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  1. Thanks for the info!!! Stroganstuff might hit a table near me sooner than later.
  2. It doesn't look so bad! What did you use in place of the sour cream?
  3. Glad you don't have a key. It not only bothers me to touch the key, but also that the person often handing me the key handles my food.
  4. ambra

    Dinner! 2012

    I just have to ask....how did you shave the asparagus? Do you just have really thick asparagus where you live? and did you then cook it or is it raw? It's an incredible idea. Bravo.
  5. I never sift. But maybe I will now. And laos, I used to cut the butter on risotto but then I realized how very little it takes to get that creamy texture!
  6. Thanks, Andie. I'll give it a try. Although I need to sub buttermilk because it's not available around here. Maybe I can use the fermented milk, north African style which is, instead, readily available. Franci, what is the fermented African milk called? They just started selling something called "Laban" in the milk section where I live in Italy, and a quick google said it was buttermilk. The ingredients say "latte fermentato" though. I don't even think I know what that is, to be honest!
  7. I adore the sourdough and pain au levain recipes. I made the mother starter following his instructions. I can't get the sourdough pizza to work though. But that's OK. I'm fine using the other recipe.
  8. I agree with the others but I just watched a video on preparing ciabatta if it could of help to you:
  9. There was a really great series here.....a member did a year in Italian cooking and ventured through every single region. He talks about the cookbooks he uses too.
  10. ambra

    Favorite meat meals

    I'd love to hear how this works out for you.
  11. Tomatoes and Red onion? This is my Sunday brunch meal from top to bottom every Sunday. You're making me so jealous. I don't think you need to add anything. I vote for fruit salad though. We usually had rugelach (surprisingly easy to make, you should totally do it) and assorted other cookies and Chocolate whipped cream cake with shaved chocolate on top (and vanilla genoise on the inside). Have a wonderful party....what I would give for a piece of sturgeon.
  12. I like a neighborhood placed called Yumenoki on Fulham. It's not a place I'd go looking for a wow factor. But a place I'd go for solid Japanese food.
  13. I hate the grill side because it's such a pain to clean!
  14. I use all kinds of breakfast cookies. Vanilla wafer, yogurt cookies, honey cookies etc. We don't have graham where I am either.
  15. I used to keep the dishes in the linen closet!! You can go to where they sell loose pieces and get only the amount you'd need though, couldn't you?
  16. How often do you entertain? You can always get an inexpensive dish set for these occasions. I got a set not even on sale at Bloomingdales of all places and I still have it and it has gotten a lot of use. It was 100 bucks, but it also serves 12. I am not really a fan of plastic or paper so that's why I went that route. Having said that, if all the guests are friends/family, they certainly aren't going to care as they are surely there for the company. (I'd also consider what you are serving and if it will hold up on paper/plastic.)
  17. ambra

    Cooking for 26!

    arroz con pollo? pork banh mi? pasta e fagioli? pasta with broccoli? chicken noodle soup? chicken and potato dish of ANY kind?
  18. This reminds me of the time an Italian friend was invited to a Superbowl Party and everyone was to bring something. He brought an Onion Frittata. And was so very confused when no one ate it. I think they still make fun of him today.
  19. ambra

    Greek fine dining

    For some ideas to riff off of since it's not really fine dining. http://www.kalofagas.ca/
  20. Salting is definitely a difficult task for those that are less "gifted" in the kitchen, like myself. Only an hour ago, I completely ruined an entire pot of Pumpkin risotto by oversalting (by accident!) Having said that, I haven't had over salted food in a restaurant in a long while, maybe it's an NYC thing. Although it sounds more like sloppy cooking.
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