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  1. I thought the passion fruit flavor had a strange aftertaste. Almost medicinal. Also the texture is oddly smooth. You'll see what I mean. ← I noticed no odd after taste in the coffee flavor. It was smooth. Not sure if it was odd, though. Really, I thought the ice cream was pretty tasty. I should by a container of the standard coffee and compare it side by side. ← Had a one serving cup of standard coffee. It has 5 ingredients! Cream may have come before milk. It was nice. Hope the "5 Ingredient" labelled stuff isn't premium priced!
  2. I'm a point and shoot type, but these two blogs have lots of tips: Matt's and hmm, not sure. Seemed like there was another recently. Good luck on your book.
  3. I never ate there, but recall a great review of Brussels Bistro. I did enjoy breakfast at Cafe Zinc - did not notice it was vegetarian until after the fact. I think my favorite spot for dinner was Tabu Grill, but it has been a few years already.
  4. Hmm, I boil off marinade all the time, why not? Though I use it for glazing rather than saucing. I was looking for bigger fireworks between Debbie and Eddie. Both have done some bad things, based on what we have seen. Remember, she bought the angel food cake and made others use it for a dessert and claimed it was a group decision. This time, she foisted off the pudding and kept herself out of the dessert failure. I'm sure topping it with pine nuts would have done the trick! I don't trust either of them. I want to see her forced to make dessert - I think it is her achilles heel.
  5. tsquare

    24 Hours of Cooking

    Was there one crew of diners as well?
  6. Since there are already some comments that agree with this, before you buy a remote motor unit, look at reviews or something. My understanding (I don't have first knowledge) is that the remote units may require more powerful motors, ie, are actually noisier. If you can get the sone rating for the hood, that is a better way to judge the noise factor. Lower sones the better. Quietude is helped by fewer bends in the ductwork - and gradual ones where possible. Also, shorter distances.
  7. tsquare

    Open Table

    A very nice restaurant, which closed this past year, used Open Table. I tried to make a reservation and the site told me nothing was available until after 8 pm. Friends were headed to the opera, so that was not possible. I called, on the off chance they could help. It was great to talk to a live person, they had no problem booking our table at an appropriate hour (and they gave good guidance to come earlier for a well paced dinner.) Turned out we had the restaurant almost to ourselves. I'm still kicking myself that I did not mention the "no tables available" message I received. Good news, the restaurant owner / chef is about to open a new place - not his, but it sounds like it may be great, if further from home than I would like.
  8. Our electric utility just notified us that they will come and pick up our old refrigerator or freezer (pre-2001) for free, and they'll give us $30. That's a nice bonus for recycling, but our refer works just fine. Maybe I should lug one out of an alley somewhere!
  9. I didn't read this as though he (assuming here) wants to work in the place, just invest. You know, like all those people in the dot.com boom - who put money in and got to play grand host to their friends, help the restaurant scene grow, and really push the uptick in chef run restaurants. Got to love silent partners, even the not so quiet ones!
  10. I know a couple of restaurantless chefs (having sold a respectfully successful place last year) who would love to talk to you if you are serious. Plenty of opportunity right now - lots of real estate, I imagine lots of used equipment, and always plenty of people looking to open a new place.
  11. Tried the 5 ingredient "Brown Sugar". It was darn tasty. There was a bit of an odd texture, but I figured that was lack of stabilizers and junk. Stranger for me was a distinct coating in my mouth. Maybe the cream?
  12. Please - what? Are you suggesting that the actual number of NPR listeners is 20x what people admit? Or is NPR something food related? Thx
  13. You might also look at the specs for the fridge. I was surprised to find one (SubZero, I think) that had a minimum distance to heat generating equipment. In that case, it was too close to a washer/dryer closet. I think the compressor(s) will be the big problem. And expensive to replace. The range is mainly a flammability issue, so any non-combustible surface will meet the manufacturer's requirements - like sheet metal. I suppose if the fridge is metal cased rather than plastic, and has no wood surround, it isn't an issue from that stand point.
  14. QFC grocery (Seattle) had CR sockeye for $11.95 / lb., with your grocery card, last week. They only mildly whined when I asked for just a pound and keep the tail end, please. We had ours right on the grill so we got a nice crisp skin.
  15. Also very nice, Springhill in West Seattle. Modern, no view.
  16. Fancy restaurants opening for weekend brunch. Everyone having double happy hours - normal early evening and again for two hours before closing.
  17. tsquare


    Thanks, just trying to get an idea of price. Sounds like $35-$120 depending on what / how you order, and wine! Still quite a bit less than The Herbfarm...
  18. A non vented downdraft vent? That sounds like trouble with a capital T. I'll let users of downdraft vented ranges speak for themselves. You are asking about a range, not a cooktop with separate vent, correct?
  19. tsquare


    Just curious - looks from the first post that 3 people ate for about $100. Is this still the case or was that a light meal? Sounds so labor intensive, it is hard to imagine this can be a very moderate dining experience $ wise for such a lovely feast. No prices on line. Thank you.
  20. Can you elaborate on your choices - in particular The Georgian Room and Etta's? Have you been to the others or is there something specific you like about them (location, wine list, reservations possible...) I think one of Tom Douglas's places is reasonable and I like Etta's enough, but I think you would get a different opinion from most (who would vote for Palace Kitchen or Dahlia first.) I had a really good time at Lola's last year (it's been a slow year out for me.) I recommend Spur Gastropub just because it feels so fresh and young, which might not be what you are looking for. There are some less extensive and expensive dinners at The Corson Building these days - a different food experience. I like Spinasse so much, but am a bit put off by how quickly that tab adds up. And the tight big tables (maybe not so packed these days.) Have you been to Steelhead Diner in the market? There have been some mixed reviews, but overall, it's pretty nice. You might be able to call ahead and get Kevin Davis to make you a special meal - ask him for an angry crab preparation if you like to get messy and if crab is in season. Lark? Always on my best list. I haven't been to Art of the Table, but it gets raves from everyone I've talked to who has gone.
  21. At 16 1/2" wide, I would think about using it as an hall entry table or sofa table rather than a countertop. Or, if you are pressed for space, as a bath lav with one of those partially overhanging sinks. It seems a bit shallow for rolling out pastry, even if it might be suitable.
  22. Just that I miss them both. Downtown? No longer my realm. $$$, well, a bit short.
  23. There have been some very favorable reviews of the food at Canlis recently. The kitchen has been shaken up. For what it is worth... ← 'Tis true. I had dinner at Canlis a couple weeks ago and it was spectacular. Totally different than the staid menu that kept me away for 10 years. Service is still the same. Key is to ask the server to directl you toward the dishes that are in the new chef's style rather than Canlis standbys, which are still scattered throughout. ← And for a completely different viewpoint, WTF?
  24. Never found a chocolate tea that I liked unfortunately. Really not too fond of most flavored teas though I like herb teas in the right moment. Still not convinced about lapsang souchong, though I bet someone could come up with a brew I like. I'm not a big smoke fan in general, (ironic if you know what my life has been like for the past 8 months.)
  25. No, but lucky you! On all counts. (My trip was 6 years ago already.)
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