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  1. Depends on where she is from. In Italy, it'd be Mar-chella for sure.
  2. I would have said Sullivan! Glad to hear it's still good. We make the sandwiches at home too. fill with all kinds of things, but nothing beats mortadella. although I also like bitter greens and cheese or sausage a lot too.
  3. I saw one of the photo companies doing something like this. I think it was shutterfly? I want to do one too so thanks for posting this!
  4. You can check Alessandro Borghese's website too for some videos. Never watched any, but I'm pretty sure he's got some!
  5. Sorry to have stricken a nerve, Teonzo, but I didn't mean that I never hear them either.
  6. ambra

    The Cooking Date

    My second date, my true love made for me...... Lobster Ravioli. And we still talk about them today.
  7. Honestly, I agree with Maureen. I don't see all that parolacce love either. (And I live in Italy too.) And besides, the graphic meaning of the word is certainly not something I would like to associate with Food or Drink.
  8. ambra

    Whole Pork Filet

    Your pork is gorgeous....Sadly, I can't get any of those spices in Italy though. The sauces look really good too!!
  9. ambra

    Whole Pork Filet

    You know they sell them already prepared at the meat counter! I'll take a pic of that too.
  10. ambra

    Whole Pork Filet

    A local recipe is to wrap it in bacon or crumbled sausage, add rosemary, and cover the whole thing in a loaf of bread (like a french stick) and bake it. It's actually very good. The Bread is the best part. The problem is, the meat tastes almost steamed, making it not really delicious at all, albeit totally tender and edible. What can I do to make it taste more roasted? Anything? If I give it a really strong sear, will that be lost after baking inside a loat of bread? OR better yet, does anyone have any good recipes for a whole pork filet that are reallllllly good? I'm not really a fan in the first place. Need something really tasty.
  11. Interesting. I might visit Di Palo in Little Italy to find out. They are supposedly making their own. I'll tell you this much, going down to Puglia and eating fresh Mozzarella there and eating Fresh Mozzarella in Toscana, where I live, are two ENTIRELY different experiences.
  12. I've had people correct me with "brushetta" as well. very annoying. Although it often tastes as bad as it's being pronounced.
  13. Also Chris A, coincidentally, I am starting with the same prosecco, can you satisfy a curiosity of mine and tell me what you paid?
  14. DAVID ROSS, May I ask your method/recipe for slow roasting your turkey?
  15. Mjx, I'm having 14 people. I think Capon might not be enough. Those that are available to me are aren't that big at all. I also can't brine since I don't have the fridge space. I remembered that my BIL made the Christmas brodo with one last year. Yes, we got our oil a couple of weeks ago, however, Thanksgiving is this week. I realize the taste won't be quite the same, but c'est la vie.
  16. Kent, I not only found domestic turkey but tuscan turkey. Last year I bought a turkey from one of those National distributors and it was disgusting. I have high hopes for this one. The only thing is, they won't guarantee me the size except ot say that it's not going to be more than 8 kilos. It's kind of freaking me out that I don't know the size of my turkey, but they won't know til they, um, butcher it! YIKES!
  17. Capone? Isn't that what they use for Brodo? Or is that gallina. Yes, that's gallina. Ma capone, is pretty dry too, isn't it? I've never actually made one. Well, if you gew up in Florence then you surely understand the need for a course to taste new oil, am I right?
  18. Oh, ME! I'm in Tuscany, Italy. I've got expats coming from as far South as Sicily and as far North as Genova (Michaela, why did I think you were Italian?) I can pretty much get everything (off and on, that is) I want here, except for pecans and cranberries. Oh, I also can't find the right potato for doing twice baked potatoes. so this is my spread: Fettunta to try the new oil A friend is bring pumpkin soup that she makes with coconut milk Turkey,local, probably with that French method Heidi so kindly pointed out. although I am pretty freaked out about how it's going to turn out.) the turkey in Italy is often pretty dry and flavorless so this sounds like a great solution. But I am very confused as to how long it's supposed to poach. Mashed potatoes and gravy (roasting some legs/wings for stock as we speak!) Stuffing-outside the turkey with Tuscan sausage and mushrooms green beans with garlic and almonds etc Wild rice salad Fennel, Augula, Orange, apple salad.... Pumpkin chocolate Tart Apple crisp Vin Santo with Cantucci (hey, I'm in tuscany, what can I tell you.) There are no cranberries to be had, but there is some ocean spray "cranberry salsa" I'll put at the table. While I was able to put together a traditional menu, I have to say that everything is still "different." It's ok. New traditions are just as fun as old traditions. Flexibility is what's important in every situation when you are an expat. My friend just saw a woman cryiing in a store in Milan because she couldn't find canned fried onions (for the green beans, I think.) We're doing ours Saturday. Everyone works Thursday.
  19. paulraphael, do you still have this recipe? You link doesn't work. I know it's been a while, so if you don't have it anymore, no worries!
  20. Oh, funny, I had 'just' found it too through google. Thank you, thank you! Had you tried it then Heidi? did you like it?
  21. Thank you Heidi. I wonder how that works. How long does it go in the oven for after? Oh gosh, I've got to find a recipe for this.
  22. Bumping this....hoping others are in the planning stage I'm making Thanksgiving this year in Italy for a bunch of expats. I'm really worried about my turkey. The turkeys in Italy are very dry and tough. I really need to find a way to cook it in an oven that doesn't produce crap. IS there such thing as low and slow with turkey? Like you do with pork? (Sorry, I'm a turkey novice. Brining isn't an option for me since I don't have fridge space for that. As for my menu, the whole point of doing this is to remind friends of home, so the menu is going to be super traditional, although nothing wierd.
  23. I make this salad every year. I LOVE it. forgot to say, we make the dressing and just toss all the ingredients together in one big bowl.
  24. ambra

    Lemon Tart

    See now, I was thinking a bit of butter might have made my recipe better yesterday. the one I made was gummy. It was really off texturely. I thought that butter might have softened it up. (I am no baking expert, I could be totally wrong here. I used Ina Garten's recipe which I totally regret. I might have overcooked it and it's simple as that, but I left it in the oven for at least 5 minutes shorter than the recipe called for. Thanks for the heads up on both recipes though.
  25. ambra

    Lemon Tart

    thanks everyone. I landed up not trying it, thanks to the recipes here. I don't like bitter things. And in fact, I did try to turn a lemon square recipe into a tart because I wasn't exactly looking for a curd recipe. (which probably would have been better, so I'm not really sure what my problem was.) It was disgusting. Surely, my fault, but the problem with the internet, is that there are too many options. Does anyone have a tried and true lemon square recipe for next time?
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