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  1. Here's a link to some restaurant write-ups by StarChefs.com. So far my fancy dining reservations are at Pujol, Aguila y Sol and Tezka. Izote seemed too uneven. Do you all agree it's OK to miss? What's great about Azul y Oro? Should I add that for a comida? The long list above has a lot of the restaurants I'm interested in, should I be close by, but here's a few that are on the top of the list: Contramar El Tajin El Moro El Bajio Fonda Don Chon Taqueria El Farolito I've also heard about: Loredo 29 Hamburgo; 566-3636, and other locations Los Almendros Cicero-Centenario Belinghausen Arroyo Any
  2. Here is a link to a restaurant list where I've culled comments from a couple different threads on dining in DF.
  3. In making my list to print out (in case I can't get online for some reason in DF), I gathered everyone's comments about the restaurants I'm interested in for my upcoming trip. I thought it might be helpful for all of you. This list doesn't include every single restaurant discussed on these boards, just the ones I thought I might try. I'm mostly planning on staying away from French, Japanese and Italian when I go to DF because it's so good here in NYC and I want to eat Mexican food while I"m there. Because who is making the comments can make a difference, I've included the user names of peopl
  4. Hi all, My trip is nearing. I'm very excited. Thanks for all the advice here and on other threads. I have a question about reservations. How far in advance to I need to reserve for some of the better known restuarants? IE: Aguila y Sol, Tezka, Pujol? Thanks.
  5. Thanks eje — it's been fun to watch. Keep it up!
  6. So we have a Bronx, a Brooklyn and a Manhattan — even a Larchmont and a Long Island Iced Tea — but no Westchester? What about Yonkers? New Rochelle? (What would Rob and Laura say?) I think we'd better get on this glaring omission immediately.
  7. Oh my gosh I am so on this for a story for the paper! I had no idea this thing existed. Are there any other Westchester drinks, oh wise cocktail historians?
  8. In High Falls, you should try Chefs on Fire, in the basement of the Depuy Canal House I'd like to recommend the Canal House, too, but I've never been, so I can't say. You might want to visit a couple of wineries. We ran a story on a day trip to wineries around New Paltz Going West for Wine. I wish I had more advice, but I'm much more familiar with Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Columbia. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  9. Chicken on a raft in my family (I've heard other opinions) is a piece of toast with a hole ripped out of the middle that you pour an egg into & then fry up. I like to add a little cheddar, Bill prefers his with just salt & pepper. ← We call it toad in the hole! I was wondering: Did they use so much rosewater because it was somehow "preserved" water, and therefore safer?
  10. I'd be interested to hear how you go about starting the club and any rules you make. The Arizona Republic has Chow and Tell, a dining club for readers. The web site says the paper pays the group a stipend, too, though I don't know how much. It's something our paper might look into if I can figure out a good way to organize it... Anyone else heard about this?
  11. Stunning, just stunning. I don't know why you come back here at all.
  12. We'll have a story on the brewery in about two weeks!
  13. Great blog FFB! Lots of fun to read and lots of fun to be a part of it! Thanks!
  14. Your kitchen design might be the coolest one ever. I can't wait to see it when it's done! Sorry I dropped off yesterday: work was pretty busy. (I didn't even get to post my fish market photos yet!) Where did you get that pizza? Looks good! PS: Joe didn't smooch me, did he? I thought it was just a hug! BTW, Hathor: I have been around lately and I didn't know what MST3K was until it was spelled out....
  15. I'm headed out for dinner (Dinosaur BBQ!) but I also posted part of our execursion on my blog. Click here to see FFB taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. See y'all later!
  16. Hilarious. That's like our favorite pub. No matter what you get to eat or drink, it's always $30 per person. We always used to joke about it when we'd go with a big group of people after work. Even if someone only had a beer, it'd be $30. Once, a colleague had a bit too much to drink and got into a huge argument with some of the other patrons. He ended up getting a drink thrown in his face. When he went to grab his coat to storm out the door, he threw $20 on the table. My husband turned to him and said, uh, you're a little light. That'll be $30, please. (Maybe you had to be there.) I think I
  17. Yes! I was hoping we'd get more questions-and-answers on our forum, but that seems to have died off. (Posts with no responses get deleted after about a month.) Maybe if we revive the story we can start over. OK it's a date. When's the fish market trip?
  18. Lisa's Cheese! I love Lisa's cheese: Rainbeau Ridge. I'm glad you liked both stories. Thank you. The apple chart is the best, isn't it? I always get confused what apple looks like what and which ones are better for baking, sauce, etc. Mount Kisco Farm wasn't on the list yet. The criteria are that you have to be able to get dinner there (like chicken breasts or prepared foods) but that you can also run in for little things (like TP or peanut butter with additives and preservatives. ) Does it fit the bill?
  19. So cool that you went to the Chappaqua Village Market. We're doing a series profiling different neighborhood markets, and that one's next on the list. (I think it might be next week!) Can I come to the fish market with you? I'm dying to find a good market. Let me guess: Is is Mount Kisco Seafood?
  20. Yay! A blog from my stomping grounds! I can't believe those sandwiches and the salad bar at Rocky's — that place looks great! I'll have to pay a visit.... And if you need a guide to Nyack, shoot me a PM... I live there. How's the kitchen renovation going? We'll have to pick that up in the paper again!
  21. Hi Ruth and Nickarte - I'm planning a trip for November and was thinking of staying in the Condesa. I'm having trouble finding hotels — in fact this is the first I've heard of the Hippodrome. Would you recommend the Condesa for tourists? Can you make any hotel recommendations? The Condesa DF is a little out of my price range. Thank you so much. Liz
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