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  1. these aren't cupckes but this lady's stuff is great for inspiration. These are her idea for edible graduation party favors. http://www.bakerella.com/candy-cup-caps/
  2. this thread just made me feel VERY old. We were supposed to learn volume measurement in 5th grade (I failed). Bushel and peck featured prominently as some that I could just not get straight.
  3. I disagree about the book recipes being better. For example, the show recipe for bagels calls for what appears to be a much more highly hydrated dough and the addition of barley malt for extra flavor. The show version also calls for bromated flour which has fallen out of favor. I've ordered the dvd, so I'll get to get a more detailed look at the differences.
  4. I apologize that this will be a gripe. I do love Baking with Julia and it inspired my mother to take us on all kinds of culinary journeys exploring the recipes. HOWEVER.... It burns my butt that the recipes in the book are not the same recipes from the show. Ingredients are left out or changed and many actually change the flavors or texture of the recipes. I only discovered this recently when I was watching a re-broadcast of the show and comparing recipes to the book as it went along. Is this common in all the printed companion books for her shows? It also burn my butt that the show had 26 episodes and the DVD will only have (8 Amazon or 18 as per another source) -- I haven't yet figured out who will be missing, but it really detracts that anyone has been cut. Thanks -- moan over.
  5. No one mentioned roasting the seeds. Any time we cook squash, we clean and roast the seeds for snacking later.
  6. Wegmans has them if there is one in your area. I've also found them in Whole Foods and World market
  7. Apart from the other butters called white butter, butter from the health food store is white because they don't add artificial yellow coloring to it.
  8. Having a friend who has been a school teacher for 20 years. I'd say give a gift card or nothing. The teachers get so sick of all this junk year after year, especially food items. Most of this stuff gets thrown away or dropped off at a thrift shop out of the local school district. Many try to diet over the holiday break.
  9. Satchels Pizza on NE 23rd street is the best pizza or salad in all of central of northern florida. We drive the hour+ drive from Jax several times a year to eat there. We ride the 30 mile off road bike trail in the morning and hit Satchels for lunch. Just make sure it isn't a home game weekend or you'll have a loooooong wait to get a table. I had told friends Satchels food was better than sex and they scoffed at that idea until they ate there. satchellspizza.com
  10. Kayakado


    I have one of those fancy WS DeBuyers and a grey fiberglass Matfer Professional (not the 1000 but similar). The Matfer is my favorite, but it is not free standing (its hand held:no legs). Sometimes the stainless deBuyer with the legs wants to collapse, if you get too energetic. Get a filet glove by Rapala, the cost less then $15 and come in 3 sizes. Most places only carry one size, but a tackle shop will order the other sizes for you or you could probably find them online. The WS glove is a Rapala without the label and WS only sells one size at about $25. Highway robbery and one size does not fit all! http://www.rapala.com/products/accessoriesdetail.cfm?name=Rapala%20Fillet%20Glove&category=Knife%20Accessories
  11. I just ordered a 6 1/2 qt enamel cast iron dutch oven for a Christmas present for my brother from Wally World. $39.00 and 97 cents shipping. This model was rated a top choice as per ATK and they were tested against LC and Staub and were deemed equal to them at a fraction of the cost. I have a 3 1/2 qt I've been using for noknead bread for over a year and it has performed exceptionally well. Cheaper price = more stuff!
  12. I had someone I was trying to convince the almond bark they were using was crap. I finally convinced them by offering a test taste of shaving of her almond bark/dipping chocolate and the real thing. Maybe a few shavings and a card that says "Taste the difference between real chocolate and inexpensive dipping chocolate, without actually pointing a finger at your neighboring booth.
  13. That's what Duff Goldman used to make a guitar birthday cake for Paula Deen. As they said, red velvet cake (which is really chocolate cake) but blue.
  14. I bought a cheap cutting board at the local thrift store. I covered it with an untreated white canvas duck cloth, stretched tight and stapled on. Finally, I worked flour into it really well. I store it in one of those x-large zip lock bags. I throw a little extra flour onto it each time I use it. It works great and rarely does something stick to it. I do have a marble slab, but my frig is too small and too overloaded to accomodate it. I do keep a couple of ice bags in the freezer that I use to chill it when necessary.
  15. Kayakado

    Pasta alternatives

    My mother is a diabetic, we use nut flours as replacements for wheat but haven't tried any raviolis. We use julienned zuchini/summer squash as a substitute for pasta like spaghetti. Sliced thin for manicotti and lasagne, zuchini boats for shells. Eggplant can also be used the same way. Anything firm enough to hold up to julienning and then being heated and tossed with a sauce should work. Cauliflower has been used as a sub for rice and bettini. You can also grate broccoli or julienne the stalks.
  16. Go with the RLB Cake Bible and if you think she needs some easy to follow visuals on using decorating tips, get a couple of the Wilton books (vol 1 or 2). Rose has all the basics in easy to follow steps and it is a book that she'll use again and again as her skills grow. Many of the flashy famous decorator's books leave out the basic beginner details or what to do when problems arise. Their scope is also narrow, including only a couple of cake recipes and the same with their icings.
  17. I have "Salad for All Seasons by Barbara Gibbons published in 1982. I wouldn't say it is the definitive book but I find recipes in there when looking for stuff from 20 years ago. I needed a Green Goddess dressing and having never tasted any, this book gave me a place to start.
  18. Another vote for Shepherd's pie - lamb Cottage Pie Beef Topped with cheese - Thatched
  19. Kayakado

    Fire Pit Recipies

    Go check out Steve Raichlen's new Primal Grill pages. No foil wrapped food in his pit. We are going to make the Lomo Al Trappo on our next camping trip! http://www.primalgrill.org/season2/Recipes/index.html
  20. Shortbread cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, waffles??? There are lots of recipes out there. Most just sub a few Tbs of flour with the matcha. There is also another thread around here.
  21. Kaolin is the white clay used for making porcelain. The darker the clay the more impurities it contains. The kaolin used in Kaopectate and lipstick etc has been pretty well sanitized, much more so than what is availabel to potters. Clays have lots of impurities, like sulphur (yuck). As the clay dries in the kin heat these impurities are burned off. I don't think temps under 500° will do much to burn off this stuff we call chemical water. I've been away from the clay studio for too long to bring much detail to this, but I'd stick with packing food in salt or other food items that you are sure are not as contaminated as clay. If I was still bent on trying it, I would not source the kaolin from my local potter friend - you need to get it from the chemical suppliers who supply the pharmaceutical manufacturers and get food safe products, even if you plan on wrapping it in an inner liner like leaves.
  22. I know this won't help for a boil, but I've been using the ATK method for shrimp this season. You but the shrimp in cold water and then bring it to 160-165° pull it off the heat and cover and let it sit for 2 minutes. It certainly keeps it from getting tough and they are easy to peel. I too, get my shrimp right off the boats.
  23. Rose Levey Berenbaum of the Cake Bible recos this place for very accurate measuring spoons and cups. http://www.pourfectbowl.com/
  24. I would think crushing the mint like they do for Mojitos (muddling) it with some of the cold cream would be sufficient to release enough flavor. Strain it and then add it to the rest of the cream and whip. We always cold infuse mint into our ice tea, too.
  25. What an interesting idea. I usually melt it off with the hairdryer but coating the shelves to facilitate release sounds good.
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