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  1. I wrote an article about this new concept this week. Here's a link to the article: Make and Take Has anyone else done or seen this? Opinions?
  2. I also like champagne with BBQ. Maybe champagne cocktails? Edit to say, what I actually like even better with BBQ is cava. Cava cocktails instead, then?
  3. Who does the decorating in the common area? I ask because I have a tapestry very similar to the one over Willie's right shoulder. I got mine in Guatemala. And, a food-related question: Because your community feeds so many people, is it possible to buy things wholesale? If not, is there some kind of incorporation that would allow you to do so?
  4. And Westchester and Putnam.
  5. What is the Passover store? All Kosher for Passover products?
  6. Lucy, Beautiful as always. Do you stand on a chair to take those "straight on" photos from above? Liz
  7. There are some people coming to this party that I've never met before, so I'm trying to be mindful of that. I'm leaning toward the Campari cooler, though, because I think with the ginger and the syrup it won't be as bitter as some other Campari cocktails. I'll have sparkling water, fruit juice and sodas, so they'll be fine. I think I'll do a virgin sea or bay breeze for the mom, though. Huh? Who would do such a thing? I made this drink for a class last year. It's a very accessible drink: The Pomeranian: 2 oz. white rum 1 oz. pomegranate juice (I used Pom Wonderful) 1/2 oz. lemon juice 1/2
  8. Good idea. Whatcha got? Virgin versions of Jason's cocktails might work.
  9. It sure is! (Why am I suddenly humming the Psychedelic Furs?) Thanks!
  10. I've tried both cointreau and regular ol' cheap curacao and found that because of the aromatics of the gin and the flavor of the two bitters that it doesn't make THAT much of a difference in this case. Of course, I may not have as exceptional a palate as you! Well there's always food coloring!
  11. That sounds refreshing and delicous, ludja. Two questions: When you make ginger syrup do you use the same ratio? ie: 3 T ginger to 1/2 cup ss? And why when you mix it do you not add the syrup?
  12. This sounds more like it. It's at the end of April so some people might be getting the mojito-caipirinha bug. How would you make this? behemoth... what a great idea. I know we'll have champers around anyway, so I'll make sure to have pomegranate to give it a nice color.
  13. I don't want to use gin since the Pegu Club is already on the table. Some people just won't drink gin. Pisco sour might work. Anything rum-based?
  14. I'm planning a baby shower that's actually an excuse for a cocktail party. The parents-to-be don't know the sex of the child. To honor the theme, I'll be serving a Blue Pegu Club (with blue curacao), and ..... I need a pink drink — not gin. Any suggesions?
  15. Liz Johnson

    Eating SWAN

    Funny, I was just wondering about this myself. There are several swans at the lake where I go running. There are also geese and ducks. Of course this got me wondering why swans seem to be just about the only large birds we don't eat?!?!
  16. Liz Johnson

    Easter Brunch

    Thanks Rich. That page in the cookbook page is definitely stained (mostly with olive brine from pitting!). The baby carrots that viva was talking about with little green stems left on top are best, but if you have big ones, cut them. Wells says to cut them in half lengthwise, but I like them on the bias in 2-inch pieces. PS You can serve this dish room temp. Ludja, your meal sounds divine.
  17. Liz Johnson

    Easter Brunch

    What kind of cheeses? Sounds great. Viva, I messed up on one part of the recipe. You're supposed to salt when you add the garlic — halfway through, not at the end. You should, of course, taste for seasoning again before serving. Sorry! I can't edit my post now... too late! BTW, how about some photos on Sunday!
  18. Broncante sounds like "bric-a-brac." Same root?
  19. Liz Johnson

    Easter Brunch

    I'll rephrase the recipe, but it comes from Patricia Wells' "At Home in Provence" (Fireside, 1996). She says its comes from a woman named Irma, the housekeeper of Wells' friend Maggie Shapiro. PM me if you want the exact wording. Basically heat 2 tablespoons olive oil and coat 2 pounds of carrots with the oil. Cover and braise for 20 minutes. Add 1 head (YES!) of peeled garlic cloves and reduce heat to low. Cook until garlic is soft and carrots are caramelized, about 20 more minutes. Sprinkle with good black olives (pitted) and salt and pepper. Wells also recommends a subtitution of tarragon i
  20. Liz Johnson

    Easter Brunch

    Boris, yours sounds like a labor of love! That always makes food taste better. BTW, what's everyone drinking? (besides Hector, with his aquavit and Danish beer!) I like to serve rose with Easter brunch, too... I feel like it's a harbinger of warmer days! Viva, do you have a carrot recipe yet? I use a delicious one from Patricia Wells' Provence cookbook where she braises with garlic and adds olives at the end. It's delicious and very colorful. Snowangel, what have you decided to make?
  21. Even though I was terrified of being "tagged" for the first installment of this blog, I believe I piped up anyway to say how much I enjoyed reading and seeing everything. This time I can say it without fear! Thank you Bleu! I'm really looking forward to my visit to France!
  22. Liz Johnson

    Easter Brunch

    Hope it's not too late, but one of my favorite ways of preparing rack of lamb is with Moroccan spices. A great recipe can be found right here on Epicurious. The recipe is for a big party so be sure to downsize. They've given smaller proportions at the end of the recipe but they forgot to convert the cilantro, so be careful! It may not have the right flavors for your Easter brunch, but you can always make it another time! As for me, I'm leaning toward garlic/herb marinade for my leg of lamb, grilled for a bit and finished in the oven. I'm thinking of proscuitto-wrapped asparagus for hors d'oeu
  23. Mmmm. Ginger reminds me of this drink from Cafe Atlantico that I was making over the summer. I guess being from Cafe Atlantico it's not Asian, but its flavors are, kind of. Ginger, jalapeno and passionfruit.
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