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  1. I just want to tell you both good luck; we're all counting on you.
  2. Pork shoulder is always good, and while I wouldn't go so far to as as it's old and busted, meatball sandwich is the new hotness.
  3. More information on the location. We have a 'Design District'?
  4. Yeah, I couldn't go either.....nor will I have fish tomorrow. I'm just worried about the rest of my office. I got two of my underlings hooked on the things, and the boss wanted one this week, too. Hopefully they can fend for themselves! Your instincts on the white bean soup are probably accurate: their sausage rules, so anything they do with it has to be good, and they've got a great track record with soup! It'll be back this time next week, though. Hey, anybody hear anything about the hot dogs they were supposed to have started serving a long time ago?
  5. pwned. Could have sworn it was the burrito and cheesesteak today. Ah well, the Cuban is great! One of my favorites. I still say the king of Breadline sandwiches is the fried cod! Edited for: Hey, new soups! (White bean with sausage, and mushroom vegetable)
  6. You should do alright for seating. I can never get there that early, so I don't know how busy it will be, but it should be fine. There's a row of tables on the main level, and then a sort of loft area with more tables. I want to say that the Thursday specials are....the burrito, the cheesesteak, butternut squash soup, and turkey noodle soup. Not 100% sure, though....I usually give Thursday a miss and go back Friday for the fish!
  7. ...and Todd Gray, and Frank Ruta, and Fabio Trabocci. DC area, represent! We now return you to The New York City Show, already in progress. *continues reading press release*
  8. I dunno, the cited menu examples sound pretty tasty in that 'huh...interesting' , 'to the brink of - but not quite - confused' fusion cuisine sort of way. Pass on the cilantro daquiri, though. Writeup didn't feel THAT harsh, though the "Ok, we're here now, consider yourselves hip' line made me cringe a little.
  9. One thing I've had at Borders that I really liked is the Bali Hai Chai, which is a spiced chai with coconut flavor. The first time I had it was in a Borders in CT, and they made it with a steam infuser attachment to the espresso machine (This was a while ago, so I'm a little sketchy on the details...suppose it could have been just the steam head, but it made a noise unlike any I've heard an espresso machine make!). Every other time I've gotten one in this area, it was your standard 'powder and hot water out of the coffee machine' job, and nowhere near as tasty as that first one (which I think might have been made with milk, too...don't recall now).
  10. No, but I'd like to one of these days. My former roommate did, and I never interrogated him on how he did it (I've got the basic idea, of course!) or where he got his stuff. Cool! How many trips do you need to make? Edited for actually going to look at the page: Two trips.
  11. Don't think there are any more dates this week (Grill was open today and yesterday) Try the meatball sandwich! Gives the pork shoulder a run for it's money!
  12. I liked the creamed spinach, and I don't generally liked creamed spinach. Kest la vee.
  13. I was under the impression that you could 1) get pure Capsaicin from chemical supply house only with 2) the proper license.
  14. Point of order: 'Other' implies a binary system of boards, and MY 'other' board makes no mention of this particular establishment what-so-ever. Which board is it that has the review?
  15. I don't know, the $18 lobster burger seemed pretty real to me.
  16. The sauvignon blanc was very good with the lobster, too.
  17. This thread has been a very good meating of the minds.
  18. Anybody get a chance to try the new meatball sandwich? By the time I got there, they were out.
  19. No, I don't think many people here particularly like The Brickskeller for the reasons you outlined and more. I'm not nessesarily one of those people, but it certainly doesn't blind me to their faults. The fact that they always seem to be out of the first or second or third beer you want is pretty frustrating, sure, but never once in all of my visits there have they no beer that I was interested in drinking. There Is Always More Beer. In The Brick, as in life, wishful thinking will only make the truth more painful: don't go in with too specific a plan laid out, and you'll always leave drunk and happy! How else would they organize beer? Just line the things up alphabetically by brewery, then within each, alphabetically by name. RFID maybe. It would only raise the price of each bottle maybe a tenth of a cent, plus another dollar for the labour involved in having to program and apply a specific tag to each....bottle....of....beer....that....came....in. Not like all the breweries are going to do it themselves. The sheer pain in the ass of that, as I imagine it, is mind boggling. Maybe a system of webcams and fuzzy logic so each fridge 'knows' what it contains.
  20. Oh man...been carefully avoiding this thread all week so I could watch it tonight. So this is what it must be like when your sport team loses one of those big Bowl or Cup or Plate things. "Gah!! He's going to finish, right?" --Me to sister on IM, while watching "um...........yeah.....he's fine." --Sister, whom I swore to secrecy on the outcome I'd like to think he probably could have taken Morimoto if he finished all his dishes, or at least put up a respectable showing. Still though, that was pretty sad.
  21. That's almost eerily beautiful. I'm almost worried that those fruit slices would have risen up and taken over the world had you not eaten them, which I hope for the future of our civilization you did.
  22. Sweet! That's probably my best chance to get over there. Was it really busy at lunch?
  23. Now there's a place I've been meaning to get to.
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