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  1. Pricing - I would recommend downloading Mastercook 9 for ~$20. Enter all the prices once and then just update from time to time from your receipts. This program also makes scaling your recipes and creating shopping lists very easy. Sheet pans - Why are you using disposable if you aren't serving on them? Half-size sheet pans are about $10 at a restaurant supply and you can only bake at most two cakes at a time in a home oven so you won't need many. When cool you can tip them onto the cake boards and bake your next batch. I would definitely use two layers and to do this successfully the single layers should be put in the freezer before frosting. This size of sheet cake is difficult to handle when it's not frozen. I've pieced together a few layers over time and no one will know but it's just easier to freeze them first. Fill and ice the tops and freeze again. While frozen, trim off edges and score top into the size of pieces you want. That will be a guide for whoever is cutting, whether a server or the guests. For chocolate I use Double Chocolate Cake With the Mastercook program I scale them to use 2 eggs and that's perfect for a sheet pan. Same temp just a lot less time. Good luck .
  2. Thanks for posting this! I have some non-stick pans that have recently begun sticking and I do use cooking spray in them sometimes so it's good to know this can possibly be fixed.
  3. I don't know for sure if this would help but have you tried chilling the pan after greasing, before you add the batter?
  4. I have a problem I don't see addressed on this thread that I'm hoping you can help with. I just got the mini Bordelais mold for baking little pound cakes in. I'm using 5/8 oz of batter to get the height I want and they are baking unevenly. The center row rises straight up and down but the outside rows rise higher towards the center of the pan. How can I fix this? I tip them upside-down to serve and 2/3's of them sit crooked. I tried putting it in a 9x13 cake pan to see if the higher edges of the pan would help but it didn't. Any ideas? edited to add: I'm recipe testing at the moment so I'm using my conventional oven at home. Would this problem be corrected or less obvious in a commercial convection?
  5. Zoe Francois has a new book that just came out which has a chapter on gluten-free breads. Members have had great success with her first book here so I definitely think it would be worth looking at for ideas.
  6. Here's an example of a tart "ring": Tart ring The sides are straight up and down.
  7. I've never seen these so it's just a guess but since they have a lot of tarts on their menu I'm guessing that they put the liners into individual tart rings and then bake. I don't think the liner alone is strong enough to prevent spreading.
  8. This is a link to a White Gluten Free Cake in recipegullet. I haven't tried it but it would probably be a great place to start.
  9. http://natureschoice.ca/ I find these pretty good. They are often located in produce stores but I'm sure you could contact them to find a source near where you live.
  10. Here's some books for inspiration: Sweet Miniatures by Flo Braker Just a Bite by Gale Gand Bite-size Desserts by Carole Bloom The first two will likely be in your local library, the last one was just published. And some threads to inspire: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=68041&hl=minis That should get you started . edited to add: for some reason my links didn't work. If this link works you can scroll down to the other two links I was going to post, Wendy's blog & Help me design a dessert bar.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to share your project! I can only imagine how excited you must be. I do the bin hauling and it would sure be nice just to step out my door into an already stocked kitchen. Hmm...one day.
  12. Is this pectin suitable for make Pate de Fruit? And where are you located? I'm in Canada so I don't know if shipping would be prohibitive.
  13. It's beautiful! I'm sure the couple were very happy with it.
  14. http://www.doriegreenspan.com/2009/08/blue...reakfast%2Bcake Dorie just tweeted this Blueberry Breakfast Cake with a walnut streusel that might fit your requirements.
  15. Just to clarify: Bake Shop Muffins isn't my recipe it's by Joanne Chang who owns Flour Bakery & Cafe and she publishes in Fine Cooking magazine. She is just in the editing process of her first book. I can't wait! Regarding size of pan...it makes a generous 12 muffins. I make the recipe into 18 when I want a smaller, more regular sized muffin so I think it would be too much batter for a single loaf pan. You might fit it in a 9x13 pan. I think I would top it with streusel or something. Just seems more coffee-cake like to me that way. BTW, I've never tried this so I don't know for sure that it will work.
  16. How do you define coffee cake? I don't know if this one will fit but it's great with coffee and it's a cake. It's a recipe from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and it's very good. http://www.adrianliem.ca/index.php/2008/02...od-with-coffee/
  17. Claire Clark has a recipe in Indulge that I tried recently. The filling didn't work great for me but I liked the method and I'll try it again with someone else's recipe. She make 3"round cookies out of a chocolate sable and then freezes parfait in 3"ring molds. I used water chestnut tins. When the parfait freezes you can pop them out and make up your sandwiches. I think I'd wrap them individually in parchment. My problem with this particular recipe is that the parfait mixture was too thin and it just leaked out the bottom of the molds. I tried it twice with the same result so I'm going to try the parfait recipe in Tartine next. Using parfait doesn't require an icecream maker so I think it would be faster.
  18. I just tried it this week and it broke. It's possible the cream cheese wasn't quite warm enough but the overall flavour didn't impress me enough to want to try again. Collette Peters has it as a suggested flavour add-in with her recipe for SMBC so it must work.
  19. Here's a link to Hazelnut spikes. Had you considered baking them in a mini-cheesecake pan and then inverting them to plate? It makes them a bit bigger than a mini-muffin but a bit smaller than a regular size one.
  20. I can't find the method on CI but I have great success with the method used in Baking Illustrated. Adjust oven rack to lowest position and put a rimmed baking sheet on it. Preheat oven (and pan) to 500F. Place pie on preheated pan and reduce heat to 425F for 25 minutes. Rotate pie and reduce temp to 375F. Bake for 30 - 35 minutes more. Towards the end I sometimes use a shield made out of foil. The easiest way I've found to do this is to tear off a square of foil. Fold it in half and then half again so you have a square. Cut about a 3" corner off the point with all the folds. When you open it up you have a hole in the middle. Easy to place over your pie to allow the pastry to continue to brown while protecting the crust.
  21. I do find that some have too much butter for me. My go-to recipe is now a Swiss Meringue Buttercream that uses 10 oz egg white, 20 oz sugar and 20 oz unsalted butter. I do find that you need to make sure you add adequate flavouring but as you found out you have to be careful how much. I've never ended up with overbeaten buttercream so I have no idea if this is possible. And at the end of the day it's a personal preference. My husband still prefers icing made with icing sugar. I've tried to convert him, but to no avail.
  22. Thanks for taking the time to give us your observations. This is probably not the answer you're looking for but since you seem to make macarons quite frequently have you considered buying a box from a wholesaler? I just bought a 5 kg box and it's ground very fine and cost half what it does at the grocery store. When I sifted it I only had a few pieces that didn't go through and since the amount was barely a pinch I just threw them out and didn't worry about replacing the weight.
  23. Last night I tried this Swiss Meringue Macaron and I'm really happy with the results. They turned out great on the first try. I put lime zest in the batter and filled them with lime SMBC.
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