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  1. Bump! Planning another trip. Any thing new and noteworthy?
  2. When you call it "Hudson Valley", Liz, you make this area sound downright fabulous. At least you didn't include the "Lower". A ← Ha ha Angela! Luckily, with generous friends who own a lake house in Colombia County, my Hud food exepertise extends way beyond Lo, if you'll excuse the expression!
  3. How cool! My Hudson Valley expertise at your service.
  4. Thanks so much for posting. It was a pleasure to read.
  5. The description of the mistral was some terrific writing.
  6. Well... I did say "good." Not hate, but certainly not a rave. ← "Hate" is a little strong, huh? I think I was just expecting much more. The texture was soft-on-soft, and the flavor was monotonous, too. I ended up piling on the shrimp paste. ← I know what you mean. It was like the texture of a PBJ made with creamy. Slices of cucumber — or some of that pickled watermelon rind — might have been just the ticket. But when I got there, I was starving, so we quick-ordered so we could peruse the rest of the (short) menu. To stave the hunger, it did the trick.
  7. Well... I did say "good." Not hate, but certainly not a rave.
  8. I was there on Tuesday night, too — and we, too, were examining every bite of the watermelon-pork salad. The pickle, yes. Scallions, for sure, and Thai basil, but other flavors, too. It was beautifully complex. We had the tea sandwiches — good — and the chicken wings — good but very messy. I had the nasi lemak (I'll order anything with an egg) and my husband had a noodle dish (also with egg) with chicken on the side that had a lovely crisp (cornflakes?) and sweet-spice. Umami all the way. And the restaurant has a great energy.
  9. Thanks, I'll try that. I usually do like bitter things, but this was too much.
  10. Not to try to take you away from the Pegu Club, because by all means you should not miss it, but if you're still hankering for a view, there's an amazing one from the Top of the Tower in Beekman Tower, a hotel on First Ave. Click here to see the view. It's really like being in the clouds because the skyscrapers are so close you can almost touch them — instead of looking down at the street or the park or across a river at the skyline. Of course, you won't get the sorts of cocktails as at Pegu.
  11. At about 7 o'clock last night (Friday, after 5 — hence the bump on this thread) I tried The Brooklyn Cocktail. I used the recipe from CocktailDB. Too bitter.
  12. Did you try this? I tried a Brooklyn last night with my newly procured bottle of Torani Amer and it did not fit my tastes at all. I used the recipe from Cocktail DB with 1/4 ounce. Was it better with a dash? I'm looking forward to the Hoskins, tonight!
  13. Anyone else temporarily blinded by the colors on that Web site?
  14. Thanks Holly — don't worry. I wouldn't miss it for the world. When I lived in Cuernavaca, friends who came to visit stayed there and I got to enjoy the grounds (breakfast, peacocks, pool, etc.) more than just for dinner. I may not be able to afford the hotel this time around, but we'll definitely be dining there. Thanks Caarina. I'll keep that in mind. And keep your thinking cap on. I may bump this thread up again in late summer as my trip approaches.
  15. Thanks. This will be helpful! Did you try any of the less expensive options in town, or any of the taquerias? Where else in Morelos did you go?
  16. I lived in Cuernavaca for nearly a year in the mid-90s. I just got news that a friend is getting married in November. I'm dreaming I'll be able to go. Any new recommendations? And has anyone heard of this hotel? Antigua Posada, 69 Galeana, Col. Centro, C.P. 62000, Cuernavaca; 011- 52-777-310-21-79, www.tourbymexico.com. [(Click on "Facilities Map," then on "Morelos."
  17. I've been to all except Taste of Distinction. It's been a while for Citrus Grill, but I remember liking it very much. Jade Village has the coolest retro cocktail list — drinks like Mai Tai, etc. — all with photos! Good food, too. El Bandito. I'd actually say it's more Tex Mex, but I really like it there. Atmosphere is fun. Sutter's Mill. Bar food. We recommended their burger in our burger round-up this summer. Thank you so much marge201. I look forward to trying it. Yes, this is in that spot where a Thai restaurant used to be, right? I wrote about it a few weeks back to let people know it h
  18. Wine for All is a great shop and Eli is fantastic. The only thing to keep in mind is that he only stocks low production wines. So you aren't going to find a lot of the stuff that traditional wine shops sell. What you will find are interesting wines that have production runs of 1000 cases or so, often less than that. He does make a couple of exceptions for larger production runs, but not often. ← Yes, I've bought Toad Hollow there, for example. But you're right.
  19. I've always wondered about that place — I've never been. What kind of food? What do you recommend?
  20. Thanks. I'm very excited because we (finally) just got a dedicated food page on our web site. It's got a new column I just started called Chef's Dish, plus our food stories and columns. No restaurant reviews, unfortunately. We stopped those in July. www.lohud.com/food LoHud stands for Lower Hudson.
  21. Doing a search in the New York forum for Rockland turns out this page of hits. Includes suggestions on New City/Rockland Foodie Places To Go Up the Palisades And the topic you started in the summer. Yes, the Mountain House is in Sparkill. Here's what I found on google.com. For 59 and 303, look at the Up the Palisades post for suggestions I wrote about in Nyack and Spring Valley. Also, here a link to this year's Journal News round-up on Rockland restaurants. There's also a place I just wrote about called Adagio Restaurant & Wine Bar at 50 E. Central Avenue, Pearl River. 845-735-3970. www.ad
  22. I'm curious, too. I'm planning to meet a friend there next week. Any one been lately?
  23. Thanks Mark! With a personal invite, how can I refuse? I actually did a bit of investigating already. I loved your answers to the Q&A in the AAS over the summer. Between your favorite indulgence, favorite cookbook and favorite type of food, I think we have a lot in common! (I got to interview Fergus and write a feature on him earlier this year.) I've heard there are some very cool Christmas light displays in Marble Falls, too. I think another night will have to be Enoteca, then. Kent, is this the Quality Seafood you're talking about? I've never been.
  24. My annual trip is coming up again, but this time it'll be spent all in Austin. I've been hearing about Cafe 909 and Little Texas Bistro a lot -- anyone been? I'll definitely be going to Fonda San Miguel again... tho maybe not for brunch. What else is new and fun?
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