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  1. I've actually eaten at Colin's restaurant (that was in 2007 or 08). Let's just say that time management does not really a big part in his life. When you enter the doors, you are in his zone. Though he has a lot going on and seems to be pulling it off far better than I would have anticipated. I also guessed he wouldn't survive challenge one, but not for a poor presentation.
  2. I think you need a plan - start at breakfast time in one location and work your way around town in a logically manner. It would take a lot for me to figure it out both geographically and culinarily, but I would start with a coffee and breakfast pastry somewhere like Besalu (since I can't think of a good sunrise facing spot other than Seward Park), work my way around the city throughout the day, hit Mashiko's for a light supper and plan to be at Alki for sundown cocktails, and then end up in the Pike/Pine area for late night street eats.
  3. Full Tilt Ice Cream has this today: "Oaxacan Surprise at all locations. Mexican Chocolate ice cream with a Mezcal caramel swirl, and then little crunchy bits of chocolate covered grasshoppers." Nope, not gonna try it.
  4. You should talk to your fishmonger: low prices, big haul And I should go buy some fish.
  5. That was a reply to this post - oops!
  6. Shouldn't be common - that'll get the attention of the inspector right quick. Care to share the where?
  7. KIND bars rule. They might not meet your protein/fat ratio at 190 cal, 13 g fat, 12 g sugar, and 3 g protein, but they taste good. I've recently tried Perfect Food Bars- less shelf stable, 309 cal, 17 g fat, 17 g sugar, and 17 g protein. Half of one is plenty. Soy and gluten free for extra points. I've burned out on Clif, Luna and Lara bars - but would eat one in an emergency. Like at the airport.
  8. Rancho G, You mentioned the terrible lack of diversity in the bananas imported for our delight. Did you know about the banana ranch (?) in Santa Barbara? Well, Ventura - the Seaside Banana Gardens. 50 varieties, organically grown. Looks like it closed in 1996 and was developed into housing? How sad. Thanks for the memory.
  9. Sounds a lot like jared Crema Salvadorean - lists heavy cream, cream cheese (and all its ingredients), sour cream (and all its ingredients), salt and annatto. It is sold as shelf stable - I'd guess Philly "fresh" requires refrigeration?
  10. I used to keep it on hand to make buttermilk bread - the recipe in "Baking with Julia" - for a bread machine. Machine is gone, and now I no-knead, so haven't tried to recreate that bread.
  11. I've seen chocolate covered chips at Trader Joe's. They also have a candy bar that has peanut butter and jelly and potato chips in it. I see B&J has a gluten free flourless chocolate cake ice cream out right now as well.
  12. Nature's Path Heritage O's - you may or may not like the taste, but I haven't had them go soggy yet. We call them razor wire O's around here.
  13. Takes me 15 minutes to make a quart of yogurt from a half gallon of milk - that's $1.69 plus a little labor, electricity, and cheesecloth (until I switch to washable fabric.) It takes the yogurt 7 hours to cook on an old heating pad and maybe another hour to strain (if I want it thick.) Beats anything I've tried from the store. Just part of the routine now. And we don't have to recycle all those tubs. Last bought some live culture yogurt in September I think. Oikos (Stonyfield Farms), maybe?
  14. Seems that if real doctors want to know if their patients are taking herbal supplements to avoid interference with medication, there may be something to them. Mayo Clinic advice. And then there is Ayurvedic medicine, which has evolved over thousands of years. Being a western, allopathic-centric person myself, I haven't turned to it, but I have to believe it has some basis of validity. I'd say to discount it as woo-junk is a sign of a very small mind. Food as medicine has a base in many cultures. We've just managed to ignore it for the last century. On the other hand, minute amounts of herbs and spices used in cooking - probably not doing much for health.
  15. Glad someone else caught that. What I don't understand is why she didn't test the dish before service - sure seemed like she had time if she was showing how she wanted the dish plated. She seemed shocked to hear they were inedible. If they were good, that crowd would have given here the win. Maybe not the judges though.
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