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  1. This is great stuff, Brooks. Thanks for sharing.
  2. From the PLCB web site: A while back, I ordered something by visiting one of the stores. I didn't need the ID#. They looked it up for me.
  3. Katie should be along any minute..... to tell you about the PA statewide search..... While you wait, click here.
  4. bigbear

    Baby fennel - raw?

    Julia Child had Alice Waters on her show where she made a shaved fennel, mushroom and parmesan salad. Very good, IMHO.
  5. bigbear

    Not quite wine drinking

    From a three year old BBC article on the passing of Freddy Heineken. Click here.
  6. bigbear

    Spring Radishes

    Of late, I have been enjoying sandwiches of brannola bread with mascarpone cheese, sliced radishes and S&P.
  7. bigbear

    Spring Radishes

    I am always surprised at how good a simple, sliced, radish sandwich can taste. Butter, S&P on white.
  8. IIRC, Morton's had an anti-caking ingedient the last time I looked. Diamond Crystal is pure salt.
  9. As always, Kristen, your posts are the best. Thank you.
  10. bigbear


    When I'm making red sauce for pasta, I add Sriracha because it's got that garlic and a little extra zip going for it. For the same reasons, it goes well on pizza.
  11. Try the Cruzan Estate Diamond, less expensive than the Single Barrel, but I think it's better.
  12. A different brand of ground coffee would probably be the easiest improvement.
  13. My wife and I were in the D.C. area for a few days and we tried to hit a couple of the places that I have been reading about on this board. We went for burgers, BBQ, Mexican and steaks. Only two places blew our hair back.....Taqueria Poblano and Ray's The Steaks. About 45 or 50 years ago, my father first introduced me to the pleasure of a good piece of beef at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, so Michael (now clean shaven) Landrum wasn't gettin' my cherry. The medium-rare piece of dead, animal flesh that I had at RTS was great. I wasn't hungry (still stuffed from lunch) and I still relished every bite. The sides were great too. Thank you, Michael.
  14. Spotted this "today-only" sale on Amazon for a KitchenAid K5SS. Plus, if you use promotion code FEBRUARYKHBB, you'll get another $25 off. Free shipping, if you're not in a hurry.
  15. I have found three varieties (crushed, chopped & marinara sauce) of Pomi cartons at Waldbaum's. I like their marinara sauce also. My local IGA only carries the chopped product ($1.59).
  16. That's why I love this place. You guys are such kidders. I almost took you seriously, Jason.
  17. Thank you for your report. I really don't feel as if I live in a culinary wastelend or half-a-million miles from culture, but, maybe that's me. I would like to add something about your comment on transportation. Recently, I found myself at JFK Terminal #4 at about 1:30 AM, trying to find a ride home to Suffolk County. My brother always tells me to call at anytime, day or night. He'll wake up his wife and send her. I demured and called a local, "classic" service from a transportation kiosk. They told me that they had no service till 4:30 AM. When I asked what I could do, the dispatcher told me to sit there and call back at 4:30 AM. One of the airport denizens tried to sell me a ride to my destination for $133.13. Hell.... a limo ride only costs $70. I politely asked him to cop a mope. I hadn't flown into JFK (been using EWR and LGA) in a while and I was unaware of the Airtrain. Got a brochure. Read the rules. Went upstairs. Got on a train. Was in Jamaica in 15 minutes. A delightful LIRR employee (should have got her name..... really a pleasure) showed me how to use the machine to pay for my ride on the Airtrain and the LIRR with my credit card. Caught the 2:06 AM to Babylon. Taxi ride to the door. I was home at 3:00 AM for under $15. Check out the Airtrain. It's free to go from terminal to terminal at the airport and only $5 to go to the LIRR at Jamaica, Queens. There are other connections, but they didn't interest me.
  18. At the risk of ruining a birthday surprise, I would ask her if she is interested in trying the home roasting process and all it entails. You could wind up with another appliance, in a cardboard box, in a cabinet, somewhere.
  19. Now..... that's a road trip. Thanks for sharing.
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