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  1. I was shocked by the filet glove retailing in the fishing store for $10 and at WS for $30 and they only offer one size and they really come in about 5 sizes.
  2. Kayakado

    Cooking With Tea

    Dorie Greenspan's book had Earl Grey Madeleines that were heavenly.
  3. I had a Salton and replaced it with a Cucina Pro with the shiny non-stick finish and love it. Fantes has all kinds - plus recipes. Scroll down the page for the electrics http://fantes.com/pizzelle.html
  4. I just use a digital with a remote prob. I can hook the probe to the pot with a clothes pin or put the master unit on the stove hood (magnetic) and drape the probe to hang at a certain depth in the pot. It's a Polder 602-90 with a price tag around $20. rated 32°F to 392°F
  5. I also think weighing makes a lot less mess and less dirty measuring equipment. I can use parchment and coffee filters to weigh out ingredients and not have anything to wash.
  6. I was in Denver for four days and came back to find out my power had been off for four days due to Fay. I tossed everything in the frig but the butter, yogurt, eggs, cream and half and half. I tossed everything in the freezer but dried fruit, nuts and flours. I thought it was a good excuse to start over, especially ridding myself of condiments that may have been from the last century.
  7. Okay, I've searched the forums and found nothing but threads that are far too many pages to search for this little nugget of info to fix my problem. If only the search would bring you to the exact posting you need and not the whole thread - do I have something set incorrectly?? Enough whining - here's the problem... I received an Australian cake book. It seems the Australians are the last few souls left on this earth who rely on Imperial measurements. I am okay with the dry measurement since it converts easily to weighing on a gram scale, but the liquid stuff that converts to milli liters of volume is confounding me, especially when I get to a cup or less. It would be great if I could weigh the liquids but I don't have the conversion for that either. Does anyone have knowledge of a conversion scale for liquids/volume from Imperial volume measurements to US volume or gram weights?
  8. Thirty years ago I had a recipe for a ghost cake that called for lemon extract soaked sugar cube in an eggshell to be lit to give the ghost flaming eyes. it worked great and the kids loved it.
  9. If I was more saavy and had a better memory, I could name the brands but I do remember the following but not the brand names. In the living quarters: The beer they drank The soft drinks they drank. The cigarettes??? I was surprised they included all this smoking. Their chef coats had some sort of logo on them. Their shoes. That big black SUV that carted them around that had the HK logo on its side. The shuttle from the airport. I am not much help, but this is all from someone who watched every episode and fell asleep at 9:45pm est and didn't wake up until 10:05pm.
  10. You can check here I think they have a tutorial www.cake.central.com or go to the bookstore and look at any cake book by Collete Peters
  11. I agree with Swisskaesse, Iranian saffron is a cut above the rest. My borther's boss is from iran and he vists and returns with saffron for us several times per year. I grew up with the Spanish and PA DUtch stuff and the iranian will knock your socks off when it comes to potency. It does loose some of that strength after a year or so. Its color and smell fade a bit after a year. The man who brings it to us grinds his for home use with a mortar and pestle and puts it in a shaker jar, keeping it handy to whatever he is preparing..
  12. I have one of these, my parents received it for a wedding gift. I've repaired it once, but it needs a whole new reburbishment. I am planning on sending it to these folks, they sell and repair. www.toastermuseum.com Nothing makes toast like these old toasters. It sat in the garage for awhile until I got brave enough to do surgery on it. None of the replacements made such evenly toasted toast. I love the auto down feature, too. In addition to my vintage legacy toaster, I have a waffle iron from the same period and it makes superior crunchy waffles. I love the old applicances!!!!
  13. Kayakado

    Cocoa Nibs

    someone gave me a box of nibs. the box was the size of a cigarette pack and I think they were from Colombia or Venezuela. I ate them all before I could cook with them. I guess I'' have to hunt down some more - they were wonderful!
  14. I bought some acetate by the yard at Joann's in the fabric department. I use them for fondant.
  15. this is a good one and authentic. Hopi Cookery by Juanita Tiger Kavena
  16. someone gave me mitts and I too use them as trivets, I have a friend who loves those little finger "clam" potholders in silicone. I have tried silpats and prefer parchment. I hate to wash stuff. I love silicone spatulas and spoonulas but only get the semi translucent color so I can tell when they get dirty where the wooden handles fit in. I have heard of people buying colored ones and being appalled when the end came off the handle to reveal mold (ugh). I'll pass on all those silicone pans, but I might consider a silicone bowl for melting chocolate - it seems it would be nice to let the extra chocolate set up and be able to just peel the bowl off.
  17. we mash cauliflower but rutabagas slow roasted in the crock pot really are wonderful - they get really dark, rich, and sweet. I guess almost like sweet potatoes.
  18. we made criss coss PB cookies but changed the PB to cashew butter and the p nuts to cashew nuts. We needed to add a little more salt, but other than that they were delish!
  19. I rarely use the bags. I bought a supply of pint and quart size wide mouth jars and use them for liquids as well as cheeses and other supplies. The jars can be used over and over, the contents when only partially defrosted slip out easily and you can see what's in them.
  20. My mother was an insulin dependant diabetic for a few years. She off the medication thanks to Atkins. Focus on good carbs and stay away from starches and sugar. Up until recently, the ADA had no idea how to advise these folks to eat, so this eat what you want and adjust the medication is their fault. Atkins got a lot of bad press due to people who never read the books and decided his diets were all meat. This is our favorite recipe site, especially the almond pound cake! Also George Stella has some great recipes and cookbooks. http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/lowcarb-recipes.html
  21. After ordering and receiving a brotform, I've decided to buy some cane and make my own. I also am going to make some linen lined baskets as bread rising baskets. Now I found an idea for a homemade cloche made from a terracotta flower pot, tray, eyebolt, nuts, and some washers. If my bread made in it doesn't suit me I can plant some herbs. http://home.att.net/~carlsfriends/carlospi...tisanalLoaf.htm I've built dozens of kilns for ceramics - now to convince myself to build a woodfired oven on my patio.
  22. Kayakado

    I'm a fraud

    I confess... I've put Stouffers lasagne in my own glass dish to bake it and didn't tell anyone it wasn't homemade.
  23. I used to bake bread and rolls all the time and then stopped. The no-knead recipe got me started again and all the pics of everyone's bread. I finally got a brotform in the mail this week, but have decided to check around the local craft stores for some cane. These things are so simple, I am going to make a few of my own. I am also going to make some linen lined baskets to try them, it's all a matter of finding a local source for some linen. I also got some sourdough starter and hopefully it is percolating. Tyhe last one I had I accidently threw it out cleaning up after a hurricane power outage, both my starter and sausage casings got thrown out.
  24. I included some in last years Christmas packages. One recipient was too lazy to go pick up her box and it came back. I didn't open it right away and when I did the marshmallows had spoiled. I'd say a shelf life of a few weeks given good conditions.
  25. here is the info and batch numbers http://www.fda.gov/oc/po/firmrecalls/kraft10_07.html
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