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  1. or in a tortilla - quesadilla style. Soup.
  2. It's a Tom Douglas event, but maybe best noted on this thread? BACONOPOLIS! FRIDAY, APRIL 24TH 6-8PM Join us in the Palace Ballroom for bacon's biggest social event ever- Baconopolis! Who doesn't love bacon? Even some vegetarians indulge in the occasional bacon treat because you just can't beat the smoky deliciousness of bacon! By attending Baconopolis!, you'll get the opportunity to taste 5 bacons from different producers side by side, and sample creative bacon dishes such as braised bacon "pork and beans", classic bacon carbonara, and butterscotch bacon bits. Don't miss this senational bacon event. Tickets are $20 plus tax and gratuitity and must be purchased in advance. Tickets include one drink ticket for wine or beer, and a cash bar will be available. To purchase tickets contact Christy at (206)448.2001 or via email at christinal@tomdouglas.com
  3. Seattle's Tango's El Diablo cake. "Bittersweet cube of sinfully rich dark chocolate graced with cayenne, spicy almonds, cocoa nibs and burnt meringue finished with a tequila caramel sauce."
  4. Green tea (matcha) cake? Black sesame creme brulee. Ginger ice cream.
  5. Does your name tell us something about your needs? (Are you a vegetarian or vegan?) Where are you from - it will color what I recommend. There is a recent thread on lunch spots in Seattle - a pretty good list to get you started. But here I go anyway: T-F, lunch at Salumi - it is a long walk or free bus ride south of downtown. A little farther south, in Pioneer Square proper, is Elliot Bay Bookshop and their cafe downstairs. Recently taken over by the chef/owner of Brasa and getting great reviews. Always a good spot for lunch - Matt's in the Market or Steelhead Diner. Both are good for dinner as well. There is also a deli stand at the market serving NY deli sandwiches - great for Seattle, nothing if you come from a land of deli. The Market Grill makes good grilled fish sandwiches - a 10 seat counter and that's all there is to it. Across the aisle is Uli's Sausage - they have seating, fries, and beer as well as a retail counter. Not too far up the hill to the East is Baguette Box on Capitol Hill. Excellent sandwiches and fries. Taste, the cafe in the Seattle Art Museum, has a nice menu for lunch too. Other nice dinners downtown - Restaurant Zoe, Brasa, Le Pichet, and Palace Kitchen (or the other 3 Tom Douglas restaurants.) Lighter fare, with excellent cocktails, and a hip vibe - Spur Gastrropub. They mess around a bit with molecular gastronomy, along with housemade corn nuts. Breakfast - Lola (a Tom Douglas restaurant), Steelhead Diner on weekends, Etta's also. Dahlia Lounge is also serving weekend brunch. A bunch of favorite spots are out of downtown. Let me know if you need more options - or something in particular.
  6. Hey - stay safe over there! Italy's a rockin'
  7. tsquare

    Quality Teas

    I was feeling like I needed a treat and bought a few spoonfuls of Jasmine tea at $85/ lb. Cost me $2.50 and it will make me quite a few cuppas.
  8. I think one of the places North of Seattle on 99 - but which one these days? Old Village Korean, Hae Nam and Hoosoonyi are mentioned often. Or, a more knowledgeable reviewer: per JK Or South, in Federal Way.
  9. Eating India is more about food than travel, but is very informative and interesting.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think that was Irvine Ranch Market on Newport Ave. ← Thanks - that sounds right.
  11. Didn't they start as a farm stand on Newport Avenue? I remember riding my bike there when I lived in O.C. That was 30 years ago!
  12. Maneki is dinner only. Thanh Tam? Can't say I've ever noticed it. Lots of Vietnamese restaurants around town. What makes this one of interest? Malay Satay - has it ever reopened in the ID location - oh it appears it has! Not exactly NW, but some good food. Top Gun is long gone - there is one in Bellevue at Factoria, just off the 405. Tamarind tree lunch and dinner have identical menus, don't they? Just order differently. If you are going to Vancouver - I recommend waiting until there for Chinese and Dim Sum, though I like plenty of places in Seattle, it's always being said it is better in Richmond etc... You could hit Elliott Bay Bookstore's Cafe for some good lunching from the chef of 10 year old Brasa. Not sure about fish. Also, the restaurant Taste within the Seattle Art Museum. Quinn's Pub is open for lunch on Saturday, but dinner is so much better. Lunch can be kind of sad really. The Dahlia Lounge (a Tom Douglas restaurant) and Lola (across the street) are open for brunch. Pretty rooms, good food. There is always Wild Ginger (someone has to say it.) And finally, Tilth Restaurant has Saturday brunch. Little seafood, but organic and well regarded for dinner. I enjoyed a light brunch here.
  13. Hmm, I just looked at the install instructions for at least one Jenn Air electric range with downdraft and it shows options for venting through the back wall or the floor. Before they cut your floor, take a look at the info. They may be able to use your existing vent! Or PM me with the model number and I can offer my opinion offline. A general contractor is an good option.
  14. Hole in the floor? An electrician may not be the best idea. A quality carpenter perhaps. Or a heating installer. Will they need to do sheet metal work from there to outside? Don't vent into your basement or crawl space - the vent should go to the exterior of the house.
  15. If you have not been to the Pike Place Market, it isn't far from I-5. Parking can be painful - but just use an expensive garage. Best for seafood, Matt's in the Market, best to have reservations. There are other nice places (Steelhead Diner is wonderful too) there as well as some less formal options like the Market Grill in the main arcade. [Avoid the Pike Place Bar and Grill at all costs.] If you don't want to hassle with the Market, you could go to Baguette Box on Capitol Hill - not much seafood, but cool.
  16. Don't you just plug one in, take out the plastic wrapped goodies from the oven and go? Do you need an electrician to update your outlet? Or worried about the anti-tip device? I pull ours out to clean every now and then, it does not look complicated. I also had no problems when I replaced the one in the old house prior to putting the house on the market. Does the appliance retailer not do a take away your old range, install the new one? Might check on that?
  17. My friend's first dishwasher is a Miele 18" built in. She loves it.
  18. I know they were bought out - by Campbell's in the 60's, but didn't they go independent again? Oh, doing my own research, they are still part of the Campbell Soup Company product line...they were bought in 1961!
  19. Lovely to see you here Jim! Is the market running this weekend if Carlo wants to experience that?
  20. We ordered one pizza split with two standard combos - one half the pizza was delivered wrong. After she repeated our order back to us. She had to write it down for the kitchen - why not at the table! We ate the pizza and tried a combo we wouldn't have, rather than wait 30 minutes for a new one. She comp'ed us one scoop of ice cream and two spoons. I am impressed that anyone can remember what we order once they walk away from the table. I can't dial a phone number without looking at it. But I prefer them to write it down at the table. If they don't, I particularly hate it when they go retrieve the kitchen order and say they wrote it down the way it was delivered - and I feel like they are saying I am wrong!
  21. If McD was there, I did not see it. Venice is more beautiful than you can imagine - at once mysterious and welcoming, dark and sunny, crumbling and fresh. The canals are still used for transportation - you can ride with the locals for a reasonable $, or just walk until you can't walk another step. The food is good - I am sure you can get some great food as well as some horrid, but I enjoyed everything except the hotel breakfast (I gave up after two days and when I mentioned it at check out, they gave me a credit for the b's as well as for paying cash.) Sunny or in a fine rainy mist, Venice is golden. I was lucky, no downpours, no flooding.
  22. Avocado Pie tastes like a rich version of key lime pie (well, the ones I've eaten did.) The recipe above calls for lemon juice rather than lime, so YMMV. They were a big deal many years ago at the Santa Cruz Street Fair. Also called Jagger Pie, or Frog Pie.
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