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  1. Good for you. You probably made his day.
  2. I am loving the Humboldt Fog that I bought at Fairway this morning. I'm thinkin' it'd go great with some sour-rye bread and a little red onion.
  3. What..... no cheese? Feliz cumpleanos.
  4. I have found stuff, that I thought wasn't being made anymore, at Hometown Favorites.
  5. Ridiculous? Shirley, you jest.
  6. I use a basket that's about 7" x 7". It's just the right size for those plastic bags that you bring home from the supermarket's fruit and vegie department.
  7. Suffolk County purchased the Oak Beach Inn property in 2001 and razed the building in Spetember, 2003. They're going to create a park, including an upscale restaurant, on the 8.2 acres.
  8. What details? ← Go to RoadFood.com and scroll abot 3/4 of the way down the page to see Benzee's post of 07/22/2005 : 11:51:20 for the details.
  9. Sounds like Var-Mint Juleps to me.
  10. Mix a little with some mayo and coat a fish filet/steak with it before charcoal grilling.
  11. tommy..... always on the bleeding edge.
  12. You guys are such kidders.
  13. I really enjoy spreading some of their Teewurst on a slice of sour rye bread, as a snack with a beer.
  14. I use the Toddy system.
  15. bigbear

    Ti Punch

    I just picked up a bottle of 10 Cane and a box of Rapaduro "organic, whole, unrefined, evaporated sugar cane juice" for this weekend. The rum bottle says that it is double distilled from the first pressing of virigin cane. It doesn't mention aging.
  16. bigbear

    Ti Punch

    How does the Caipirinha's alcohol ingredient, Cachaca, get classified in here? Is it something completely different? What about Aguardiente?
  17. EVOO has a lower smoking point than the more refined olive oils. That might be a consideration.
  18. Raxelita..... Great, cheap, typical and you need a name right away? For lunch, try La Tuca if you find yourself around the northeast corner of Parque La Carolina. It's near the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. It's on Finlandia, just off its southwest corner with Suecia. Suecia is 2 blocks long and runs between Av. De Los Shyris and Av. Rep. Del Salvador. La Tuca is in a house. There is a sign outside. The nice people serve lunch from noon until 2 PM, if they don't run out of food first. You can sit inside or outside in the yard. IIRC, choice of soup or appetizer, entree of the day, either fruit juice or soda and dessert..... $3.00. Did you look at all of this thread? See Cafe Mosaico above. Good caipirhinas and a hell of a view. Say "hello" to Alex. Enjoy your trip.
  19. The discovery that alcohol comsumption by a member of the opposite sex tended to ease her conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires.
  20. Just trying to imagine what it would taste like, is actually making my mouth water. I'll have to try one. Thanks.
  21. Great stuff. Kudos, Brooks.
  22. bigbear

    NA beer

    Getting carded might have to do with the fact that NA beer still has alcohol, albeit 1% or less, usually about 0.5%. That said, Haake Beck wasn't bad.
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