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  1. There's a whole thread on PH's Chocolate Desserts so that would definitely be a good choice for chocolate desserts. I've had good success with it's recipes. My favourite dessert book at the moment is Tartine. Lots of great illustrations and great recipes that lean towards the rustic side so they might not be quite what you're looking for but it's a book I'd like to bake my way through. For plated desserts have you seen the Grand Finale series by Tish Boyle and Timothy Moriarty? I've got the Neoclassic View out of the library right now. I have no idea how the recipes are but there's a picture for every desserts so it provides a wealth of ideas.
  2. I've made a chocolate cake before that I filled with heavy cream whipped with Baileys. So good!
  3. Do you just heat it to the same consistency as ganache and pour over? Do you use two coats or just one? That would save so much time and still look fabulous. Would you just use it over a light coloured cake? If I PM you could you please e-mail me a picture?
  4. I imagine your cake is going to be 10 - 12" in diameter. If you want to keep it simple I think I would frost in IMBC, put little pearls all around the bottom edge and then make a large loopy gumpaste bow to put on top. Pearl dust on all the pearls and the bow would dress it up.
  5. I've just started using these natural bakery boxes. I like that they are better for the environment but they do show grease spots more easily. I'm going to give it a go and see if I can make them work for me.
  6. You're in luck! We've got a whole thread on Strawberry Cake.
  7. Are you maybe thinking of a praline made with peanuts? You would spread about 1 cup chopped peanuts on a silpat, then whisk together 10 ounces of sugar and 3/4 tsp lemon juice till fluffy and melt till amber colour. Pour the syrup over the peanuts tilting the pan to spread a bit more evenly and it will firm up in about 20 minutes. You just break it into pieces. Must be stored airtight. edited to add: just checked recipe link above and it's very similar. In answer to your question, you don't need glucose to get clear. Plain melted sugar is clear.
  8. Ciabatta buns....do you think I could make them with this recipe? I have the book now and she got the method for Ciabatta. At a good artisan bakery in my area they have Ciabatta buns that look like they've flattened the dough as usual and then just cut it into random squares. How can I duplicate this. The problem with their method is that their sizes are very random (differing by up to 2 inches). One of the caterers I do desserts for finds this frustrating so I was hoping I could find a way to do them in house. I was thinking I could just pour the whole batter onto a half size sheet pan and flatten it to 3/4". Could I just flour really well and cut them on the pan or would it grow together? Do I need to cut them on the counter and then space them out to rise and bake? I guess I could use a spatula to transfer them. I'd love to know if anyone has already tried this and any tips they might have?
  9. There's lots of threads on this for you to check out. Here's a couple: Cookware Store Restaurant Supply Stores
  10. I don't see a problem with sugar and salmon. Here in BC, salmon is widely available in many forms. One of those forms is Candied Salmon. Here's a link to a recipe for it that might give you some more ideas. It's the second recipe down. I haven't tried it but it shows just how much honey and brown sugar is used and that said, maybe you could use at least some brown sugar in the marshmallows.
  11. A flavour I tried last year that was new to me was steeping fresh ginger in the cream. So fresh and delicious!
  12. Thanks so much for the suggestion Stephanie! I still have the broken buttercream in the freezer in hopes I would find a solution. I'll give it a try.
  13. Absolutely and I don't know how to fix the problem. I'm very particular about my cutting so that everything looks "just so" but that can also leave people thinking they are from the store. I don't want to change how I cut....I don't think I could purposely cut roughly , it's just the way I am. I strive to make my stuff look different than what you find at the store but that's hard to do with a croissant.
  14. I just made some a couple days ago and had to try twice. I followed one author who suggested adding 2 oz of cold espresso. That may have worked but I also added Kahlua and I think it ended up being too much liquid. It broke and I couldn't get it back together. Second method was 2 Tb instant espresso mixed with 1 tsp hot water. This turns into a paste and I just added it a teaspoon at a time until I thought it was right. I also added about 2 tsp vanilla to take the bitter edge off. I was pleased with the result and it well recieved by the customer.
  15. http://www.wilton.com/cupcakes/making-cupc...ed-cupcakes.cfm Wilton has a long narrow tip that you can pipe the filling in with. I'm sure other companies have this tip as well. You can feel the cupcake give a little when you're piping and you know that's when it's full. It needs to be a light textured cake for this method.
  16. I still had 1/3 batch of Heartsurgeon's formula in the fridge so I baked it off tonight. The plastic had come loose and the top was dried a bit so I just sqwidged it into the center of the loaf and hoped for the best....it turned out a great loaf and I guess the dried bits had all rehydrated because there was no sign of them. The flavour was great having been in the fridge for two weeks. It is so nice to be able to have fresh, good tasting bread with so much ease.
  17. I'd like to make this, but only have access to frozen wild blueberries. Is there something I should do to the berries to help prevent bleeding when I add them? So far I've only used them in blueberry pancakes, and I always get bleeding, even when I add them at the very last minute and stir very lightly. ← Another option is to put them in a sieve and run cold water over them until the water runs clear. Then shake to get most of the water off and add.
  18. Here's a link to videos with Julia Child. If you select breads and baked goods as your category it comes up with 16 pages of videos. Not exactly what you're looking for but it might be a start. I haven't used them recently but if I remember correctly a number of them are using recipes from "Baking with Julia".
  19. Caramel-Pecan Fudge Tarts at www.kingarthurflour.com. Oh my goodness....so delicious!!
  20. Not to hi-jack the thread but is there anything similar in Canada?
  21. Here's a link to a chocolate tasting party that was hosted by someone in the Vancouver Forum. You may get some ideas there.
  22. I baked off about 1/3 of Heartsurgeon's version (exactly as written) into one boule and unfortunately it was all eaten before I remembered to take a picture. It was definitely easier to handle although as was mentioned the large holes are sacrificed. It had a good crust, good crumb and nice body. I'm not sure that the malt made much difference. I'll have to try it again without and see. I think this is definitely a good method for getting used to the way this dough works. After this batch is gone I think I'll try the wetter version again. Thanks Heartsurgeon!
  23. Here's the ingredients for CI's Peanut butter Buttercream: 8 tablespoons unsalted butter , softened 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter (don't use old-fashioned or natural brand) 3/4 cups confectioners' sugar Pinch table salt 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon heavy cream I could just eat it with a spoon but as you can see the fat content is over the top. Apparently this makes enough for 12 cupcakes or about 1-1/2 cups.
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