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  1. Montomery County is pretty good. As a neat comparison, the Milagro Anejo that MC has on sale for $23.99, regularly at $30.55 retails a couple miles away in Virginia for $49.95! Over the river and through the woods* to Montgomery County I go!*Potomac River and Rock Creek Park, I guess. Have to find a store near the Metro, but even then, I can rent a Zipcar for an hour and STILL come out $10 ahead!
  2. No, I don't plan on showing up on time, MOTHER!
  3. Anybody happen to know what the ~£70 item on The Walnut Tree's menu was? That seems like a lot for any one item on a menu, for any restaurant! They didn't say anything about it being a prix fixe tasting menu option.
  4. There's a "Big Lebowski" joke here someplace, I just know it.
  5. As opposed to most of the beer you'd be hypothetically drinking at the sushi bar? Your Sapporos and Kirins and Asahis aren't called "Japanese Rice Lager" for no good reason, to say nothing of American macrobrews!
  6. Maybe a pathological case, but I had Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia as part of a tequila sampler at the above-mentioned Oyamel (I let the bartender pick and I think he just gave me the most expensive each of blanco, reposado, and anejo :p), and it had much more in common with something like cognac than tequila! I won't touch Cuervo for my party-grade tequila needs, but their high end stuff is great!
  7. That's the one I've had! It's excellent! I can't decide if $55 is a good price or not. I'd say it's up there, certainly. For comparison, I was paying $9.50 for shots at Oyamel (Tequila list there, but out of date), and would do it again. Crikey....turns out Virginia ABC does have the Milagro line. Didn't see it when I was there the other day. I don't know where you're getting the blanco for $30, but here it's $39.90, according to their website! That had better be pretty good!
  8. I've never had Milagro silver tequila either, but for what it's worth, I really like their reposado.
  9. Does 'malt liquor' count as beer, taxonomically speaking? ("Are you on your third beer of the evening?" --TV" "Does whiskey count as beer?" --Homer Simpson)
  10. Alright, fine....The good ones are made with a process not unlike that detailed in the threads. The rest are chemical like any other flavoured product.
  11. There are a number of threads on this topic already. Here's one on vodka. The process would be the same for gin.
  12. Watching this thread with renewed interest, as so far the 'best'* apartment I've seen was in Rockville. * Not saying much, but it DID have an actual kitchen, and not just a stove and sink built into a closet with sliding doors. That the two places were the same price continues to astound.
  13. My first instict was that this would be a good mixer. I tried it the other day for the first time, mixed with rum. It was alright, but not great. Had the same fake lime taste as Bacardi Ciclon.
  14. When is the Paella Festival at Jaleo?
  15. For a while, I was fairly certain that the only place to obtain Pho around Foggy Bottom was "Asian Bistro" on L street. How wrong I was. On Monday The Froggy Bottom Pub of all places has the best Pho I've yet tasted. Granted, that's not that much Pho to compare against: I haven't been to 4 Sisters yet for example, but this was good stuff, I'm sure, by any standards. Apparently they do a brisk trade (Or just don't make enough!), as they were sold out by the time I got there last week with the friend who told me about it, and this past Monday they had but one bowl left, which the friend and I split along with an order of pork egg rolls. Sounds like they have one meat, which I'm pretty sure was round eye. So, Froggy's Pho had everything going that a good bowl of Pho should, and is available all day Monday. Added bonus: fun absurdity of going at it sticks and bowls amidst a packed and somewhat rowdy house of Monday 'half price pizza and pitcher special night' -goers*! * Not that they have the wrong idea nessesarily: Froggy has good pizza!
  16. I KNOW!! They went from the origonal two to THREE! (Plus Japan in the future, If My Memory Serves Me Correctly) Edit for: Alright, Norwalk in 1969, Danbury in 1991, and Yonkers, NY at some presumably recent point they don't mention on their site.
  17. Stew Leonard's Been out of Norwalk, CT (my hometown) for a while. Miss that place! Great in-house bakery, and they even package their milk in the store, or at least they used to. That was always fun to watch going there as a kid! The layout has only gotten more convoluted over the years.
  18. I'm no good at cards. Let's play checkers.
  19. Ack, you're right. Wednesday and Thursday, not Friday. Wishful thinking, I guess.
  20. Some people want to drink martinis, but they don't want to drink Martinis. It's an image thing. Take the same tarted up fusion drink, give one a cutesy and ideally vaguely humorous or ironic name, and call the other some kind of Martini, and I'd imagine you'd sell a lot more of the 'martini' one than the other one.
  21. Grill open Wednesday and Thursday, but the email also mentioned a new item: Hot dogs!! According to the email, the rolls, ketchup and sauerkraut will be made in-house. Edited to reflect how it's not open on Friday this week!
  22. I just want to tell you both good luck; we're all counting on you. (P.S. Excellent work!)
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