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  1. My dough is ready in the fridge but I probably won't bake them till Monday. I'm wondering how you make 24 "mini-boules" without handling too much? Do you just cut off a small chunk at a time? I normally would weigh them out so they were all the same but this would make for a lot of handling.
  2. Me too! edited to add: Just noticed the time, I guess it will have to be tomorrow .
  3. These look fantastic but I'm confused....I thought Alfajores were a vanilla ground nut cookie rather than chocolate. I'd be interested in your recipe. Chocolate, caramel, nuts, what's not to like?!
  4. Wow!! ← How did your baking go this year, Randi? And did you end up doing Christmas cakes?
  5. Your weights look good. Here's the complete ingredient list from Paris Sweets: 175 grams all-purpose flour 30 grams Dutch-processed cocoa 1/2 tsp baking soda 150 grams unsalted butter, room temp 120 grams light brown sugar 50 grams sugar 1/2 tsp fleur de sel 1 tsp vanilla 150 grams bittersweet chocolate
  6. Holy smokes, Karen! That's amazing! I'd be interested in hearing about your rental situation and the challenges you had since I'm in that position at the moment too and live in a similar area. I understand we teach at the same place too.
  7. Your log looks a bit to thick to me and the finished product looks too thin. I agree with laniloa that maybe he cut them a bit thicker for that picture. Mine also come out more or less like the picture. Another thought...are you using a scale? Perhaps you have a tiny bit too much flour? I think Dorie published the recipe in grams in Paris Sweets. If you need the weights let me know.
  8. Beautiful Candy! Where do you get your boxes?
  9. Here's the link to NWCAV's chocolate course: http://www.nwcav.com/blog/?p=282
  10. Beautiful as always, Renka! Thanks for taking the time to post.
  11. Northwest Culinary Academy was going to be offering a 2-day chocolate course for amateurs in March but I just looked on their calendar and it isn't there anymore. I have e-mailed them and if it's still a go I'll let you know.
  12. If you have America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook it explains it. I can't remember the reason off hand but I believe it has to do with the method of combining ingredients. I'll try to look it up in the next day or two. ← I would really appreciate more information about this. Fern ← They suggest using a "reverse" mixing method. Whisk dry ingredients together. Add butter in 1/2" chunks, one at a time, beating with an electric mixer on medium-low. When all the butter is added continue beating for a minute or two until it looks crumbly and slightly wet. Add flavour and any liquids or cream cheese. Continue to beat for about 1/2 a minute, just till it begins to form large chunks. Remove from bowl and knead till it forms a cohesive mass. Wrap and chill. Another method they use and I also have a recipe by Flo Braker is with a food processor. Pulse dry ingredients to combine. Add butter and pulse till like cornmeal. Add any liquid while processor is running. This could be as small as 1 egg yolk and vanilla. Process till it starts to form large chunks and again knead a couple turns till it forms a cohesive mass. With this method you can roll it out between parchment right away and then chill. Might be worth a try with a recipe you love.
  13. If you have America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook it explains it. I can't remember the reason off hand but I believe it has to do with the method of combining ingredients. I'll try to look it up in the next day or two.
  14. Thanks for the link. Do you think the Cranberry Turtle Bars would work with dried sour cherries? I was thinking of making them in mini tarts and possibly use chopped almonds instead of the pecans. Or do you really need fresh/frozen fruit to get the right effect?
  15. I thought you had typed this note on Friday so I didn't reply. I guess I didn't interpret the time difference correctly. A fun thing to do is make your favourite brownie recipe in a mini muffin pan, when cooled a bit I turn the pan upside down and press to flatten the tops. Then tip them out upside down, pour some ganache over each one so it's running down the sides and then decorate with whatever you like. I often use a chocolate covered coffee bean or some edible gold. Simple and always popular.
  16. I hadn't used shortening in a crust in a long time but I did about a week ago and I could definitely taste it. I think it was the mouth-feel more than anything. At the moment I am most happy with a butter/lard crust.
  17. What about the lime one with cottage cheese and pineapple in it? It was at every potluck when I was growing up.
  18. I don't usually have milk chocolate in my house so I've made it with dark and bittersweet and it's delicious! Keeps forever in the freezer if you happen to have leftovers.
  19. Or one and a half times would be easy enough too. I'm pretty sure whipping cream doubles so with 3 cup of cream and 4-1/2 oz chocolate you should have plenty.
  20. I did this for the very first time just last week!
  21. What are callets? I'm assuming they're little bits of chocolate, and I tried to look it up before asking and this is what I got: Main Entry: cal·let Pronunciation: \ˈka-lət\ Function: noun Etymology: perhaps from Middle French caillette frivolous person, from Caillette fl1500 French court fool Date: 15th century chiefly Scottish : prostitute ← I couldn't quickly find a definition but here's a link to check out: https://www.goldaskitchen.com/merchant.ihtm...pid=7147&step=4
  22. LOL! Now that's an unusual interpretation. And we wonder why there's so many religions and denominations....
  23. With your botched batch you could probably chop it fine and serve over just about anything...ice cream, pumpkin pie, etc. Stir on medium until you're sure all the sugar is dissolved, wash down the crystals , turn up the heat and then leave it to boil on it's own till you get the right colour, then add your cream and butter and nuts or whatever and as far as I know it's ok to stir then. edited to add: I just looked at the recipe I use and for it you just throw everything in the pot at the beginning and stir till it hits 280F. Only once have I had it not turn out but it was years ago and I have no idea what I did wrong. It was still candy-like but much softer and a bit grainy.
  24. Do you bake with a digital scale? ← I do use a digital scale for chocolate, but not for everything. I know that I should, but haven't gotten up the energy to convert my recipes. Even though with the elements of a cooky, there aren't that many things to remember. ← I think flour is one of the most important ingredients to measure since it's hard to have a perfectly consistent method of measuring with a cup and the weather also affects how it measures. ← But what is a cup? 4 oz., 4.5, 4.625?? I found all those answers in my research. ← Usually I find 4.5 oz works. If it's a recipe you use a lot then it won't hurt to try it and if you find it's not enough then up it to 5 oz. My understanding is that if you scoop and level it's about 5 oz but if you spoon the flour in and level it's about 4.5 oz. Some books mention in the back which weight or method they use and if not, it only takes a recipe or two to figure it out.
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