confit Duck

    So I'm halfway through making duck confit. I cured the legs and wings yesterday and rendered the fat. But I'm worried I've made mistakes. Are you supposed to trim all the fat off the legs, too? I've seen recipes (and pictures) with the fat on and the fat off. (Mine is on. I'm curing legs, wings and neck with salt, thyme, garlic, shallots and pepper.) I'm also having trouble with rendering the fat. I had about 3 1/2 pounds of fat from 4 ducks. I added 3 cups of water (that was likely too much) and simmered (ploop, ploop) on the low burner for 3 hours. I couldn't stay awake any longer so I tur
  9. Thanks for the link, Mike. I'm heading over soon for a party and have reservations for next week. Can't wait to try that pizza!
  10. Bump! Heading up the coast soon. Any new recs? I'm hitting Portsmouth, Kennebunkport and Portland.
  11. I think when Jane made it she only garnished. I tried it with muddling and it's great that way. I used about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons cucumbers and 3 sprigs of mint per drinks. Very refreshing.
  12. I'm about to start work on the Badminton Club, which I tasted during this visit to PDT. Thanks to Jane for introducing me to it. She wasn't too specific, but here's what I got out of her: Over 3/4 St. Germaine elderflower liqueur 2 gin 1/4 simple syrup 3/4 lemon Couple cucumbers Mint Top with soda in a rocks glass. I'm thinking I'll muddle the cukes?
  13. Hi Crackers. You can find a lot of things on my work blog (Small Bites, link in my signature below). White Plains is a hot spot right now. BLT Steak just opened; Peniche is a great tapas place; 42 at the top of the Ritz Carlton is a fancy, special occasion place; Antipasti is by NYC chef Rick Laakkonen. In New Rochelle there are a ton of great Mexcian places. That Little Mexican Cafe comes to mind. (There's a restaurant search at lohud.com/dining) There's also a place I'm wanting to try in New Rochelle called Spadaro. (211 Main Street, New Rochelle. 235-4595.) It's not in our restaurant lis
  14. Neil Ferguson of Allen & Delancey is the chef. I had a great meal there in the fall, but that was before he opened A&D so I don't know how often he's in the kitchen? Link to Monteverde meal.
  15. So have I. Pretty good pizza. Ask for it well done, though.
  16. It's a deal. Of course, it could all depends on your mood. Mine was much better the evening we went to Pujol. That's kind of what I figured. I'm glad I went. My thoughts exacto! Thanks for reading Doc. Glad you liked it.
  17. I'm not sure where to begin, except to apologize for taking so long to post my report. You know, life gets in the way. I've already written very detailed reports on my blog, Sour Cherry Farm, but I'll recap here and provide you links. (To see all the Mexico posts, you should click on the archives for November and December. Now that they've been up for a couple weeks, I back dated them to reflect the actual days of the trip.) The first few days of my trip were in Cuernavaca and Taxco, so I posted on those threads first. Here's Cuernavaca. Here's Taxco. I had five days of dining in DF, and three
  18. Liz Johnson


    We spent one night in Taxco in November. And each of our three meals there, we tried to go to the pozole place that Rancho Gordo and Jaymes recommended. It was cerrado each time. Our three meals were eaten wedged in tables on balconies at three different restaurants. Hey, in Taxco, it's all about the view, right? La Parroquia, on the zocalo, overlooking the church, where we just had some simple tourist fare of quesadillas and guac: Here are more photos, including of the view. For dinner, we ate at El Adobe on the other main square with the glorieta. (Oh my god. Driving in Taxco is worse than
  19. I'm also posting in the DF thread, but since this part of my trip was in Cuernavaca, this information is more appropriate here. So the reason for my trip was the wedding of the sister of the family I lived with for nearly a year in the mid 1990s. Let's just say it's a long story, but I did a lot of wandering during that time of my life. (Europe, Asia, India, Australia, Mexico and Central America.) The first thing we ate in Mexico was one of the best dishes of the entire trip. I kid you not. This chile en nogada was two stores down from our hotel Hotel Antigua Posada near El Centro. It was a
  20. Funny you should say that. I JUST finished updating my blog and then was heading over here to post some photos. I'm working on it today.
  21. Thanks Rancho! I'm there. Do you remember the name of the hotel with the blue doors?
  22. You're right. I forgot to include it on my list. Probably because it was the first restaurant I reserved and already knew I was going! Thanks for the reminder, though.
  23. Great Kalypso. Thanks for the advice. I will make it a point to get to Azul y Oro. I'm not a member of IACP. James Beard and the Association of Food Journalists, but not IACP. Great doc! Not only will I make it a point to go, I will make it a point to introduce myself. Thank you both.
  24. OK great. I'll get there. Thanks Jaymes. I forgot to add that. My husband's never been to Mexico and I agree, he needs to see Sanborn's in the house of tiles. Where did you stay and eat in Taxco? We might do a day trip.
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