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  1. Guys, great call on this place. I went a few weekends ago with my wife who never had eaten empanadas and it was fantastic. Great food, nice prices, friendly staff. I almost felt bad informing my wife that she wouldn't encounter an empanada this good in most places. If anyone needs a reason to make the drive to Morristown, I was dragged there to walk through the Century 21 clothing store a few blocks away. Lunch was worth the trip.
  2. As long as you're getting enough steam buildup in your unvented section, it sounds like the same basic principle.
  3. Thanks for this. I'm still back at Page 8. I made my first attempt at this bread last night. I went with a ziploc bag for around 12 hours, dumped it on the counter for the Lahey double fold, then a rest for 20-30 minutes. I used a 4qt Pyrex bowl with Pyrex lid at 500F for 30min covered, 15 min uncovered. Pyrex worked fine, and worst case was that I would be out $10 for another bowl. The bread had a better crust that I've experienced in my previous novice forays into breadmaking. I also got more holes that usual. The dough sang out of the oven. I'd post pictures, but it really does look a lot like most of the breads in the thread so far. The main downside was a moist interior, which seems to be a trend for me with any bread. I did let it cool for around 1.5 hours, but that might not be enough. It was also pretty flavorless, but I blame the quick 12 hour rise for that. I made a second batch last night that I'll be making this evening. I think I'll also try using a temp probe on bread for the first time tonight after I take the lid off (aiming for 210F from this thread). I read a few times about people giving more time for a second rise after shaping. Sometimes as much as 2.5 hours. Would that improve the spring and overall height of the bread by a considerable amount? Also, what's the proper step for shaping - should I be waiting 15 minutes after I dump the dough on the floured countertop before I start shaping? Kudos to the recipe and this thread for perking up my breadmaking interest again.
  4. I just made my first Larb at 1:30AM after checking the recipe link from this thread. I lack any leafy greens, made my own toasted rice, and toasted the non-chicken ingrediants in a pan instead of using them fresh, but I'm about to dig into it nonetheless. I hope it turns out to be tasty!
  5. oops! what? we should have tipped?? ← Not in my world, but I'm sure some people feel awful if they don't.
  6. Eat Mores are now a Hershey Canada product so it's no wonder I haven't heard of them before. It's odd that the web site says they are the only Hershey Canada candy bar not coated in chocolate. Doesn't sound like what you ate... And from this page (see the third post) it sounds like they were a "garbage" candy...made from factory leftovers. Again...doesn't sound like your description. The mystery deepens... ← I can verify the "garbage" aspect. I worked at Hershey briefly and heard stories of the EatMore bar, made from mixed up bits of other candy that didn't form correctly. There was a guy who would ladel cherry syrup into each batch, tasting it until it was "right."
  7. I've been to the WN in Westfield and you guys summed it up nicely. It's a weird vibe for a chain - it blends the "stand in line and order" aspect of fast food with the "you get the first drink, we get refills" system of a restaurant. Plus the added confusion of the expected tipping procedure. My meal was okay. It seemed to me like they just had a ton of woks, a bucket of noodles, and squeeze bottles of sauce. Mix, heat, serve. I probably won't be back, with all the better options in Westfield.
  8. My apologies for not skimming through all five pages in this thread, but does anyone have a good online source for broad noodles, such as ones used in Thai dishes like Pad Si Ew, Kee Mao, etc? I've yet to find them anywhere, including a few Asian supermarkets.
  9. Can anyone recommend some good blogs that cover new consumer-product food items? It's tough to find any out there that aren't clearly advertising driven. I like hearing about stuff before I see it in the supermarket.
  10. jerobi


    I made this recipe tonight, and it indeed took an hour to cook. Ah well, a tasty dinner at 9:20pm is still a tasty dinner! I just wanted to say thanks for the recipe - it was great. I'll be adding it to my file.
  11. Just to bring this thread back to life, I have always pined for a return of Life Saver Holes. I have fond memories of them from my junior high school days. Well, it's not Life Savers brand, but they're back! I was checking out at WalMart (Yes, I despise it there too...including the 20-minute checkout lines at all hours) and came across new Jolly Rancher Rocks: http://www.hersheys.com/products/details/j...sp?id=3271-1765 You get more candy per tube than the old Life Saver Holes, and at around fifty cents a tube I grabbed six of them. They're just like the old LSH, only with the Jolly Rancher brand flavors. Yesterday I went back for another dozen or so, and I look forward to seeing cases of them available in CostCo. Oh, and the new Take 5 bars are also quite tasty. Thin crunchy pretzel + chocolate is a winner in my book.
  12. jerobi

    Lodge Logic

    I've used mine for two years or so, and they're great. I considered taking the time-tested "old fashioned" route and researched the best ways of seasoning one, but in the long run I got a Logic. Think about it: the company makes cast iron cookware. That's pretty niche, and they're known for quality. If they're going to release a pre-seasoned Logic version, you can be sure they researched the heck out of it. No complaints from me - I'm glad I went with it and saved the time and effort for a cost of only a few bucks more. One of the best parts is the cleanup. I drain the fat, then grab the handle with a silicone square and rest the tip of the skillet in the sink and spray the whole thing down with water while it's still fire-hot. The crud falls right off. Now toss it on the stove to cool and go eat your meal. When you're done, hit it with a paper towel and a light coat of oil and set it aside. Using this spray method has worked so well that I have had to clean it with kosher salt in months.
  13. Two of them - Lucky you! I got one of these as a well-meaning and was able to slowly remove it from my kitchen. First the countertop, then next to the fridge, then into another room, and finally into the attic, where it can rest until eliminated. I was even able to worm my way out of trying it on multiple occasions. A sturdy device it is not.
  14. I'll second that. There was a short-lived taco chain (Maui Taco) that opened up a place on my old college campus a few years ago. I used to get a few tacos and a giant plate of chips & salsa. Only I would pass on most of the salsa and grab a handful of fresh lime wedges from their salsa bar. Mmmm....
  15. I decided to actually grab some fresh cilantro for the first time ever in order to make a tortilla soup recipe. The soup was lousy, but the fresh cilantro was great. I can't say I've ever tasted it (on purpose) before, and that's just sad.
  16. jerobi

    Pizza Stone

    Err...why would it do that? Are you saying that you put it back into the oven piping hot every time instead of leaving it sit on its rack (or on the stove top, etc)? I'll agree that you run more of a risk leaving it out, since putting cold water on hot stone can cause it to crack, but I (knock on wood) haven't had any problems leaving my stone out to cool a few dozen times now...
  17. I don't own a restaurant, but I imagine that making 10 grand on one guy is a good thing. And hey, if someone wants to spend $10,000 on a single meal, then yeah...it better be right. Many people claim to take the high road, saying they would chew this guy out. Once the cash is in their hands, I have my doubts.
  18. Read it, enjoyed it as always. Thanks for sharing everything with us!
  19. Count me in as a bit of an olive-phobe. I certainly enjoy olive oil, but not olives themselves. However...I recently was served a basket of delicious rolls at one of those tiny restaurants that changes menus nightly. I would have sworn that I was eating sun-dried tomato pieces, so I asked what spices were used in it. To my suprise I was told they were olive rolls, and upon closer inspection I confirmed it. Does anyone have a recipe for olive rolls?
  20. If I'm not mistaken on the name, I believe that the Mr. Big bar is the one I learned about while working at Hershey Foods for two summers. Know what goes into that bar? Whatever is left over. They just dump all the ingredients left over from producing the other candies for that day, add some cherry syrup (to taste, by a few workers that apparently "know" what it should taste like), and make a chocolate bar out of it. For what I was told the label even says "May contain:" before all of the ingredients. Tasty, eh?
  21. I have about 5 Reeses Fast Break bars sitting on my desk at home (all free from coupons at NiftyNews, do a search from there). I constantly pick them up, look at the 320 calories on the label, and put them back down. That's just too much of a calorie hit for 1 minute of candy. Mint Skittles though? Man are they good! My girlfriend and I are still fans of new candy so we always pick each other up a pack of whatever comes out. Even though I haven't seen them in stores in PA yet, she got me both flavors of Mint Skittles and I enjoyed them. I ended up getting a 16-pack of the Peppermint kind at Sam's Club. Those pocketpacks are handy as well, and so powerful that they almost border on painful the first few times you have them. I like to carry one type of breath freshener in my pocket and these strips are nice just for their compact size, even if I don't use them very often. Know what candy I miss the most? Fiji Fruits. If any of you remember these, I would be shocked. You can't even find a mention of them on the web. But if someone were to produce a box from the early 90's, you can be sure that I would eat them stale... ed: Fixed the link. (rp)
  22. In a similar vein, what is your favorite dough recipe? I stole my brother's pizza stone that he got for Christmas and have probably made 6 or 7 pizzas so far, each one getting progressively better from tips I have found on the internet. Actually it was searching for tips that brought me here in the first place...you guys had some good suggestions. My dough is actually pliable now, even if it does come out a bit crackerish. To start off, I might as well list what I'm doing. If you have any recommendations on how to improve my results, feel free to comment: 1) 1 1/4 cup warm water + 1 ts Rapid-Rise packet yeast + a little sugar to feed the yeast. Wait for yeast to "grow." 2) Mix in around 1 ts salt, 1 ts sugar along with 3 cups of all-purpose flour and a splash of olive oil. 3) Knead by hand for 7-10 minutes, make a ball, lightly rub ball with oil, place in bowl with Saran wrap, put it in a warm oven (turned off of course) for 1.5-2 hours. 4) Push down the dough, knead for a minute, re-oil lightly, allow dough to rise in warm oven again for an hour or so. 5) Push down the dough, shape into a pizza. Top with toppings. Place into a preheated 500-degree oven for ~15min or so. I know: -to keep the sauce as dry as possible -that I should be using a peel, but it's not practical for me to keep one around Also, since I don't have a peel, would it be wise to leave the pizza stone out of the preheated oven and build my pizza on it? It would be much easier that way, but I was concerned that the "cold" stone would mess things up.
  23. To start, yes. I was just interested in cooking some dumbed-down Chinese food in a similar fashion to how they do it in the States.
  24. Wow, great replies so far! Thanks guys :)
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