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  1. As somebody who lives in Virginia but may be visiting the Federal District at some point in the near future, I have a question for the locals: Is Tonic walkable from Columbia Heights metro, or should I cab it from Woodley Park?
  2. Man, I have to wait more than half an hour after getting home to post! But yeah, the thing on the back is entitled "Logophobic Nightmares: Or, those inclined towards flocciauccinihilipilification will herein find ample fuel to their sciolistic fire." Between the big words, small print, and especially the effects of the beer itself, there was NO way I was reading that there! Pretentious Stone [Makers of 'Arrogant Bastard', the beer that tells you to your face you are not sophisticated enough to enjoy] bastads!
  3. Alright, so the punchline is The Brick was batting around .250 (About par for the course, or less. in the bad sense) as far as 'Beers ordered that they actually had'. Had some tasty Belgians and the Stone 8th Anniversary IPA was tastey (And included a doctoral thesis on the back I had to take home to read later).
  4. Report from The Brickskeller: I was there tonight (will be again tomorrow for the birthday party), and my sourcestells me that 1) they are pretty well stocked up and 2) they have a lot of new stuff on the menu (at least a page or two of seasonals and new beers) but they are out of a good fraction of that, mainly due to the novelty value of the new menu offerings. All in all, a pretty good bet for the weekend.
  5. I'll be there at around 6:12. Relatively speaking, I'm usually the last to arrive.
  6. For too long, the fried oysters and wine have evaded me. I'll be there!
  7. Guess "Provisions Too", the 'gourmet' mini-mart (As opposed to "Provisions", the normal, crazy markup mart) at George Washington should be honored. They had that stuff two years ago. Haven't been down there, and GW re-did that floor of the Marvin Center, so who knows if you can still get fine Norewgian water (And expensive pasta, and truffle oil, and pate...you know, college essentials) in a cool bottle on your meal plan. I'm with Mark on this one. I got a bottle from Provisions, and it was alright, but not mind-blowing. I did get sparkling by accident, and I'm not really into sparkling water, so who knows.
  8. Ah, I needed that! Oh wait, it's back...nevermind.
  9. That was mostly for the edification of anybody else who wishes to offer advice. I've never been to Baltimore, so I've got nothing for you!
  10. Baltimore or DC aquariums? (Edit for: Ok, probably Baltimore...nevermind)
  11. 'zactly, and that's their number one problem. However, since it's the new year, they should be stocked up, post-assessment. My former roommate works over there...I'll see if I can find out what the deal is. It should be good to go for the weekend, though.
  12. That's a good point. The Brickskeller (s'kat: Supposedly the largest beer list available at a retail establishment anywhere) should be back up to form*, if they got their post-New Years pseudo-tax-evading beer shipment in. Edit to Asterisk * 'Form' as defined by 'have all or a significant majority of their beer in stock'. Your mileage with regard to seating, service, food, and atmosphere will still vary. But they should have the beer. I'll be there for a birthday party this Saturday, so I'll report back.
  13. A sesame shot tim. A hemostats me is. A Shea Met is most. At Mateo he missed. (Don't we have a place called Mateo around here?) And finally: A messiah set tom. -- Chefs Gnu Ho
  14. Never been to Bistro Francais, but BdC strikes me as pretty Guy Food-y for some reason. Not that I've been yet. One of these Saturday Nights, though... "eGullet DC & DelMarVa: Where 'Guy Food' Can Definately Be French"
  15. Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar? This one's on my list for things to try, and I've heard good things here about their wine selection. Mendocino is not on Restaurant Week, so seating might not be a problem. Or at least not MORE of a problem. Across from Bistro Francais (might be a block or so up M) is Old Glory where he can start making a dent in the 80 Bourbon Club. The tables and condiments lead me to believe that this establishment may offer some kind of food, perhaps BBQ-type fare, but I haven't looked into that particular aspect myself.
  16. It sounds nice as a concept, but for the most part, Chantico scares me! 21 grammes of fat? 40 grammes of sugar?? That's insane, and I'm not one usually given to freaking out over stuff like that! Somebody posted an article on this to totalfark.com, and somebody replied that they will also sell you Chantico in normal sized cups, with 20oz going for $5.60. Who knows if this is true, but wow! Still, have to try it ('standard' size, please) once, though.
  17. I nominate Flash animation intros: Fade in, logo of restaurant, fade out. Fade in, seared ahi tuna sitting on a starch, speared with something. Fade out. Fade in, name of restaurant. Fade out Fade in, some kind of yellow, or possibly red cocktail in a martini glass. Fade out. Fade in, some kind of dessert, sprinkled with what looks like cardamom. Fade out. Fade in, logo of restaurant again, with slide-in text containing brief statement of the restaurant's concept or 'spirit'. Fade out. Click next to continue.
  18. I was thinking about hitting up someplace for Restaurant Week dinner tomorrow after work. Probably pretty informal, and likely eating at the bar (since I have no plan and no reservations at this point). Anybody want in? Thinking Foggy Bottom/'Golden Triangle' region, but anything readily Metro-accessible is fine.
  19. Yeah, Kinkead's or Vidalia. David Greggory is right by Vidalia, too, followed by Firefly and then Galileo in a vaguely colinear arrangement (Of course by the time you get to Galileo you'd have passed by six or seven other fine options!). Corduroy wouldn't be that far, either. Nadya: Yeah, good call on Kaz, too. You'll be on my turf, though! I can vouch highly for Kinkead's RW lunch, but you'll need reservations I'd imagine.
  20. Chef Shogun


    Shallot confit?
  21. Happy Restaurant Week everybody ! So, where's everybody going? It occured to me tonight that it was, in fact, the 10th comming up and I don't have anything lined up, so I've got to get on that today at work!
  22. Probably....they have a van I see tooling around occasionally, presumably filled with tasty breads. As for myself, I was rockin' the Toast Tite today...truely a noble grilled cheese sandwich (With apologies to the Capital Grounds 'Three Cheese Grille". I still love you, but the toast tite contains five!).
  23. Think Sangrita would freeze well? I'm thinking: mix up a batch, and freeze it in an ice cube tray for re-heating (or at least melting an warming, in something like one of the little glass bowls I use for my meez) when I want tequila.
  24. Alright, so we're on for David Greggory for happy hour? I should be there around 6:15.
  25. Yeah, figure mdt could just order it off the menu (As might I). Alright, sounds good. What's the dress code like at DG?
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