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  1. Are they going to update their packaging to reflect this change?(Apparently if you hit it on the 42 it comes right out!)
  2. Like Haley's Comet, I await the return of the Burger King Rodeo Burger.
  3. I'm sure it's a product of my troubled upbriging, but if the end result of this mad project doesn't taste like Ore-Ida, they won't be curly fries. The secret is ice crystals.
  4. I did the same thing with some sour cherries (batch of bourbon as well), but I pitted mine and left it for about two weeks in a Mason jar of Smirnoff 80. Very tasty as a highball with ginger ale. Tasted a cherry and wished I hadden't, though. Luckylies: I wouldn't go too super cheap with it. You'll just end up with cherry flavoured crap. No running it through a Britta, either.
  5. Good timing! I'm doing a vanilla vodka (seems safe) and I'm not sure if I've let it go long enough. It's sat for a week but still doesn't taste that good. Should I let it go longer? Could be I need to use better vodka...using Smirnoff, just as I did in my failed attempts last year (chile and citrus).
  6. Most of these sound more like 'crappy renditions' than 'misrepresentations'.
  7. Can't find this with a search. Probably got pulled for not including the magic words "Bottle is a collectable. Any incidental contents not meant to be consumed."
  8. Yep. We had a bottle of this stuff at a party once. Nothing special. Good party gimmick.
  9. I dunno, switch to European notation and call me on 22/7.
  10. From the "I guess you could, but...." files, I subject you to: Not The Dogsled 3/4 oz Yukon Jack 3/4 oz Canadian Club 1/2 oz Gran Gala 1/2 oz Lemon juice Alright, it was supposed to be entirely Yukon Jack, right? No, wait...come back! Thank you...And be called The Dogsled (It's like a sidecar, you see? See??). But I didn't have as much Yukon Jack as I thought (it's popular at parties, you see. LATE into parties, mind, but still....popular), so I was like "I need something else that's Canadian or the drink won't be thematically sound anymore!" Long story short...this isn't bad! Little sweet, little sour (too much lemon). More Yukon Jack, less on the Gran Gala. Maybe on the rocks with soda instead of up. I give it 6.5 stars out of a possible 10.75. Seriously, it was alright! --Matt May Your Drinks Be, If Nothing Else, Basically Thematically Sound
  11. Wow, square bagels not entirely unlike those found at Cosi! --Matt, Who doesn't plan to buy either product At least until they stop calling them "Squagels"
  12. I knew you'd only hurt me in the end.... Man, if there's one thing I love, it's that lobster burger.
  13. Wait, hold on....the lobster burger is back??
  14. Exactly! I was discussing this point last week with a friend who had no idea that Cuervo made any high-end or quality products. On one hand, it's a PR situation their people could improve on. On the other hand, they seem to be doing just fine with the image they've got!
  15. For a spiced rum, i think Sailor Jerry's is pretty drinkable. ← Much more so than C. Morgan's. Cheaper, too, at least around here. It's my house spiced rum for those rare occasions when I want spiced rum!
  16. "Nutella, meet.....whatever. Whatever, Nutella!" A bowl of microwaved Spaghetti-Os is the blank canvas upon which dreams are given substance. Everybody and everything seem younger at a party. Leftovers included.
  17. I second the Keurig. We've got one here and it's pretty darn good. When they clean the machine regularly. Which they almost never do. Remember to clean the machine from time to time!
  18. Yeah, I don't think I would ever do that.
  19. I applaud their inclusion of Breadline and The Burro. How did they even find them?? Especially The Burro...it's hidden away in the 2000 Penn shopping center and is populated by mostly GW students and World Bank people. And really tasty burritos, of course. Breadline is probably the most sensible item on the list, all in all. It's unclear if the ordering is significant, but it's my go-to lunch spot more often than is financially responsable of me. Other than that, the list doesn't do much for me, but who couldn't do a better one around here, ne?
  20. "Hung over like WHAT" "Good party, though...what were you drinking?" "Effen vodka, man..."
  21. Yeah, well...me too, but sometimes you have to make up a party drink! Incidentally the formula works well with SoCo, too. Thanks for the comments!
  22. Dogfish Head Brewing - Lots of stuff: Three kinds of rum, vodka, gin, tequila. Think they rotate them. I was there three weeks ago and they didn't have the gin or tequila. They also sell infused vodka.
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