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  1. Smoked sashimi? Not in Canada, and not in Japan. I have never even heard of such a thing. Where I come from, there is no day fishery- The salmon is frozen at sea, as are other local catches with a few exceptions that are kept live (like spot prawns). Such salmon is of very high quality. At the fishmongers, some fish will be sold as "sashimi quality". You do pay a premium. However, I think this speaks more to the quality of the fish, and not necessarily to the safety parasite-wise.
  2. Randi, I really enjoy this thread. You do an amazing job on a ridiculous budget, and I am sorry that it can be so discouraging for you so often. My in-laws live in Talbotville, and their tastes are very similar to your seniors. If the meat is not grey, it is not cooked. Do you do many crockpot type meals? My in-laws love anything that has been in a slow-cooker for 5 hours.
  3. Where can you even buy fresh wild salmon in BC? There is no day fishery. My brother worked on a seiner when he was younger and I have been the luck beneficiary of a lot of beautiful fish. I am a big believer in FAS. Does Kostas not own the Salmon Shop on GI as well? He used to.
  4. When I did the whoppers at 375 the Whoppers melted -- go with 350! ← I did the second batch at 350 with excellent results.
  5. Thank you! I changed my plan to 350, after a comparison to some other recipes. I ended up baking them at 325, since the pans were dark and heavy gauge and manufacturers recommended testing at 25 degrees lower than the advertised temperature. That worked fine, though there was no coloration on the cookie base. The cookies themselves were a huge hit. I am often not a fan of candy cookies, but I loved these. Next up, lemon cream tart- though my husband may insist on the chocolate tart with caramel and peanuts first. I am glad I read the tip concerning using a metal bowl for the lemon cream. C
  6. I am making the whopper cookies (my son's pick) and realize that there is no temp in the recipe! I am going to try them at 375. Dorie, if you are around, what is the correct temp?
  7. Possibly so. However, neither of the two biologists I spoke with felt that the fear was misplaced or inappropriate. I'm the parent of a female toddler. I see some fairly frightening trends, including the rising incidence of precocious puberty, ADHD, asthma, autism, Asperger's, food allergies, diabetes, and so on. Some of these are readily explainable -- poor nutrition, not enough exercise, overdiagnosis (or previous underreporting), and so on. For some of the others, all science is offering us right now is a shrug of the shoulders and reassurances that, "Well, it's not the air per se" and "it
  8. The year I volunteered with Zucchini Mama at Outstanding in the Field is a stand out food memory for me; standing in a farm field at dusk, wine in one hand and a chunk of duck breast in the other- a honey bee gently settling on my collarbone, the huge platters of blanched vegetables in sea salt and olive oil, chatting with Virginia Jacobsen, who raises some of the tastiest chickens in the valley ( I have one in the oven now). I sincerely hope the farm makes it; its value to our community is huge. I can't wait to take my son up there this summer to buy eggs and visit with the chickens who laid
  9. I would certainly think that it is the blocked nose that is causing the lack of taste, rather than the meds.
  10. Despite us being in a "remote corner of North America".
  11. The whole bird, minus the legs. ETA- may have the wings gone as well. Basically, you are looking at the breast on the bone. Check practicallyedible.com for an explanation- I would link you to it, but I just got a mac and my normal keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work
  12. Point taken, but you have to realise that Vancouver has a huge Chinese population-it is a very large part of the identity of our city, not just confined to one neighborhood or to the few blocks of Chinatown There is nothing little about it. China has arguably been the biggest influence on our food culture here. To leave it out means that the show is, IMO, not accurately reflecting the food scene here.
  13. Black Raspberries are a raspberry varietal, but I haven't seen them in BC. I see them in Ontario all the time.
  14. Williams Sonoma owns PB but not RH. The CEO of RH used to be with PB. I forget his name.
  15. My mum makes them every year with pork, veal and beef, potato onion and mushrooms. Inexplicably, she often serves them with guacamole, which works surprisingly well.
  16. And an introduction to a recipe: Thank you James - goodbye. ← Nice post, Barolo. I still have my copy of Ginger Tea Makes Friends, stolen from my parents' bookcase. I love the silly comic strip drawings. My dad learned how to cook from that book and other Barber books, so my family owns Mr. Barber a huge debt.
  17. My (senior) inlaws are from Rural SW Ontario and I can tell you that these people probably do thing 9 bucks is a lot of money I am really enjoying this thread. Thanks for sharing your travails with us.
  18. But... there are any number of fantastic purveyors in Vancouver. Stock up down here and take it with you.
  19. Enjoyable write up, thanks Gareth.
  20. Well, they are the only moneybags partners I have seen in this city who had their name as owners front and centre of every ad and press release. It was obnoxious. I think the Sidoos saw a man with his back to the wall two years ago, and they decided they wanted the deed to the ranch. Rob appears to have signed a bad deal, and he got burned. I don't know if people will pay 180 for a tasting menu without his name on the menu. I do feel sorry for the new chef. He will fight an uphill battle to overcome this brouhaha, likely through no fault of his own.
  21. Yay Canuckehead! I knew if anyone came throught it would be you.
  22. I don't know of any places that do it at night. Sorry.
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