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  1. On an old TV show, Jeffrey Steingarten called the deckle the best part of a prime-rib slice. He instantly became my favorite food critic.
  2. As trillium said, the kindness of the Thai people is amazing. You'll be fine. Did I mention to be careful of the small, sliced pepper condiments?
  3. In your own cultural setting, did you ever pat a youngster on the head, even one you didn't know well?
  4. I would err on the side of being super polite. The Thais are tolerant and kind, but also perceptive. Don't stand when your companions are sitting. You want to avoid giving any impression that you feel superior. Your feet are the inferior parts of your body. Try to keep them on the same plane as another's feet. Be careful about crossing your legs. The head is the most respected part of the body. Don't touch another's head.
  5. So, if a bartender gives every customer a $20 bill and tells them to go down the street, does that earn greatness?
  6. Serve the customer a correctly made libation in a friendly, professional manner.
  7. Any truth to the rumor that biodiesel vehicles attract bears?
  8. America's Test Kitchen likes the Zyliss brand.
  9. Guilty. I still maintain that steak tartare makes a great hangover breakfast.
  10. bigbear

    Yama Vacuum Pot

    Check eBay. Click here for a brand new one ending in about 4 1/2 hours from now.
  11. Great stuff, John. Thanks and a happy 75th.
  12. bigbear

    Glaze for Baked Ham

    Recently, I saw an Alton Brown show where he coated a ham with mustard (looked like Gulden's), brown sugar, bourbon whiskey (I'll bet it was Maker's Mark) and crushed ginger snaps. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure sounded good to me. Click here for the recipe.
  13. Thanks for sharing. This is great. Best of luck.
  14. I have a tee-shirt that says: T N A L P P T S O It's not a sandwich ad?
  15. bigbear

    10 Cane

    I didn't think that it was worth what I had to pay for it.
  16. Ahhh..... Fond memories of Spam slices, fried over an open fire.
  17. The recipe must include pork sausage to have a chance of blowing my hair back.
  18. You don't necessarily have to pay a premium price for a rum of premium quality. That said, when I hear the word "premium" associated with any product, I assume that it means a higher than average price, no matter the quality.
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