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  1. With me, rum is a lot like sex..... the worst I ever had was fabulous. Recently, when I was in an Ecuadorian super market, I saw Ron Matusalem Etiqueta Negra at $9.28 for 750 ml. I only bought one bottle and haven't sampled it yet. Should I have bought more? Is this stuff better than fabulous?
  2. Congratulations. All the best.
  3. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the Reverend Jeff Smith's TV shows and felt especially connected to him when he stated that the best dessert was a glass of Sauternes. But, if he was a child molester, he should burn in hell.
  4. Great read, Dean. Thanks.
  5. I am sitting in Mariscal Sucre International in Quito, awaiting a 7 AM flight to EWR. I´ll post some info and a couple photos when I get back and get caught up with the mail.
  6. The latest pairing, that I particularly enjoyed, was a Cameroon petite corona from the Little Cigar Factory (boutique producer based in Massapequa, NY) and Cruzan Estate Diamond rum.
  7. fresco..... I'll leave as soon as I can get my act together. I hope you don't mind getting things in dribs and drabs, but that's the way my mind works. As I think of something that might be of interest, I'll post it. Generally, you won't find heating or air-conditioning in Quito. The capital of Ecuador is about 9,300 feet above sea level and the altitude, coupled with the latitude, help keep its temperatures about the same year-round. I equate it to a New York spring, but year-round. A little chilly at night and comfortable during the day. The altitude can affect you, at first. Read up about high-altitude sickness. Beware, anyone who has respiratory problems, the oxygen is a little thin. It takes three generations to become fully acclimated to high-altitude breathing. Some of the volcanoes are tall enough to be snow-capped. I remember reading that Ecuador is the only country where both the temperature and the latitude can equal zero. Quito is due south of NY and in the same time zone, except they don't observe Daylight Savings Time. Doesn't make sense to do so because the latitude keeps the day/night thing pretty even. Interestingly, I think they tried DST in the past (God knows why) and it was a bust. June 1st, The Miss Universe Contest is coming from Quito.
  8. fresco..... I stay in Quito, beach-it in Atacames and take the occasional side trip. I am pretty sure that Ecuadoreans pay less to visit the Galapagos Islands and there is no way around it. It's a governmental thing. I wouldn't be surprised if there are restaurants that have two sets of menus, although my Ecuadorean wife swears it ain't so. Yes, foreigners visiting local craft markets are quoted prices that are higher than the “normal” asking prices, but even a “normal” asking price is just a starting point. Bargaining is a way of life and is expected. Hone your negotiating skills. Actually, bargaining can be enjoyable if you are not desperate to acquire a particular item. Don't shop for souvenirs the day before leaving for home. I find Ecuadoreans to be polite and friendly and they genuinely like North Americans. The words “gringo” and “gringa” are used, but not disparagingly. English is taught as a second language in the schools and you sometimes discover its use when least expected. I was once stopped in the street by an eight-year-old and his mother. The boy wanted to try his English, language skills on me. It was a very pleasant and heart warming encounter. Not so pleasant was the time that a surly, slightly-deranged beggar reiterated and emphasized his demands in English in response to my, “No hablo Espanol.” The US dollar is the official currency of Ecuador, so US citizens don't have any exchange worries. When I go, I sift through the coins I've been throwing into an empty, coffee can and take out the dimes and quarters to bring with me. Down there, you can actually buy some things with pocket change. I'll keep you in mind while I'm down there and pay more attention to things that might interest you. When I get back, I should have better information for you and maybe some photos. If you have any more questions, let me know.
  9. Alton, First, let me thank you for showing me how to scramble an egg, perfectly. Oh yeah..... and the "Queen" says she'll be eternally grateful for your cumin, raisins, olives, pot-roast-in-foil thingy. My sauerbraten used to be her favorite pot roast. Grudgingly, I'll admit to liking yours also. Read that you enjoy a cigar ocassionally. Do you have any favorite beverage/cigar combinations? Thanks for taking the time. --Jeff P.S. Who does your hair?
  10. I am going down soon, fresco. Is there anything specific that I can find out for you?
  11. Still shad season in Connecticut, I believe. Roadtrip?
  12. I think that Michael, Tommy Miller's business partner, is a genius.
  13. HomeTownFavorites stocks the regular. If you ask, maybe they can get the diet. "Our product selection is based on customer request; you tell us what you can't find, we will try to carry."
  14. I kinda like it easy on the muddling. Squeeze the pieces of lime into the glass before throwing them in and muddle gently with the sweetener. I find that the oils from the skin can make it too bitter.
  15. By the by..... I had a great Maker's Mark manhattan at the Lancaster Brewing Company not too long ago.
  16. Bingo..... That's my story. Would it be inappropriate for me to toast Dad and Gramps here? Here's looking up your azimuth.
  17. Bingo..... That's my story. They were usually made with blended, Canadian whiskey, but I like Maker's Mark wheated bourbon. A bourbon drinker of some renown told me that if I liked MM manhattans, I'd love them made with Blanton's. Haven't tried one yet.
  18. bigbear

    Wine and Cheese

    Thunderbird and Velveeta.
  19. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned Lenny Henry in Chef.
  20. The 4 & 5 year-olds are on sale here. Their sale prices are usually very reasonable. Recently, 750 ml JW Black was going for less than $20. You just have to order enough bottles so the shipping doesn't eat up your savings. I believe they'll ship just about anywhere. I know they have shipped to NY. I have no interest in shilling for them.
  21. In Men Behaving Badly, Rob Schneider brewed some drip coffee using a pair of unlaundered Jockeys as a filter. One of the unsuspecting characters mentioned its "earthy taste."
  22. Recently, someone asked me to find the cereal, Wheatena. I couldn't find it in any store, but I found it on the web at HomeTownFavorites. com. They had a few other things that I hadn't seen in a while.
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