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  1. bigbear

    Coffee beans

    I roast my own. Just tried Sweet Maria's Ugandan Budadiri AA "Specialty" '02 ($4.50/lb.) with a near Vienna roast. Excellent, IMHO.
  2. Cilantro. I love ceviche, but without cilantro. Usually, I have to cobble up my own version.
  3. Thanks, Nick. Tech grads have to stick together.
  4. bigbear

    no shows

    Maybe Ruby could get them to come to court. Shoot them there.
  5. bigbear

    no shows

    tommy... You don't have to shoot to kill. Maybe you could just wound them a little.
  6. Iceberg suits my unrefined palate at about half the price of Grey Goose. OK, I'm cheap.
  7. I assume your talking about roasted beans.
  8. bigbear

    "Best" wine ever drunk.

    It was a bottle of 1975 Chateau d'Yquem that I remember the most. We shared it with my grandmother on one of her last birthdays.
  9. Try making a brine from Old Bay Crab Boil sometime.
  10. The program had a 1999 copyright.
  11. Am I the only one who saw Steven Shaw on PBS (WLIW - NY metro area) last night? He escorted the camera to Papaya King and Gray's Papaya during The Hot Dog Show.
  12. I am looking for a grinder also. I think the Solis Maestro will be my choice. This link might help in your quest. http://www.coffeegeek.com/reviews/grinders
  13. bigbear

    Shad roe season

    Mebutter... The shad season doesn't start on the Connecticut River in full until May. Any fish coming to market now must be coming from spawning runs on rivers farther south. My grandparents lived in Higganum and bought their shad from a fisherman who had a shack south of there. He had a beard and smoked a pipe. My mother can't remember his name, but she does remember that, during WWII, my grandfather used to bring him tobacco. It seems the fisherman's brand was scarce locally and my grandfather travelled as part of his job. I remember them still getting their shad from him even after they moved to Meriden in 1949. A "side" used to cost 75 cents, even years later. In fact, the picture in my profile was taken in Higganum, at the intersection of Killingworth Rd. and High St. The newfie in the photo used to swim across the reservoir to visit my grandmother's cocker spaniel, Lady. Ah, memories.....
  14. http://www.nymag.com/page.cfm?page_id=3439 I found this article about a restaurant in Brooklyn that served cuy. My wife is originally from Quito and, since we're retired, we go to Ecuador regularly. No, I've never eaten cuy. One of these days, maybe. Puerco Hornado (roast pork) and Ceviche de Camerones (shrimp ceviche) are my favorite local dishes.
  15. bigbear

    Hot food cold

    As a kid, there was nothing I liked better than grabbing a fork and eating leftover meatballs right out of the tomato sauce in the fridge. Drove my mother crazy. I still do it. My wife couldn't care less. I do it for the taste and convenience. About 3 months ago, my 85 year-old mother admitted that she finally tried it. She conceded that it wasn't half bad. True praise, indeed.
  16. I took a look in the freezer. The things that I could recognize were butter, bacon, containers of meatballs with tomato sauce, English muffins, knockwurst, sugar-free ice cream, pita bread and a couple of those gel type ice-packs.
  17. Warm milk and 2 aspirins. Tend to those imperceptible aches and pains that tend to keep you awake.
  18. bigbear

    Beer v. Wine

    I agree with Gavin Jones. He just sounded better than everyone else.
  19. Did you hear about the smart cookie that was selling Girl Scouts?
  20. bigbear

    Shad roe season

    This is what I was taught, right or wrong. Shad, a very bony member of the herring family, is only worthy if taken from the Connecticut River. Have the local fisherman, who caught it, bone it. You'll never learn how to do it. Barring being able to "plank" it at an open fire on the banks of the river, get home as fast as possible with your filets and roe sacks. The filets are broiled, flesh side up, with pats of butter. The roe pairs are gently sauted in bacon fat in a cast iron skillet. Serve the filets and roe sacks, garnished with crisp bacon slices, lemon wedges and fresh parsley. Accompany with boiled, parsley potatoes and asparagus.
  21. bigbear

    favorite bottled beers

    For those of you who are in the notheast US, give a try to the stuff coming out of Victory Brewing, Downingtown, PA. On their website, they list the places that sell their products. Victory Brewing
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