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  1. Oh....that's possible. It DOES look kind of pier-oneish when I walk by there. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure they have a wine section, so I don't know.
  2. isn't there a Global Market in Pentagon City, too? next to the Sur la Table. ← Yes, in the first group of stores in 'Pentagon Row', down the block from Sur la Table.
  3. Overheard at around 4am at a part last weekend: "Hey know what's good? Cognac and honey!" --Friend of mine Problem: My party, my Hennessy...didn't register in time to react.
  4. Delicious fried risotto balls! I usually just nuke it, too....
  5. If it were my place, and this is just off the top of my head here, I'd have a battalion of cloistered Italian nuns (or French nuns for creamier risotto) hooked up like Matrix-style batteries to power a small stirring machine. This machine could also make sabayon, I suppose.
  6. Thought they only two places licensed to serve it around here were Kaz and Sushi-ko. Might be wrong on Sushi-Ko, but I didn't think Japone was...
  7. They are clearly plotting to take over the world.
  8. Jose Andres at Oyamel Restaurant has a margarita with 'salt air' on the menu. It's a pretty neat effect, actually, but the bar staff haven't individually gotten the forumla for the foam down, so it has a pretty wide variation in consistancy and saltiness. Pictured here when we tried it on our outing there. I personally kind of liked it. It's a definate gimmick, but was a nice enough effect. Better than a heavy salt rim, anyway. The Ferran Adria-esqueness of it all stems from the fact that Andres worked with Adria for a time, IMMSMC.
  9. My thought too. ← Ok, I'm on it. You should go to Corduroy, in the Four Points Sheraton at 1201 K Street.
  10. So, it's a decent place? Think they're opening one over by Oyamel.
  11. Not to threadjack too hard, but is Sinplicity still open? I went by there at 3:30 today for coffee and they were closed. I know they keep weird hours, but 3:30 on a Saturday? Think they might have switched to a catering-only operation.
  12. Everything they serve there is over-cooked, over-sauced, and not so fresh. ← Hear the food's not so hot, either.
  13. What...it was cold that night, and I was tired.
  14. Rarely. Might have used it once since I moved into my current place with three friends. 'Use' is pretty loosely applied, too...I might have eaten there once or twice after cooking something, but it's not like we have sit-down dinners or anything. Have a pretty decent four person table too, that now needs to be resurfaced after the roommates played 'shot glass checkers' (You might have seen this at 'Bed, Bath, and Beyond') on it . I usually just eat in my room.
  15. I've already wasted, like, 2 whole minutes staring at the keypad on my phone, YOU EVIL MAN. Obsessive? me? ← The Way of the Samurai is one of immediacy. Just glad I used the payphone in the lobby.
  16. Blast. I would have had the scoop if I weren't still working on my sausage sandwich. Not sure how long this will last...I'm no blogger, but something tells me posting a menu for a commercial establishment may run a-foul of their 'acceptable use policy'.
  17. The dubbing was done by Canadian expats. Much of it bore little relationship to anything that was said, some none, some was pretty spot on. ← The puns! Save me from the puns! Epecially the ones that have, If My Memory Serves Me Correctly, zero cultural or linguisitic context in Japanese. Those translators make me cringe at least once an episode, though in general, they do an entertaining job. Now if you'll excuse me, there's about a 'Buck Fifty' left on the clock, so I've gotta run.
  18. That's 'Commonwealth' to you! (And you're right, I think)
  19. Because Oyamel hot chocolate is really, really good: it's not overly sweet, and has a cocoa/anise/chile thing going. I was actually thinking of trekking over there myself, though I'd probably get the 'cafe de olla' just because I've never had that before. They both come in clay pots and are enough for two or three people.
  20. Do they have an additional location across and somewhat down the block from Galileo (Though it might be a block over...)? I think I might have been there once or twice when I lived in the dorm near there. It was pretty good! I'm asking because I'd go back if I knew there were a bounty of tzaziki to be had.
  21. The key is finding something you like to do shots of. The key is finding something of which you like to do shots. Of. I'm with slkinsey at least most of the way, but sometimes shots are appropriate, or at the very least, unavoidable. Don't do anything too high proof. It just burns, and is not tasty. Also there's a point a which you shouldn't be drinking that stuff straight. Yukon Jack is about as high up as you want to be going. Don't do anything quality, then again, don't do anything too cheap. Life is too short to be drinking cheap booze, even 2 ounces at a time thrown right past the taste buds. Besides, that stuff isn't tasty either. Don't do tequila if you don't have the salt and lime to back it up. Or sangrita. It really does make a difference. But if there's sangrita to be had, odds are there's something better you could be drinking. Sangrita in one hand, tequila in the other: drink half the sangrita, do the tequila, then the rest of the sangrita. If there is ground maguey worm to be had with the tequila, you have somehow wound up in Mexico. Call somebody to wire you money for a plane home and Never Speak Of It Again. Jaegermeister gets a bad rap, but it's not the worst thing you could be doing shots of, but make sure it's been in the freezer. The worst thing you could be doing shots of is the 'cement mixer'. If somebody is like 'hey, let's do cement mixers', you're probably not at a very good party. Also, they are wasting perfectly good Baileys. Bet they don't even have sangrita. In general, stay away from anything that has a name you wouldn't want to tell your mom you were drinking. As far as your base spirits, I suggest sticking to whisky, tequila, and vodka. Watch the episode of "A Cook's Tour" where Tony goes to Russia and that guy gives him a good tutoring in how to do vodka. The bread really does make a difference. Good vodka doesn't have to have been chilled. Crappy vodka does, but you're not doing shots of bad vodka, right? In all, go easy on the shots, and space them out. Do one or two to get the night going, then move on to something better. NulloModo: They key to jello shots is whipped cream. Lubricant, coolant, taste-enhancer. Be the life of the party next time 20 of your closest friends get together for a halloween party and almost 900 jello shots by bringing about 12 cans of whipped cream. Don't look at me like that, it wasn't MY idea. The whipped cream was, though.
  22. Well, there's the Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row, Slavins fish market on S. Gleebe road near 395, and Cheesetique on Mt. Vernon road in Alexandria. Arrow Wine is supposed to have good stuff, but I'm not entirely sure where it is. Other than that, I'll be watching this thread, too! Welcome to the area!
  23. That's kind of cool. [geek] I haven't done much work with it, but you could probably tap the I2C line off a memory module, and use LM_Sensors to control the fridge the way you would any heat-producing (or reducing) piece of computer equpiment. [/geek] Could run this off the same machine you're using to run your Linux Robotic Wet Bar (will edit with link)
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