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  1. Something besides what's been suggested that might help, if you're not already doing this, is to bake your pie on a lower rack in the oven. I have found that has greatly improved my pie-making attempts.
  2. I just made carrot cake for a friend's sons' 1st birthday and the carrots were good just through a normal fine grater (not as fine as the one for lemon rind). Are you worried about a choking factor or is this just a preference?
  3. I LOVE Wendy's Banana Cake!! So does everyone who tries it. Even my 2 year old daughters will eat more of it than any other banana loaf recipe. That said, I'd like to use it in the coffee shop in loaf form but as you mentioned Wendy, it doesn't rise much which is fine for a cake but to sell in individual slices I need some rise. The dough pretty much fills a 9x5 loaf pan so more dough is not the answer. The first time I tried it I used cake & pastry flour which gave it great texture. Last night I tried it with AP flour and 2 tsp baking powder but other than make it a bit rubbery it didn't rise any higher. Does anyone know how I can adjust the recipe to fit my needs?
  4. I don't know specifics but the owners of the coffee shop I will be contracting to are having all employees sign a contract that says they aren't able to share anything they learned at the shop until 2 years after they leave employment. This includes recipes for baking and making specialty coffees.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Stovetop - can't wait till you get back.
  6. I'm usually in the Pastry & Baking Forum but have a question specific to location so I thought you may be able to help. I'm going to be the baker for a new coffee shop opening in Abbotsford. I haven't worked in food service before, aside from fast food in highschool, and I'm trying to track down a food supplier (as far away as Vancouver is fine). I have made contact with Neptune and they are sending me a quote but I haven't found the yellow pages very helpful and I'm not comfortable calling a local bakery to find out who they use. Can anyone give me other suggestions? How has service been? Who has the best prices, etc. I also need to outfit the kitchen with smallwares so I read the cookware thread with interest. It's good to know about Genesis and Dunlevy. The coffee shop owners bought their large appliances at Budget Foods. I have also been in contact with Digi Canada but they both use the same catalogue for smallwares and they don't offer much info on the items. Are Genesis and Dunlevy better? If I go down there do they have a lot in stock or on display that I can look at? Thanks for all your help!
  7. I tried this recipe in my quest for a great Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe. They are very good although I haven't tested enough recipes yet to know if they're "The Best". Marcy Goldman (www.betterbaking.com) suggests using part quick oats and part rolled oats. I tried that with this recipe and it gave a really nice texture.
  8. They have an online catalogue. Click on the link in Anne's post, then click on "New Products" and then on "Online Catalogue". It looks like they have many wonderful things!!
  9. Middydd - just wanted to let you know I tried the Southern Living Carrot Cake and oh my goodness, is it wonderful!! My husband thought it was a bit gooey so I made it again without the buttermilk glaze. I like it best with but it is still wonderful without. I also made Cooks Illustrated which was way too plain. It has no coconut or pineapple. At my husbands request I also made a recipe from one of his co-workers. He thinks her recipe is best but it had 4 X the salt and way too much pineapple as far as I'm concerned. So, my thanks for the recipe! It's in my permanent file.
  10. I have another cheesecake question. I was at a large market on the weekend and one of the bakeries was selling their cheesecake in about 2-1/2"x4" squares. It looked like it had been cooked in a sheetpan. Any ideas on how to adjust the baking time to do this and also do I still need to come up with a water bath of some sort?
  11. Thanks for the tip, nightscotsman! I've always read that the water had to go half way up the side of the pan. I can handle a bit of water on a sheet pan, which would also rid me of the need to find deep pans to set the springforms in. I've never had a problem with leaking. Double sheet of foil has always worked.
  12. I've had great success with water baths but I'm going to be working in a very small kitchen with not a lot of counterspace so I don't want to be dealing with a bunch of pans filled with boiling water. I read recently that those Wilton Bake-even strips serve the same purpose. Has anyone tried them?
  13. Sweet Caroline - Thanks for asking about that. I guess I only followed the cheesecake one for the first few replies which didn't suggest freezing but only refridgerating. I'm glad I went back to read it now. Looks like freezing is fine. Andisenji - is there a chart to tell me what the internal temperatures for different items should be? I will have a couple weeks to use the oven before the shop opens so there'll be time to experiment. The oven will have a 2-stage fan so I don't think we'll have a problem with the cheesecakes rippling. It's good to hear that scones are fine baking from the frozen state. Do I leave the temp the same and just bake a bit longer or should I increase the temp as well? Thanks so much for all your input. I really appreciate having a forum available to get answers to my questions.
  14. Hi! I've been lurking for a couple months and really enjoy this site! I'm a 33-year old married mom of 2-year old twin girls with not a whole lot of extra time but I love baking and have been in the kitchen since I was a little girl. I work part-time in sales but will be beginning a new job October 1st as a baker for a new gourmet coffee & tea shop. I will be contracting them my skills and recipes and working out of a small kitchen in their shop. I had hoped to work out of my house but found, as some of you have, that the health inspectors aren't keen on that idea. Questions I hope you can help me with... I have never used a convection oven. Any ideas on how to adapt my recipes? I will be mainly baking large cookies, squares, muffins, scones, loaves and cheesecakes. Maybe some yeast breads later. Can I successfully multiply my 8x8"bar recipes x 4 and bake them in a half-size sheet pan? I will only be baking 2 days/week so many of the items will be frozen at least for a short while. After reading the cheesecake thread I know not to freeze those. I was wondering if you can make & shape scones, freeze them raw so someone else can bake them fresh on the mornings I'm not there? That's all I need for now. I'm sure I'll have more though. Thanks so much for all your help.
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